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100 Best Rogue Names To Choose From

A rogue is an elf or druid criminal known for his cunning and cunning.

We’ve deduced this from the posts and other media that they’re typically made up of criminals, pirates, and other miscreants. Rogues are the notorious characters who are always getting into mischief, whether in literature by J.R.R. Tolkien like “The Hobbit” or in classic role-playing games like “Dungeons And Dragons.”

They’re also well-known to video game fans thanks to their appearance in ‘World of Warcraft.’ Rogues are swift in combat and can vanish into the shadows, making them ideal for close-quarters fighting. That’s why a rogue should have memorable, forceful, and fascinating given names. If you’re looking for a catchy gaming character name, or if you’re looking for dark and mythological blog posts or novel fiction name ideas, look no further than the list provided below. From amusing to fierce, this wide catalog has it all. Don’t put it off any longer; start thinking of names for your new character right away!

Baddest Rogue Names That Are Powerful

People come in many shapes and sizes, and they go by all kinds of names. People enjoy giving themselves or their children unusual names, and rogue names are among the most popular. As the term implies, a psychopath is someone who has a negative personality.

These are the kinds of names chosen by someone who wishes to harm their public image. Choosing names like these is an art form since your name will be the only thing people remember you by after you’ve passed away. So please, while picking a name for yourself or your newborn child, exercise caution and caution.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the point of this article: why are we here? Discussing rogue names with the various categories will help you better understand them and make better choices.

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Rogue Girl Nicknames

Female rogues are as cunning and cunning as their male counterparts, and they are equally adept at assassinating their targets. The following list includes female thief monikers fitting of such a cunning character. Any of the following names might work well as the moniker for a female outlaw.

A sad experience is what Ahlai (of Israeli origin) denotes.


name Deianira means “man-destroyer” and is a great choice for a sassy female outlaw.


The Hindu goddess “essence of devastation” in the Indian language.

It is of Japanese origin and means “God” in English.

 Kamira means “sunshine and moonlight” in Japanese.


means “female ninja” and is an excellent choice for a rogue woman.


 is a Malay word meaning “day’s eye”.

, Moana

Because of these “unreachable wishes” in Hawaiian.


means “sun” in Old Norse.

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The word comes “a fierce storm.” This is one of the best names ever, in our opinion.

Rogue Male Nicknames

For dark and scary warriors, it’s time to give them cool rogue names to remember. A male rogue may use poison-coated weapons, and they prefer to work alone rather than as part of a group. They’re adept at hiding in plain sight, lightning-fast on their feet, and extremely cunning.


 (of English origin) means “liar.”


“Greek God of war and ruin” is one of the good rogue names, and it comes from the namr Hebrew


 means “powerful death” in (Israeli origin).


 rogue name that means “an occult weapon” is(Sanskrit Origin).


The name means “worthless” 

“deceitful” is the meaning of the Greek name Dolion.


 means “black warrior” in rogue speak and has Irish ancestry.


A rogue name with the meaning “destroyer” isHebrew Origin).


 means “like a snowfall” in Finnish.


‘Eternal death’ is the Persian 

Names Of Rogue Characters From Literature

Human rogues are treated as warriors in fantasy RPGs like World of Warcraft, PVP, and Takken, where they utilize weapons to sneak up on their targets or use their superpowers to save the city from destruction. Here are a few fictional and historical warriors by their many names.


This character’s name is Bosconovitch, which means “protector and girl power” in Russian.


the name derived from the Spanish origins of the Free Fire character, guardian.

Anna Williams,

Tekken’s character named Grace (Irish ancestry) means “lovely.”


Revolution of the 1930s name derived from El Heroe’s “mighty, warlike” persona (Spanish origin).


“gentle, merciful” is the name of a Walking Dead character.

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derived from the character’s (Irish) Call of Duty name, which means “rich guardian”.

Freya Crescent

, meaning “Goddess of love” in the Final Fantasy IX character’s name.

Not specific to a certain gender Names of Strangers

The names in the following list can be used by rogues of both sexes. All of these WoW rogue character names (from the ‘World of Warcraft’ universe) are unique and distinctive. The names on this list come from all around the world and will give your character an air of authority.


“Warrior” is the meaning of the name (which has African roots).


It is derived from the meaning “the one who is hidden.” 25.


Refers to a Goddess of Destructive Warfare in Greek mythology.


The meaning “warrior’s rage,” (German origin) is a great choice.

Rogues’ Names That Sound Cool

Good Rogue names are the ones that stick to your mind, ones that can provide a sense of mystery and subtlety, and spark your imagination to the point where you start making up your own stories about them.

  1. Whistle Coil of Selro
  2. Jacky Slipgallows is the name of the character.
  3. Beeswax by Mecia
  4. Copperhead Merlyn
  5. Jastira Shinesnatch, the main character
  6. Aywin Hydewell is the author.
  7. The Two-Faced Quehan
  8. Shifty Eyes Wroy

Rogue Last Names

Last names for rogues can be almost anything, but the greatest ones evoke memories of the character’s past and what they might be like as a whole.

  • Twofold
  • Silentstep
  • Ebonshade
  • Quickfang
  • Spiderspell
  • Keenblade
  • Nickleshot
  • Sixsense
  • Redhair
  • Steelgaze
  • Foureyes
  • Skullbend
  • Greenarm
  • Nightwind
  • Grayscar
  • Cleancut
  • Ironskin
  • Swift Hide
  • Gemflow
  • Icespark


To make it easy for you to choose from these rogue names, we explained them in all of the categories, so you may pick and choose.

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