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Best Warhammer 40k Quotes List

Warhammer 40k is the world’s most popular miniature game, despite being a joke.

Warhammer 40k became so popular because it was distinctive, and here we’ll examine some of the great gaming quotes. Warhammer 4ok entangles anyone who reads anything about it and drowns anyone who even touches the history around it.

Warhammer is a tabletop game with thumbnails and boards, together with an unbelievable plot. So here are our 40k Warhammer quotes, which will only help you feel the core of the game by reading them. The game was nothing but a present for science aficionados and was the greatest in the sector. You’ll see how Rogue Trader became more than a small addition to shed light on the elves and men world. Let’s start! Let’s start!

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Battle Quotes Of Warhammer

Contrary to other miniature war games Warhammer 40k is placed in the distant future, where human civilization is assaulted by supernatural beings and harmful aliens. The models in the game include a combination of aliens, humans, and supernatural monsters with magical powers and futuristic weapons. Feel the adrenaline with our Warhammer 40k ork phrases in the fights of this wonderful game. Let’s start! Let’s start!

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Best  Warhammer 40k Odds

“We don’t know what our survival odds are, so we’re fighting as though they were nil. We don’t know what we face, therefore we’re struggling like the dark gods themselves. Now nobody will remember us and we might never be buried below Titan, so here we are going to make our own memorial. The Chapter may lose us and the Empire may never be sure that we existed, but the Enemy will know. The Enemy. The enemy’s going to remember. It’s so horribly damaged that we will never forget it until the stars burn down, and at the end of time, the Emperor overcomes it. When Chaos dies, his last thought is about us. This is our monument—sculpted into the heart of Chaos. We cannot lose, Gray Knights. We cannot lose. We’ve won already.” ~Alaric Justicar” • The counter of Ben

“For what horrible past misdeeds must we face now’s torments and the gloomy shadow of the future?” ” — Workshop Games, Warhammer 40k

“Tolerance rewards are treachery and treason.” — Workshop on Games

“What are you going to know about fighting, wonderful son? When did you fight your mind’s mutilation? When did you have to do anything but tally comply and polish your armour? You were called the “Great One” by the people of your world. My people called me slaves. Which of us landed on a civilisation paradise to be brought up by a foster father, Roboute? Which of us had armies to lead in the halls of the Macraggian High Riders after training? Which of us inherited a strong kingdom of culture? And which one of us had to stand up against a kingdom of hungry slaves? Who of us, with his brain cut through graving blades, was a youngster bound to a universe of monsters? Listen to your wretches who shout for courage and honour, courage and honour, courage and honour! Do you even know what these terms mean? Courage fights the country that enslaves you, no matter how ten thousand their armies surpass you. You don’t know anything about courage! Honor resists a tyrant when all others suck and become fat on hypocrisy. You don’t know anything about honour!” – Angron, 40K quotes from Warhammer

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Warhammer 40k Dawn Of War Empire Quotes

These quotes are shown in the lower-left corner of the main menu.

Each time you enter the game, a different quote will be selected from the following list:

Death is your compass. Be your compass.

Bring the will of the Emperor as your torch, annihilate the shadows with it.

The mind is too little for doubt, blessed.

Defeat is admitted by blasphemy of the Emperor.

Prayer purifies the soul, but pain purifies the body.

There’s the Emperor alone, and he’s our shield.

A little mind is filled with faith readily.

Praise be, Lord, Emperor.

There can be no peace on this side of death for people who pursue perfection.

The difference between heretics and betrayal is ignorance.

The thought gives rise to Heresy; Heresy gives renewal.

Knowledge is power, protect it properly.

A little mind is a clever mind.

An open mind is unbarred and unguarded like a fortress with its gates.

Better physically paralyzed than mind polluted.

It’s worth dying for if a job is worth doing.

Innocence is no proof.

Just the unpleasant inquiry; just the dumb ask twice.

Pain is an illusion of senses, an illusion of mind is desperate.

Success is recognized; failure is simply recalled.

The wise guy learns from other people’s deaths.

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  •  Space For the Emperor! 
  •  Cry for a general battle
  • Space Marines, ATTACK! – Cree general fight.
  • Cleanse, Purge, CHANGE! – Tactical Navy fighting yell
  • I’ll wreck your thoughts and burn your bodies – Librarian – Librarian
  • An open mind is unbarred and unguarded like a fortress with its doors – Librarian.
  • Go gently and carry a big weapon – Commander Force
  • What are you going to have me do? – Commander Force
  • The Emperor is leading my blade – Cry of the Grey Knight Battle
  • NO CAN WITH OUR FAITH! – Applause.
  • My brother is who stands with me. – Commander Force


  • Do you also hear the voices? – Chaos Marines Space For the Dark Gods! – Generic Cry Battle
  • I’m incarnate destruction! – Prince of Daemon
  • Despair, since I’m finishing days – Prince Daemon
  • The reign of the false Emperor is finished – the Prince of Daemon
  • Who are you, fool, to order me? – Prince Daemon
  • BEFORE KILL BURN! BETTER KILL BURN! – Berzerker’s horn
  • Blood for God the Blood! – Berzerker’s horn
  • Don’t believe you can order me – Berzerker’s horn
  • Health is poor! Sanity is weak! – Champion aspiring (Cultist or Chaos Space Marine Squad leader)

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