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Best Pretty Last Names

If you’re searching for the prettiest last names for the characters in your next novel, or you need a distinctive last name for the new born in the family or for the gaming identities, or role-playing scenarios on the internet, it can be difficult to come up with some ideas. You might not want to select something that sounds phoney, but you also don’t want to pick something that is extremely frequent.

In addition to having charming and pretty last names for girls, this list of cool last names features excellent and interesting last names for boys, uncommon and distinctive last names for fantasy characters, as well as other options.

But first, make sure you’re up to speed on the basics. Being aware of these suggestions for how to choose a pretty last name can assist you in creating the ideal first name and surname pairing.

Tips for Choosing a Unique Last Nam

Before you begin scrolling through the list of last name suggestions, consider the following suggestions for how to choose a name for your favorite character:

do not take the meanings for granted

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For each name, there is a deeper meaning hidden inside it, and by selecting a name that has the appropriate meaning, you may provide insight into who your character is. Carry out the necessary research to determine what the last name implies and how it relates to your characters. You might even discover a new aspect of your character’s personality as a result of your efforts.

Try it out with your first name to see how it sound

Despite the fact that this suggestion appears to be self-explanatory, it is worth emphasizing. The way the last name sounds when combined with a first name can frequently be a determining factor in how authentic a name sounds. Remember to say the names out loud a few times and in a variety of situations, rather than just reading them to yourself!

 Count the number of syllables

Your favorite last name is discovered, but how many syllables does it have? This is significant because the majority of last names are simply a few syllables in length. The longer it is or the more syllables it has, the more probable it is that your reader will become confused.

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how the last name feels 

 Consider the “feeling” that the last name evokes and whether or not it corresponds to the persona of your character.  This is very important when you are looking for the titles for your next novel characters. 

You are intimately acquainted with your characters, but your reader is only meeting them for the first time. The way a person’s name makes them feel is just as essential as what their name is. Keep this in mind while you write, as well as how you want your reader to feel about a particular character.

  1. Take into consideration its one-of-a-kindness.

Based on your personality, you might want a last name that is more distinctive. On the other hand, a more tertiary character would be better served by a shorter, more common last name. Consider how acquainted your reader will think with the name and whether or not this will detract from the story you’re telling.

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  1. Aquila is the Latin word for eagle.
  2. Ashanti – Tribe on the African continent
  3. Beckett is a beekeeping cottage.
  4. Bailey is responsible for berry clearing.
  5. Chante is a singer that performs in a variety of styles.
  6. Carr’s son, Carson, is a musician.
  7. Carter is a person who transports products by cart.
  8. Dixon is the son of Richard Dixon.
  9. Duncan is a man with brown hair.
  10. Delaney is a native of the alder wood.
  11. Estefania is a jewel in the crown.
  12. Evangeline, there is good news.
  13. Mr. Francesca is a Frenchman.
  14. Faye is a person of loyalty and faith.
  15. Opal is a gem that you will like to wear and keep with your name too.
  16. Orianto inspires many fictional writers to be the beautiful lake
  17. Orlando is the name that attracts those seeking widespread fame as it refers to something or someone known throughout the land.
  18. Quinna is just the right last name to represent the wise counsel or clever.
  19.  Quake can be used for those who are nice and loving yet emotional to some extent. 
  20. If you are redheaded or know someone for being redhead, try getting Rowan’s last name.

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