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List Of The Most Popular Polish Baby Girl Names And Their Meanings

Polish Girl Names That Mean Something

Choosing a name for your kid is a very personal decision, and there are so many great names out there that narrowing it down can be difficult.

Poland has a plethora of lovely female names. We’ve compiled a list of 100 of our favorites, along with their definitions, for you to peruse and be inspired by.

What Is Poland’s Most Popular Girl Name?

The Polish language has a huge number of different names. Some are variants of well-known European names, while others are completely unique. The most popular name for girls and women in Poland is Anna, however, Julia, Maja, Zuzanna, and Lena have recently become popular among Polish parents. All of those, as well as a slew of other unexpected options, have made it onto this list.

Is It True That All Polish Girl Names

In contrast to English names, which are sometimes given to both boys and girls, Polish names are unmistakably masculine or female. In Poland, boy names frequently finish in consonants, such as Piotr, the most popular Polish name in 2020, whereas girl names usually end in -a, such as Alicija. Czeslaw for a boy and Czeslawa for a girl are two different variants of the same Polish baby name. By adding -ka to the end of a girl’s name that ends in -a, the name can easily be transformed into a loving nickname. The name Irena, for example, becomes Irenka.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top Polish female names, ranging from Adela to Zuzanna, for you to peruse. Some are traditional Polish baby names that date back to the Middle Ages, while others have recently risen to the top of Poland’s “Most Popular Baby Girl Names” lists. They’re arranged alphabetically, so it’s simple to go forward in the list if you’re seeking girl names that begin with a specific letter.

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Popular Polish Baby Girl Names

Having a baby girl is a joy, and naming her is a thrilling experience for any new parent. You’ll have to sift through a lot of gorgeous names to find one that suits both your lively little girl’s personality and your own. You may be seeking names with a deep meaning, names that are unusual, or names with a historical significance. Whatever your requirements are, we have a list of strong Polish girl names that will exceed your expectations.

Many of Poland’s common names are versions of names found in English-speaking nations. They do, however, sound odd and foreign. These names reflect the Polish culture, as Poland is a country with a long history. From the most sublime to the most powerful, we’ve compiled a list of all the names that would be ideal for your baby girl.

List Of The Most Popular Polish Baby Girl Names And Their Meanings

Take a look at some of the popular Polish names that will make you smile as you imagine your little girl growing up and appreciating the name you chose for her.


Name And Meaning


In Polish, this word implies “graceful” or “noble.” It’s a spelling variation of the German name “Adelaide.”


This name, which means “good-hearted,” will surely suit your kid. It is of Greek origin and sounds similar to “Agatha” in English.


This name comes from Poland and means “angel.” It has Italian, French, and Russian ancestors as well.

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This name is a feminine variant of Apollo, the Greek deity of the sun and light.


The origins of this name include Polish and Latin. It’s a diminutive of the name Barbara, and it signifies “foreign woman.”


It is a German name that means “brave as a bear.”


The name is Latin in origin and means “white.”


This is a Polish name that translates to “great glory.”


It is a Czech name with the lovely meaning “the divine one.”


Cecilia is a Polish variant of the Latin name Cecilia, which means “blind.”


Selena is a Polish name derived from a Latin name. It literally means “moon goddess.”


Dagmara is a Polish spelling of the Scandinavian surname Dagmar.

The name “Dagmar” means “day maid/daughter.”

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Names Of Polish Girls Beginning 

This is the last portion of the list. Here are some of Poland’s most memorable names, starting with the letter P and ending with the letter Z.

 Patrycja: Patrycja is a Polish word that means “to

noble. It’s a variant of Patricia, and it’s one of the more unique spellings on this list.


Apollo’s son. Another common Polish girl’s name is Apolonia. Pola Negri was the name of a Polish silent film star.


Thank you for your kindness. This is a typical Polish female surname.

 Radoslawa (Slovakia):

Glory to God! Another Slavic name with a long history.


queen. Renata is the source of a slew of Polish girls’ names.

Roksana (Roksana):

the dawn; the star Roxanne’s Polish counterpart.

Roza (rose)

 is the seventh letter of the Greek alphabet.

The Polish equivalent of the well-known flower name.


friend. This is a variant of Ruth, one of several Polish female names with Biblical roots.


 Sabine, Sabina, Sabina, Sabina, Sabina, A woman from the Sabine tribe in northern Italy.


Salome is a Polish name derived from the Biblical name Salome.


famous. This is one of our list’s earliest Polish names.


Crown; garland Stephen is a feminine form of this rare baby name.

Teodozja (Teodozja):

God’s gift or gifting to God is Another religious name for Poland. Dosia is a common abbreviation for Dosia.


a female warrior For a baby girl, this is a powerful name.


a little bear Urszula is shortened to this little baby name.


a little bear Ursula is a Polish name for Ursula.


wanderer. For a free-spirited newborn girl, we recommend a Polish original.


This name is a Polish variant of Vera, and it can also be a short form of Weronika.


the image that is accurate In Poland, Veronica is commonly spelled Veronica.


victory. Victoria is spelled Victoria in Polish.

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