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100 Terrific Troll Names For Your Characters

Troll names are a fantastic way to encourage your child to be more inventive, and they can be utilized in a variety of ways, including gaming, story-writing, social networking, and more.

They are, however, a pain to come up with. Maybe it doesn’t bother you, but it’s a time-consuming process that others would want to avoid.

If you’re looking for a distinctive troll moniker, it can be difficult to come up with something. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most well-known troll names.

Troll Names

  • Khuwei
  • Zaejin
  • Ziataja
  • Rashi
  • Ziataaman
  • Alunja
  • Ditid
  • Vonjai
  • Yetu
  • Mohanlal
  • Kelraz
  • Quivilt
  • Ayagi
  • Vanjin
  • Kiya
  • Arany
  • Napokue
  • Matuna
  • Baliaja
  • Ajin
  • Seshia
  • Makas
  • Javinda

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Funny Troll Names

  • Zinjo
  • Zeti
  • Jinjin
  • Jalai
  • Jumoke
  • Esha
  • Sollix
  • Zulmara
  • Zola

Best Troll Names

  • Melelea
  • Girisha
  • Trolgar
  • Ayargajin
  • Jayunya
  • Zevrij
  • Zelaji
  • Seji
  • Anje
  • Zebajin

Female Troll Names

  • Vitchen
  • Alwan
  • Meenah
  • Voyambi
  • Hyptu
  • Wanjin
  • Aketa
  • Lujin
  • Hokima

Trolls Character Names

  • Tzane
  • Tirezi
  • Jezemalu
  • Vriska
  • Ajia
  • Titamor
  • Saedmara
  • Alzim
  • Yawan
  • Zoljin
  • Teza
  • Usitutie

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Troll Names Inspired By Myths And Legends

1 . Aigamuxa (African and Medieval European Folklore Origin) meaning “huge-size trolls”, the name of a creature that haunts deserts and wastelands.

2 . Blemmyes (Roman Mythology and Medieval European Folklore Origin) meaning “giant-size troll”, for trolls who haunt hills, grasslands, thick forests, and sea-coasts.

3 . Dingonek (African Folklore/Cryptid stories Origin) meaning “large reptilian monster”.

4 . Girtablilu (Mesopotamian Mythology Origin ) meaning “troll with a human torso, and lower body of scorpion”.

5 . Hodag (Wisconsin Folklore/Cryptid Origin) meaning “medium-built trolls”, perfect for trolls who haunt thick jungles.

6 . Kabandha is a gigantic troll, one who is able to swallow an entire human being in a single big gulp.

7 . Jack-in-Irons (English Folklore of Yorkshire Origin) meaning “huge-size trolls, with all humanoid features”, these trolls haunt deserted roads, dungeons, and cesspits.

8 . Ogre (Northern European Folklore Origin ) meaning “large and ugly looking humanoid with deformed facial features”, for those who haunt hamlets beside swamps.

9 . Orcs is from J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘Lord Of The Rings, this troll haunts the land of Mordor in Middle-Earth.

10 . Manticore (Indian and Persian Legend Origin) meaning “lion’s body with human head and scorpion-like tail”, is great for trolls with poisonous spikes.

11 . Piasa (Native American Legend Origin) meaning a “human face with antlers, having wings and four legs”, for trolls who haunt riversides.

12 . Pukwudgie (Native American folklore Origin) is the name of a “small-size troll” who haunts barrens and deep jungles.

13 . Satyr (Greek and Roman Mythology Origin) meaning “human upper-body with goat-like legs and tail”, this name is for trolls who haunt woods and mountainous terrains.

14 . Trolls (European Mythology Origin) is a basic name for your troll character that means “large and ugly looking beast”, basic trolls haunt caverns, under bridges, and isolated mountains.

15 . Talos (Greek Mythology Origin) meaning “huge human-like bronze body”.

16 . Springheeled Jack (19th Century British Folklore Origin) this name is for a mask-wearing troll who breathes out blue-colored flames. An English troll name.

  1. Skunk Ape (North American Legend Origin) means “large-bodied troll”, this troll is covered in orange fur with glowing eyes.

18 . Veo (Indonesian Cryptid Origin) meaning “medium to large size troll”, for trolls who haunt thick forests and deep lakes.

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19 . Xing Tian (Chinese Mythology Origin) means “large size troll”, for trolls who haunt hilly areas, grasslands, and the coasts.

20 . Zogbanu (African Folklore Origin) meaning “the largest of all trolls”, is perfect for trolls who haunt deep forests.

Gender Neutral Troll Names

21 . Anubis (Egyptian Mythology Origin) is a “human bodied troll with a jackal head”, trolls with this name haunt catacombs and graveyards.

22 . Basilisk (Roman Mythology Origin) is a “rooster headed troll with sharp claws and a reptile’s body”, these trolls have long tails too.

23 . Bastet (Egyptian Mythology Origin) is a “female-bodied troll with a lioness or a cat head”.

24 . Chupacabra (Latin America Origin) is a “small-sized, bear-like troll with a spiked back”.

25 . Ciguapa (Dominican Folklore Origin) is a name for a “blue or brown colored female troll with backward walking feet”, trolls with this name haunt mountainous terrains.

26 . Fomorians (Irish Mythology Origin) meaning “large and deformed bodies made up of animal parts”.

27 . Geirröd is the troll name of the father of giantesses Gjalp and Greip.

28 . Gogmagog (Anglican Folklore Origin) meaning “distorted human-like body trolls”.

29 . Human this name is an ironic choice for any troll who is certainly not human.

30 . Jötnar (Scandinavian Mythology Origin) meaning “a gigantic troll”.

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