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Best Unique House Names List

Those of us who possess elevated mansions, excellent corridors, stunning estates, or amazing castles know that naming our homes is a difficult chore. Even ordinary workers nowadays spend hours debating what to call their dwellings.

The great house names can be selected based on the house’s location. Popular, amusing, or sophisticated names for your house and cottage are all possibilities.

House Name Ideas

  • Corner Cottage
  • Ivy Cottage
  • Mill House
  • Orchard Cottage
  • The Gables
  • The White House
  • Red House
  • White Cottage
  • Meadow View
  • Orchard House
  • Sea Breezes
  • Woodlands
  • Holly Cottage
  • Oakland
  • Ponderosa
  • The Laurels
  • The Orchard
  • Middlearth
  • Neverland
  • Pooh Corner
  • Mighty Oaks
  • Bridge lands
  • The Cherries
  • The Cuckoo’s Nest
  • Newland Cottage
  • Little Copse
  • Crystal Cottage
  • Chimney Cottage
  • Hunters Wood
  • Elm Tree Wood
  • Church View

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Posh House Names

  • Poppy House
  • Hedgerows
  • Winterfell
  • Dreamsville
  • Greenlea
  • The Barn
  • The Bungalow
  • The Coach House
  • Stillness
  • Kuredu
  • Cumfrubrum
  • The Cottage
  • Green Palace
  • The Granary
  • Coast House
  • The Haven
  • King’s palace
  • Hillside house
  • Happy Mornings
  • The Locals
  • Breeze blows
  • Moody Moon

Greatest House Names

  • Rose Cottage
  • The Beeches
  • Willow Cottage
  • Yew Tree Cottage
  • Garden Cottage
  • Wild Bank
  • Mile End
  • Wisteria Cottages
  • Daisy Cottage
  • South Bank
  • The White House
  • Oak Cottage
  • Ardoran
  • Woodhouse Barn
  • Little Wood
  • Oystercatchers
  • The Crofties
  • Larkworthy
  • Birch Cottage
  • Millfield Lodge
  • Tythe Barn

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Whimsical Cottage Names

  • The Olde Post House
  • Blackwood
  • Beech Tree Cottage
  • Willow Barn
  • Wheelwright Cottage
  • Orchard
  • Meadow
  • Rose Cottage
  • Holly House
  • Oak House
  • Hazel Copse
  • Flowersburn
  • The Meadows
  • Thornesbrook
  • Foxmoor Hall
  • Littledean

French House Names

  • Belle Vue
  • Bon-Accord
  • Chez Moi
  • Bonne Heure
  • Cote d’Azur
  • En Harmonie
  • Chez Recoin
  • Famille family
  • Bonne Chance
  • Dernier Voyage
  • Gai Sejour
  • La Maison
  • Heureux happy
  • La Vie est Belle
  • Les Foinsalles
  • Maison Calme
  • Lazy River
  • La Manche

Modern Commercial Building Names

  • Timothy Moore
  • Feline Liberation Front
  • Gilcor Construction Corp
  • Patentmark
  • Samantha Seegars
  • Bradshaw
  • Scheopners
  • Beverly-Hanks Biltmore Park
  • Digitec Services
  • Oakridge Builders
  • E McCormick
  • Mountain Ink
  • Paradise Outdoor
  • Mayan Secrets
  • Turkey Ridge Sawmill
  • Laser Craft
  • Meridan Capital
  • Autocarry
  • D C Pools
  • Frank Kumosz
  • S And K Kattle Kompany
  • Enterprise Builders
  • Ibew 212
  • Bestech
  • Galionwireless
  • Dreamtechdirect
  • Earl C Rodgers
  • Gulf Coast Images
  • Robert Rader
  • Glyn Morgan
  • Don Kim
  • Gwendolen Rhoades
  • Dennis Lam
  • The Holm Group
  • The Man School For Boys
  • Eric McCarthy
  • Norville
  • Fathcorp
  • All In One Pool

