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100 Best And Powerful Shaman Names

They are spiritual healers that have been around for a very long time, known as shamans.

Even while shamanism is still practiced around the world, it is not part of modern medicine. Many people, on the other hand, remain fascinated by Shamans and their esoteric practices. While modern medicine and scientific discoveries have led to the demise of shamanism, Indigenous customs around the world continue to practice it widely. These Shamans’ names are a wonderful place to start if you’re intrigued about the varied spiritual activities of Shamans.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for Shaman names. Check out this list of top Shaman names from around the world, presented in no particular order. The shamanic names we’ll learn about here represent the world’s spiritual healers’ old techniques and beliefs. We’ll also look at some Shaman character names from popular media, including movies, television, and video games. So buckle up because you’re in for a spiritual rollercoaster ride!

Look at these names that signify healer and these Pagan and Wiccan names for more naming ideas. Take a look.

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Shaman Real Names

To learn more about real-life Shamans and their incredible spiritual healing abilities, continue reading this section.

 Abijiy a -Mongolian Shamans known as Abijiya are great females.

 Alumbrada. Spain, mystics, and shamans are collectively known as

Inuit Shamans (Native Americans who live in the coldest parts of North America) are known

 Angakok, is one of the good Shaman names.

 Asog – In the Philippines, Asog Shamans are known as Bayok, feminised male Shamans.

Ayahuasquero. Shamans in Peru who utilize the hallucinogenic beverage Ayahuasca are referred to as.

 Baal Shem. Shamans of the Jewish faith are known as

Babalawo – Yoruba Shamans are referred to as Babalawo in this context. It literally translates as “the father of the departed.”

Babaylans, also known as Katalonan or Balian.

The pre-colonial Philippines’ Shamans were the 

Kazakh Shamans are referred to as the Baqshi.

Famous Female Rebel Shamans

Female Shamans and Priestesses have played a significant role in many of the liberation movements that have defined Shaman history over the millennia. Shamanka, the female Shaman, is a common name for one of these Shamans. We’ll look at their names in this section so you’re prepared to learn more about them, their accomplishments, and the history of the Shamans.

 Alinesitoue is a reference to Senegalese singer and songwriter Alinesitoue Diatta.

 Antonia is a nod to the Brazilian singer Antonia Luzia.

Cecile – Cecile Fatiman is a Haitian actress.

Jeanne It’s an allusion to the French heroine.

 Juana – This is a reference to Peruvian Shaman Juana Icha.

Kimba is an allusion to the Congolese singer Kimba Vita.

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Male Baby Names

“Oyuun” means “shaman” in Yakut, and is a male given name.

Icaro is a slang term for “magic music” South American medicine men and shamans’ traditional music is referred to as icaros.

Suersaq is a shamanic name that originates in the Greenlandic culture. It means “one who has been cured by a shaman” when translated.

Susse – The name Susse comes from the Yi culture. It translates as “the shaman’s son.”

From the word shaman, it’s likely this word came into use in the Tungusic language. You pronounce it “shaman” in this word.

Shinto – Shinto is a Japanese religion based on shamanism and practiced by the rural population of rural Japan.

Basko Mudang – A male shaman from either North or South Korea is known as a basko mandating.

Tibetans believed that Tngri was a Buddhist deity who lived in Mongolian mythology. Möngke is a nickname he’s used on occasion.

Tngri is the correct spelling.

He’s in charge of 99 tngri under his command.

Female  Name.


This is a name given to female shamans in Spain occasionally. As the name suggests, it comes from the Latin for “blessed.”

Theodora –

The Selk’nam are also known as the Ona. Shamanism was a big part of their society.


A Buddhist sangha is a group of monks, nuns, and other devout followers of the religion who practice together.


Feri is a modern form of witchcraft influenced by shamanism.


In yoga, the term kundalini refers to the flow of kundalini energy. In other words, it refers to “the hidden feminine essence.” According to popular belief, this energy is kept in reserve at the bottom of the spine.


Incan shamans frequently speak of this city as a utopia.


The Q’ero may use this as a spiritual retreat. It’s a location where people go after they die, much like Christian heaven.


The thunderbolt wielded by the god Indra is known by this name.

Apiana –

White sage’s scientific name is Salvia apiana. Many indigenous tribes use this herb in their healing rituals.

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Analysis Of The Name Shaman:

Analysis of the Name Shaman: The name shaman analysis here begins with the first letter and concludes with the last letter.

The boy with this name, then, enjoys making up stories, which is wonderful fun. Even if you overdo it, it won’t terrify you.

H Shaman is a typical 12-year-old boy who likes to lead a routine existence. It’s in your nature to be composed when things don’t go as planned.

If you’re a boy named Ben, you have a keener sense of perspective on life, and people regard you as a fair-minded individual.

M This name-caller is both intelligent and well-adjusted. They’re also enthusiastic about starting a successful commerce firm.

The ability of a boy named shaman to analyze life is greater. You’re respected for your common sense.

N the boy with this name has great common sense and a higher ability in life and your things much before they happen.


As a result, guys, here are some of the shaman names that we’ve compiled in this article for you to choose from. If you want to go with male or female names, that’s up to you; this article contains all the names.

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