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Best Female Vampire Names List With Meaning

A vampire is a mythological creature who survives by feeding on the vital substance of the living (usually blood). In European legend, vampires are undead beings that regularly visit their loved ones and create mischief or death in their living neighborhoods. They had shacks and were often described as blunt and of ruddy or dark faces, significantly different from the gaunt, pale vampires dating back to the beginning of the 19th century.

Vampire beings have been reported in most civilizations; with accounts of a widespread frenzy of the 18th century, the name vampire has been popularised in Western Europe with pre-existing folk conviction that, sometimes, bodies are staked and persons are accused of vampirism.

[1] Eastern Europe’s local versions were also known under different names, such as Albanian shtrigas, Greek vrykolakas, and Romanian strigo.

In current times, the vampire is usually regarded to be a fictive entity, yet there are societies that still believe in comparable vampire beings such as chupacabra. In some cases the people of early belief in vampires were attributed to their misunderstanding of the body’s degeneration process after death and the way people in pre-industrial cultures attempted to rationalize it,

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Female Vampire Names

  1. Alice 
  2. Amber
  3. Ambrosia
  4. Bianca 
  5. Celeste
  6. Claudia 
  7. Drusilla
  8. Esme 
  9. Lucinda 
  10. Tatiana 
  11. Thana
  12. Victoria

Male Vampire Names

  1. Cassius 
  2. Emmett
  3. Felix 
  4. Hunter
  5. Jasper 
  6. Lazarus
  7. Louis 
  8. Magnus 
  9. Nikolas 
  10. Orpheus
  11. Silas 
  12. Talon

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Vampire Names With Meanings (Fale & Female)

  1. Antwerp

In nature, amber functions as a natural purifier and is capable of taking pain off the body – just like a blood vampire!

  1. The Lord’s Father

This name, in Old English, means “divine peace.”

  1. Ambrose.

In contrast to salads, its name symbolizes “immortality.”

4 Joshua 

This name of the Bible signifies “God is salvation.”

  1. Amdis Amdis

This vampire name means “everlasting” with Latin roots.

  1. Arcy 

From France, the name of this vampire lad means “black.”

  1. Heavenly.

The name of this girl in Latin means “heavenly!”

  1. Gabriel Gabriel

This name comes from Hebrew roots and means “God is my strength.”

  1. Morning.

The word implies “bright appearance, morning” from ancient English origin.

Vampire Inspired Girl Names

The name for the vampire is original and has a tradition.

Female vampire names frequently come from Greece. Most female vampires prefer to take the name Selene, the Greek deity considered the mother of contemporary vampires. These names of the vampires are inspiring and will make you darker. Most names describe the traits and personalities of the bearer, so you have to go to what suits you best. Find out the top names for a vampire (female vampire).

  1. Achlys, signifying “nebulosity” or “darkness.” 1.
  2. Adrasteia (Greek origin) means “unqualified.”
  3. Adreana means “dark,” or “dark.”
  4. Akantha, which means “thorn.”
  5. Akeldama (Aramaic origin) means “blood field.”
  6. Alumit (Hebrew origin) means “secret.”
  7. Amaia (Early Basque) means “end.”
  8. Amarande (originally Greek) means “immortal.”
  9. Ambrosia (origin Greek) means “immortal.”
  10. Aura, meaning “soft wind.”

Vampire Inspired Boys Names

A boy’s vampire name commands and has roots in ancient languages.

As already noted, the names of male vampires come from Italy rather than female vampires. This origin is more exotic and classic to male vampire names than the typical human name. A certain sort of charisma oozes male vampires, so they need a moniker that suits their charm. See the list below for the greatest vampire names for boys.

 Abel means “breath” or “vanity,” meaning “breath” in Hebrew.

 Afanas meaning “immortal.” 

. Aldon (origin English-Saxon) means “old buddy.”

 Alessandro (Italian) means “defender of the human race.”

 Athan (Greek) means “immortal.”

 Baldassare means “defend the monarch.” 

 Braeden means “from the gloomy valley.”

 Carden means ‘from the gloomy fortress.’ Carden (Celtic origin)

Cerberus (Latin origin) means “pit demon.”

 Cian (Gaelic origin) means “old.”

Generator Of Vampire Name

This name generator generates 10 random vampire names for a large number of varieties of vampires.

Of course, all a vampire is, is a person with special powers, earned later in life, hence most of the vampire names in this generator are just dark human names. There are, of course, plenty of different generators available for typical human names.

I propose you attempt a malicious name generator (World of Warcraft), or possibly even a Forsaken name generator if you can’t find a name you like (World of Warcraft). They have more somber sound titles, yet they frequently have a different feeling or topic.

Click on the button to start by generating 10 random names. Don’t the names like that? Just click again to receive 10 fresh random names.

  • Sliske
  • Emery 
  • Leander 
  • Clarence
  • Sliske
  • Eldon 
  • Zaros 
  • Gossom
  • Damascus 
  • Duncan

Vampire Names To Use For A Real Halloween Spooky

There seems to be something of all fictitious, rather spooky creatures about vampires that pick out the curiosity of society. Skeptical? Just think how often in pop culture they occur. Although the premise is rather frightening, there are plenty of renowned vampires in films, books, and television. To mention a few: the full cast of True Blood, Edward Cullen, Tom Cruise, interview with a vampire. The list continues on and on, and it is quite evident how fascinating vampires are for civilization.

Although a dead person that eats human blood is a little less than a reassuring conception, the stories and myths of vampires have been around for generations and they will never go anywhere soon. The attraction with fiction and stories probably always exists, especially when Halloween rolls around. There are a lot of frightening stories about vampires, but one thing that is very cool is their names.

Here are 65 vampire names for you to fang-girl if you’re seeking some vampire name inspiration.

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So these men are the vampire names in the various categories known on the internet. You can select one of the names for any one of your objectives because we share male names, female names, and neutral vampire names, so you can simply choose a name for festivals such as Halloween and other battling festivals.

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