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Popular House Names

  1. Beeches: The houses are named by the homeowners who reside by beech trees.
  2. Clarence: The house name generates a superb and masterful impression as it shares its name with a Royal Residence.
  3. Corner House: If you are living on a corner then this house name is perfect.
  4. Fairview: If you have a cottage with beautiful views then this house name will be most appropriate.
  5. Firs: A popular name for a home set in a forest of fir trees.
  6. Gables: The house is popular for its roofing style and can also be associated with the novel Anne of Green Gables.
  7. Haven: It is a popular name for a home as it suggests a calm, and peaceful dwelling.
  8. Highclere: The house name is named after the castle known as ‘The Real Downtown Abbey’.
  9. Ivy House: Ivy is an evergreen plant that represents eternity and strong affection.
  10. Lilac Cottage: The name can be kept after the name of the Lilac plant which is the sign of peace.
  11. Lakeside: This house name can be perfect for a home with a lakeside view.
  12. Laurels: The name refers to the leaves of bay trees seen as a symbol of honor and victory.
  13. Meadow View: If you are lucky enough to have meadows on your surrounding then this name will be the best.
  14. Nook: This house name is popular for small houses.  
  15. Oak Barn: The name can be fitted for the houses with oak trees.
  16. Orchard House: Orchard house as a name is popular among the homeowners with a beautiful orchard.
  17. Old School: The name Old Schoolhouse gives you the feeling of being surrounded by nearby schools.
  18. Primrose Cottage: The house name gives you the impression of a new life.
  19. Rose Cottage: The name as a rose cottage gives the impression of a charming lifestyle.
  20. School House: The School House will be the perfect name for the students taking education in the houses.
  21. Springfield: The name is linked to nature offering you peace.  
  22. Sunnyside: The house name gives an impression of a wonderful and warm home.
  23. The Mill House: The owner used the name keeping their trade as an inspiration and name it as The Mill House.
  24. The Old Rectory: The owner can name their house if they are living in a converted rectory.
  25. The Old Vicarage: The house is another version of The Old Rectory.
  26. The Old Post Office: Old post office is the most unique house name for the one is near a post office.
  27. Tree Cottage: The house name depicts the house surrounded by green trees.
  28. Treetops: The name creates a simple, natural, and rustic feel about your home.
  29. Wayside: The house name is generally kept for the houses located on the edge of a road.
  30. White House: The name white house is known as the presidential residence situated in Washington.
  31. White Cottage: The name will be perfect for the cottage with peaceful surroundings and a meadow view.
  32. Winterfell House: The home name can definitely figure out the winter environment.  
  33. Woodhouse Barn: The name will be awesome for the houses made of wood.
  34. Woodside: The name gives a natural feeling if it will be surrounded by a forest.
  35. Yew Tree Cottage: Yew tree cottages are praised for their mysterious appearance.

Funny House Names

  1. Atlantis as house names go, this one is pretty humorous. Especially for a house by a lake or river.
  2. Autumn Tints as a name shows the witty side of the homeowner.
  3. Barefoot Beach House is a fun beach house name.
  4. Pearly Gates as a house name is referencing the pearly gates of Heaven.
  5. Bog View as a name describes the droll view of the house.
  6. Bushy Cottage as the house name refers to the bushy surroundings of the house.
  7. Cardiac Rest describes the requirement of peace and rest by the owner.
  8. Costa Fortune shows the comical character of the owner.
  9. Snow White’s Cottage depicts the funniest name ideas for a cottage.
  10. Dog House as a name depicts the type of person living in the house.
  11. Ersandmyne is one of the unique name ideas for a couple’s house.
  12. Fanta Sea represents the funny fantasy of the owner.
  13. Allmodcons for a house that definitely doesn’t have everything.
  14. Bad Manors no elbows on the table, please!
  15. Binalong Way is very funny for a holiday home.
  16. Just Beachy is the name funny name for a beachside home name idea.
  17. By The Way is a name that’s perfect for a house full of chatterboxes.
  18. Moore Relaxing as a house name means the more relaxing the owner wants to be.
  19. Deja View haven’t we been here before?
  20. No Wake Zone states that the owner is the asleep lover.
  21. Penniless as a house name depicts the financial condition of the owner.

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