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300+ Cool Pirate Name Ideas [Ultimate List]

Children of all ages adore pirates.

Pirates have been associated with participation and vagrancy for a long time. Many popular films, such as “The Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Fortune Island,” are based on pirates’ lifestyles.

Pirate names for characters are gaining popular, despite the fact that they may seem strange. Because pirates were famed for their bravery, nautical prowess, and investigative abilities, choosing pirate names for your characters is a fascinating endeavor.

The majority of pirate names are unique and sound fantastic. You may choose a pirate name based on a movie or historical events, but ultimately, choosing a pirate name is all about freedom and choice; anything goes as long as it works! Why not take your name after Blackbeard, the most feared pirate of all time?

Check out these amusing pirate names and these pirate parrot names for additional pirate naming inspiration.

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Pirate Captain Names

Need a name for your captain that is both harsh and funny? Take a look at some of these unique pirate captain names:

  • Cap’n Dreadful
  • Captain Justeene
  • Captain Seadog
  • Captain Mack Calabran
  • Captain Vex Totem
  • Captain Black Jack
  • Captain Blackbeard
  • Captain Silver-Tongue
  • Captain Silver-Hook
  • Admiral Davey
  • Admiral Williams
  • Captain Jolly
  • Captain O’Fish
  • Admiral Storm
  • Captain Booty
  • Captain Crabby
  • Captain Redbeard
  • Captain Puffypants
  • Captain Cannon
  • Admiral Spike
  • Admiral Wade
  • Captain Lazyjacks
  • Admiral Mullins
  • Captain Rattlebones
  • Cap’n Skully
  • Captain Crawford
  • Sir John Winters
  • Captain Vera Brave
  • Captain Liza Scallywag
  • Captain Cecila Jagger
  • Admiral Hawk
  • Captain Drake Deranged
  • Captain Slyvester Shadows
  • Admiral Simpson
  • Captain Deepsea Davey
  • Captain David Death
  • Captain Mildred McCoy
  • Captain Rivers McGee
  • Captain Julie Jagger
  • Captain Patty Price
  • Captain McKraken
  • Captain Van Horne
  • Captain Sandy Shores
  • Captain McFilthy
  • Captain Scurvyshorts
  • Captain Randell Red-Lord
  • Captain Fish-Lips
  • Admiral Henry Heart
  • Captain Renshaw Vance
  • Captain Eldar Nightwind
  • Cap’n Chipper Toes

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Female Pirate Names

To fit her characteristics, give your main woman a gorgeous or nasty pirate name:

  • Celia ‘Butcher’ Tyde
  • Elnora ‘Evil Grin’ Neale
  • Shiverin’ Shelley
  • Mighty Mary
  • Kellie Strong-Heart
  • Misty Winters
  • Voodoo Wendy
  • Salty Sarah
  • Shark-Fin Suzie
  • Penelope Precious
  • Sugar-Tongue Shelly
  • Silvera Snake-Eyes
  • Boney Brenda
  • One-Leg Nellie
  • One-Eye Wendy
  • Lady Tide
  • Cut-Throat Connie
  • Nancy Tall-Tide
  • Moonie Two-Toe
  • Esme Dark-Waters
  • Jilly Buckets
  • Mary Gun-Powder
  • Liza Mcgee
  • Sadie Waters
  • Joy McStubby
  • Betty Tuna-Breath
  • Opal Sea-Wolf
  • Nancy Lobster-Legs
  • Bella O’Greed
  • Ella Treasures
  • Ruth O’Patches
  • Miranda Gold-Tooth
  • Vera Sparrow
  • Carrie Atlantis
  • Mazie Deep-Waters
  • Peggy One-Leg
  • Evie Shark-Bait
  • Lou-Lou Stubbs
  • Polly d’Plank
  • Pearl Bailey
  • Glory Jones
  • Clara Shadows
  • Sally Black
  • Daisy O’Jelly
  • Suzie McGraw
  • Janie Big-Lips
  • Vicky FishMonger
  • Mabel Hook-Hand
  • Mae Whiskey-Woo
  • Martha One-Eyed
  • Crazy Kellie
  • Lady Cassandra
  • Lady Marilyn Man-Eater
  • Mary Jane Death-Bringer

Cool Pirate Names

Pirates are a rowdy bunch, and their names should reflect that.

The most popular pirate names are Blackbeard, Captain Hook, and Long John Silver.

  • Pearl Bailey
  • Shiverin’ Shelley
  • Dirty Danny
  • Peteplank
  • Peggy One-Leg
  • Nancy Lobster-Legs

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Good Pirate Names

Pirates are the bad guys of the sea. They are often seen as violent, greedy, and merciless. However, pirates also have their own code of honor which they follow strictly.

The following are the good pirate names for you:

  • Wyatt Gold
  • Garrick Roach
  • Finn O’Fish
  • Miranda Gold-Tooth
  • Esme Dark-Waters
  • Malvo Razor-Face
  • Sugar-Tongue Shelly
  • Theo Stinkalot
  • Mighty Mary
  • Toothless Pete
  • Celia ‘Butcher’ Tyde

Historical Pirates Names For Girls

Pick the most renowned pirates from the list of genuine pirates below if you’re searching for a name for a female pirate.

