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Best Russian Girl’s Names List

Selecting a child’s name from a foreign nation is a wonderful way of ensuring that your newcomer has a name that is distinct to him or herself. Russian names are a wonderful option for parents looking for powerful, purposeful children’s names to give to their children.

Are you interested in learning more about Russian girl titles? Perhaps you want to pay homage to your Russian ancestors. Alternatively, you may look for well-known European names that have a distinctive twist. Whatever the reason for your curiosity about Russian women’s names, you’ve arrived at the exact location you must be right now.

Russian, The Hardest Language 

Russian indeed is one of the toughest languages worldwide to understand, but you don’t have to be fluent in it to appreciate the purpose and complexity behind their names. It infused a great deal of culture and history into Russian names.

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All About Russian Names

A traditional Russian name is typically composed of three parts: the first title, a middle name or patronymic name, and a family name (or surname). We give a full title to a person at their birth or when their name is changed. It is customary for patronymic names to be given to children by their fathers or other male relatives. All three names know most Russians. Sometimes, when speaking to someone wiser than you or in a place of authority, it may require you to address them by their given and patronymic names. 

What Is Special In Russian Names?

Russian names are derived from a variety of sources. They encompass old Slavic titles, Christian names, and titles popular in Soviet and post-Soviet Russia during and after the Cold War. For example, several well Russian names that you may be familiar with are Vladimir and Olga. Before you choose a Russian name for your child, research the meaning of the name and whether your child shares a name with a famous person in Russia.

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Names That You Will Love To Keep 

  1. Sofia is a well-liked name all over the world, and it is particularly popular in Russian culture. Sofia is a Greek word that means ‘wisdom.’
  2. Mariya was the most popular Russian girl given name in the year 2020. It is a lovely name, and it is the Russian equivalent of the globally popular Maria, Marya, or Marie. It is also a female given name.
  3. Agrafena is a Russian variant of the Greek given name Agrippina, which was the name of the famous King Nero’s mother during the Roman Empire.
  4. Alexandra is a female given name of Russian origin that means “defender of man.”
  5. Alla. According to which origin you choose to associate with this well-liked Russian and Ukrainian girl’s name, all-ah, it has a variety of different meanings. The meaning of “other” is derived from its Russian roots, whereas the meaning of “ascend” or “to go up” is derived from its Hebrew and Arabic roots. However you look at it, this straightforward but strikingly beautiful name is a classic Russian preference.
  6. Anastasia is one of the most beautiful Russian girl names, and it translates as resurrection.’
  7. Anna is pronounced as нна. Anna Karenina is arguably the most well-known fictional character in Russian literature. In the English language, the name means “grace” or “favor.”
  8. Angelina is a bright, beautiful name of Greek origin that means “messenger.”
  9. Elizaveta is the Russian form of Elizabeth, and it is a traditional name with religious roots in Russia. “God is my oath,” the phrase translates. Elizaveta (Liza, for short) is a lovely name that rolls off the tongue beautifully and is a unique twist on its anglicized counterpart.
  10. Alyona is a one-of-a-kind Russian baby girl’s given name translates as ‘bright and shining light.’
  11. “Daria” is an abbreviation for “apple” and “princess.” Because the differences in the original Cyrillic script cannot be reproduced in our alphabet, there are two different versions of Daria. It is a Russian given name that has not yet gained popularity in the United States.
  12. Anoushka has the meaning of “grace, favour.”
  13. Anichka is a name of Ukrainian origin that means “grace.”
  14. Lyubov. It’s one of the most endearing names in the history of Russian literature. The word “love” or “she loves” can be translated as “he loves.” A popular Russian baby girl name, Lyubov (pronounced loo-bov), has been in use for several decades. It’s just as popular today as it was a century ago, making it a classic choice that will never go out of style.
  15. Mila is a name that has seen a significant increase in popularity in recent years, particularly outside of Russia. Mila Kunis, the actress, is probably the most well-known bearer of this name, which translates as ‘loved by the people.’
  16. Polina is a very popular baby girl’s name in Russia, where the name originates. Polina is a Russian name that means “small” and “humble.”
  17. Ksenia When the Greeks used the word ‘xenia,’ they referred to the concepts of ‘hospitality and friendship. This is a wonderful name for your daughter.
  18. Margosha is a Russian name that translates as “pearl.”
  19. Russian baby girl name Tatiana, the fourth of the Romanov princess names, is a timeless and elegant choice for a Russian girl’s given name. It is said to represent a “fairy princess,” which is appropriate given the royalties associated with this particular name. In addition to Tatiana, Tanya is a popular nickname for girls named Tatiana.
  20. Yekaterina, pronounced eh-kat-er-Lena, is the Russian form of Catherine (and also the name of one of Russia’s most revered rulers). If this name sounds familiar, it’s because Yekaterina is the Russian version of Catherine. Even though the name is lengthier than others, its meaning is straightforward: “pure.” 

Final Words 

Being a parent entails desiring the finest for your daughter, which means giving your daughter the best-given name possible.

Russian baby girl names are iconic and distinct from other conventional names. We derive them from the Russian language. The fantastic thing about titles is that you do not have to be a native Russian speaker to give your baby daughter a Russian given name.

A distinct ring to the names of Russian infants exists. In addition to being popular in Russia, they are also popular in other parts of the world, including the United States. A Russian given name has a feminine ring to it and is sophisticated enough for your little girl.

Some of the most popular Russian girls’ names are Anastasia, Katerina, and other similar names. There are also some similarities between some of these Russian names and names from other parts of the world. The abbreviated form of a Russian given name makes an excellent nickname, and, best of all, the deep meaning of the name is retained. You might be at a loss for what Russian baby name to consider giving your child at this point. Do not worry, and this list contains the best Russian newborn daughter names to help you narrow down your options. There are also non-binary titles available if you have a boy and don’t want to change your given name choice after that.

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