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500 Best Catchy Sword Names Ideas List

To some, naming a sword is an antiquated practice. Many people still hunt for creative sword names nowadays. There are many reasons to come up with distinctive and ideal sword names. For example, some individuals like video games, and there are several games available in which the principal weapon is a sword. Similarly, some people like collecting swords, although just a handful have ever used one.

Finding sword name ideas becomes a difficult issue for such folks.

In this article, you’ll find a variety of sword names to help you come up with a cool naming idea for a sword that matches the standard of your choice. What’s more amazing is that these lists feature some fairly interesting sword names.

Simply choose a clever sword name from the list below. Don’t forget to tell us what name you gave your weapon in the comments section.

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Cool Sword Names for Games

If you play online games, you are probably aware of the several swords available. Some gamers are constantly intrigued by the names of cool weapons. So, for your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of unique and iconic sword names. From the selection below, choose your preferred name!

  •         Sword of Bane
  •         White Layer
  •         Skull Cleaver
  •         Giant Power
  •         Sea Shine
  •         Swords of The Lords
  •         War Flower
  •         Sunshine
  •         Grimfrost
  •         Crimson Rictus
  •         Groove Ray
  •         Sword of Badass former owner
  •         Moon Reveler
  •         Twinklin Spark
  •         Dawn Splitter
  •         Grim Reminder
  •         Red Cresent
  •         Soul Drinker
  •         Black Lion Sword
  •         Grinning Crescent
  •         Moon Piercer

Legendary Sword Names

Many sword aficionados chose their sword names to match the names of historical legends’ swords with a respect to them. As a result, they are as brave and energetic as before.

Here’s a list of the top legendary sword names that will strike the spot perfectly. Let’s get started.

  •         Excalibur
  •         Tizona in Burgos [El Cid’s sword Tizona]
  •         Skofnung [supernatural sharpness and hardness]
  •         Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegar [Sword of King Solomon]
  •         Savagery, Katana of the King
  •         Brutality
  •         Zulfiqaror Dhu al-Fiqar
  •         Durendal
  •         Claíomh Solais
  •         Joyeuse
  •         Nirvana, Incarnation of Darkness
  •         Tizona
  •         Hauteclere
  •         Chandrahas
  •         Sinister Bronze Rapier
  •         Naegling
  •         Reaper’s Toll
  •         The emerald-studded sword
  •         Eckesachs
  •         Thunder Iron Shortsword
  •         Colada
  •         Caladbolg or Caladcholg
  •         Mimung
  •         Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi
  •         Hrunting
  •         Firesoul Sculptor
  •         Gram
  •         Thuan Thiên [Mythical sword of the King Lê Loi]
  •         Almace
  •         Balmung
  •         Nagelring [Ring of nails]
  •         Unending Tyranny, Greatsword of the North
  •         Sköfnung [The polished]
  •         Arondight
  •         Nagelring
  •         Glinting Slicer

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Minecraft Sword Names

Because they are reusable and permanent, some of the greatest sword names in Minecraft are those that enable weapons to have custom names. So, if you kill another player in Mineplex with a sword with a specified name, that name will appear in your game and chat. This list contains all of the Minecraft sword names; you can also use these names in other video games like Beat Saber, Mordhau, Kingdom Come Deliverance, Shadow Warrior 2, and Way of the Samurai, Samurai Shodown, Star Wars Jed, and many more.