  1. Adrie (Roman origin) means “a female kind of Adrian.” The name Adrian comes from the Old Roman name Hadrianus meaning “from Hadria”.
  2. Aegea (Greek origin) means “from the expanse of Age”.
  3. Apulia (Latin origin) means “from Apulia”. The name Apulia comes from the Greek words ‘Iapudes,’ which describes the people who lived on the contrary side of the Adriatic Sea.
  4. Augusta (Roman origin) means “extraordinary”.
  5. Azure (Persian origin) means “semi-valuable stone”.
  6. Belle (French origin) means “delightful”. The name is additionally utilized commonly as a short structure for the end of names finishing with like Isabelle, Maybelle, Annabelle.
  7. Bertha (German origin) means “acclaimed and splendid”. It is accepted to have been made famous by Normans during their triumph of England in the 11th century.
  8. Cataline (Greek origin) means “pure”.
  9. Coral (Greek origin) means “an ocean polyp”.
  10. Cordelia (Latin or French origin) means “someone near to heart”.
  11. Daria (Persian origin) means “somebody who has great characteristics”.
  12. Doria (Greek origin) means “endowment of God”.
  13. Echo (Greek origin) means “sound”.
  14. Evalyn (German origin) means “desired or wished for child”.
  15. Flora (Latin origin) means “bloom”. As indicated by folklore, it is the name of a ninth century Spanish Saint and it is also the name of the Roman Goddess of springtime.
  16. Freeda (German origin) means “harmony”.
  17. Gilda (Italian origin)means “penance”.
  18. Hally (Scandinavian origin) means “authority”.
  19. Iona (Hebrew origin) means “dove”. Iona is also the name of an island off the shore of Scotland.
  20. Isola (Italian inception) means “island”.

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Fictional Pirate Names For Girls

Unlike the image of pirates depicted in fiction, pirates were usually recognized by their given names rather than by pirate aliases. Privateers like Blackbeard grabbed their moniker and used it as their pirate name on a few rare occasions. From the realm of popular culture, here are some pirate names for girls.

  1. Angelica, is also the name of the fictional character from ‘The Pirates Of The Caribbean’ movie franchise.
  2. Anne, is a fictional character from the ‘Black Sails’ movie.  
  3. Blackboots, is a fictional character from the graphic novel ‘Here Comes A Candle’, it is among the most popular names for a pirate.
  4. Dola, is a fictional character from the new ‘Laputa: Castle In The Sky’ movie.
  5. Emeraldas, is a fictional character from the new anime ‘Space Pirate Captain Harlock’.
  6. Elizabeth, is a fictional character from ‘The Pirates Of The Caribbean’ movie series.
  7. Janme, is a fictional character from the ‘Sons Of Eve’ anime manga series.
  8. Marika, is a character from the book series ‘Bodacious Space Pirates.’
  9. Mary, is a popular fictional character from the young adult novel, ‘Bloody Jack’.
  10. Marquise, is a fictional character from the webcomic ‘Homestuck’.
  11. Morgan, is a female pirate in the ‘Cutthroat Island’ movie. It’s a common pirate name.
  12. Nami, is a fictional pirate from the anime ‘One Piece’
  13. Revy, is a character from the anime series ‘Black Lagoon’.
  14. Seth, is a fictional character from the ‘Lost Odyssey’ video game.
  15. Tia, is a soothsayer in the famous ‘The Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest’ movie.

Fictional Pirate Names For Boys

The most famous and beloved anecdotal pirate names from literature, games, movies and television are included in this list. Captain Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp in the ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ films, is still the most popular new pirate persona.

  • Anton, is also the name of the fictional character from the ‘Lucky Starr And The Pirates Of The Asteroids’ book.
  • Balthier, is a sky pirate from the ‘Final Fantasy XII’ video game.
  • Barrett, is a sea pirate with a hook in the ‘The Princess And The Pirate’ movie.
  • Bloth, is an alien pirate in the ‘Pirates Of Dark Water’ animation series.
  • Flint, is known as Captain Flint in the ‘Black Sails’ movie.
  • Han, is a pirate from the ‘Star Wars’ movie series.
  • Hook, is a famous fictional pirate from the ‘Peter Pan’ movie.
  • Jack, is a funny sea pirate in ‘The Pirates Of The Caribbean’ movie franchise.  
  • Jesamiah, is a fictional character from the ‘Sea Witch’ book series.
  • Killian, is also known as Hook in ‘Once Upon A Time’.
  • Nemo, is a sea pirate in ‘The Mysterious Island’ book.
  • Pablo, in ‘The Backyardigans’ Pablo is a superhero.
  • Roberts, is also known as Dread Pirate Roberts in the ‘The Princess Bride movie.
  • Stephen, is a fictional character from the ‘Outlander’ movie.
  • Tom, is a prominent character in the ‘The Mysterious Island’ book.

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