  •         Hashtag
  •         Gingerbread Man
  •         Sun Strike
  •         Mage Blade
  •         Splinter
  •         Thorn
  •         Oooh Shiny
  •         Dragonslayer
  •         Frosty Greatsword
  •         Shadowstrike
  •         Bone Rattlier
  •         World Edit
  •         Oathbreaker
  •         Vanquisher
  •         Scar
  •         Burn
  •         Quern-Biter
  •         Graven Edge
  •         Sting
  •         Dragonfire
  •         Alien Artifact
  •         Stormbringer
  •         Rainbow Road
  •         No. 2 Pencil
  •         Protector
  •         Ghost Reaver
  •         Molten Forger
  •         Ice Heart
  •         Whisper
  •         Bruiser
  •         Hope’s End
  •         Doombringer
  •         Gold Digger
  •         Peacekeeper
  •         Pinewood Beam
  •         Heart of the Mountain
  •         Storm Caller
  •         Black Out
  •         Thorn Bush
  •         Howling Sword
  •         Noble Phantasm
  •         Sweet Victory
  •         Skullcrusher
  •         Ragnarok
  •         Gladius
  •         Ghostwalker
  •         Excalibur
  •         Ban Hammer
  •         Flaming Rapier
  •         Pretty Lights
  •         Needle
  •         Longsword
  •         Quick Blade
  •         Winterkorn
  •         Kevin’s Lost Toothpick
  •         Striker
  •         Warmonger
  •         Gutrender
  •         Oblivion
  •         Deathraze
  •         Tenderizer
  •         Pet Rock

Samurai Sword Names

Here are some unusual sword names. The Samurai was an honorable upper class in Japan. They began as the ruling elite of the military and quickly rose to the top of the Japanese social system. The Samurai sword is the principal weapon and an iconic emblem of the Samurai. The excellence of a sword was assessed by its Kissaki point.

Chokut is the first single-edged East Asian sword brought in from China and Korea. The “Katana” is the most renowned of the Samurai Japanese swords. The names of the other samurai swords are mentioned below; they all originate in Japan. 

This list also includes the available meanings for these swords.

  • Nodachi or Odachi
  • Tachi
  • Tenken meaning “heavenly punishment.”
  • Wabisuke meaning “the wretched one”.
  • Yorukaze meaning “night wind”.
  • Zangetsu meaning “moon slayer”.
  • Ikazuchi meaning “thunder”.
  • Inazuma meaning “lightning strike”.
  • Tanto
  • Uchigatana
  • Zantetsuken meaning “one that cuts through iron.”
  • Wakizashi
  • Bushikatagi meaning “Samurai spirit”.
  • Kodachi
  • Kazeshini meaning “wind of death”.
  • Mugenjin meaning “call from the Abyss”.

Funny Sword Names

When playing games, having fun is key. Professional players give their swords amusing names. 

To enjoy your game alone or collectively, choose a comic sword name from this list.

  • Kilo
  • Wit
  • Magic
  • His Pet Ghast
  • Nothing
  • Ghost Point
  • A Pointy Stick
  • Pointy
  • Cactus
  • Happy Things
  • Rainbows
  • Sprinkle
  • Muffin
  • Funny Snack
  • Cavity Search
  • Erection
  • Quill
  • The Internet
  • Unhappy Ending
  • The Pen
  • Rolled Up Newspaper
  • RUN
  • Unit
  • Sympathy
  • Ounce In A Month
  • Norse Sword
  • The Dead Body
  • A Stick
  • His Pet Wither
  • His Pet Enderdragon
  • Lag
  • A Bow
  • Walking Stick
  • Big Stick
  • Philasio
  • Sandra
  • Horror
  • Obsidian Sword
  • Beatrice
  • Debbie
  • Peace
  • Eat The Bush
  • Reason
  • Baguette
  • Wooden Sword
  • Kindness
  • Death
  • A Fish
  • Makeup
  • The Power Of His Mind
  • Bigge Smallsword
  • Stabby-Mc-Stab
  • The Evil Eye
  • Beauty
  • Sunshine
  • Lollipops
  • Life
  • Amazing Bitch
  • Milk
  • Mockup
  • Turkey Carver
  • Cool Bill

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Sword Names

  • ·         Forsaken Warblade
  • ·         Hopeless Protector
  • ·         Dancing Claymore
  • ·         Captain’s Sculptor
  • ·         Aetherius
  • ·         Nightfall
  • ·         Gladiator Claymore
  • ·         Toothpick
  • ·         Arcane Protector
  • ·         Cataclysm Katana
  • ·         Lightbringer
  • ·         Bloodquench
  • ·         Vicious Swiftblade
  • ·         Deluded Defender

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