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Best Old English Names For Boys And Girls

This is a great place to start when naming a son after an Old English surname.

We’ve scoured the web for the best Old English baby boy names and compiled a list of our favorites. From Alfred to Earl, Spencer to Wilfred, these traditional newborn boy names are listed alphabetically with information on their meanings.

There are a lot of fantastic unisex or female names to be found among these Old English baby name inspirations.

So, if you’re looking for traditional English names, trendy names, or a name from the past, we’re confident you’ll find it here. So, grab your pencils and paper, and get ready to make a shortlist of some of these charming ancient English baby names!

Popular Names


Ackerley is a name that means “from the cutting down of oak trees”.

Acton is a name that means “town surrounded by oak trees.”

Adam’s son” is the meaning of the name Addison.

Adney – “from the island of the nobility” means “from Adney”.

Alcott – “from the oak cottage” is the meaning of the surname Alcott.

Alden – “wise protector” is the meaning of the name Alden.


Choosing a royal-sounding name for your baby boy is easy with these Old English baby names that begin with the letter ‘B.’

  1. Baldwin is a nickname for someone who is “bold” by nature.
  2.  Bancroft means “bean field” in the slang language.
  3.  Gaelic.It means “birth meadow” in Scottish
  4. Barden.’From the barley valley’ is the meaning 
  5.  Baxter means “baker” in the dictionary.


 Calvert – A cowboy or shepherd, as the case may be.

 Cameron means “bent nose.”

, Carling.This is the name of the hill where old women assemble; hence

 Carter.”cart driver” is the meaning 

“Warlike” is the meaning of the Arabic word for Chad.

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Old English Baby Girl Names

Old English baby girl names feature louder, more resonant tones due to their derivation from Germanic terms. These strong female names are ideal for your daughter.

Beautiful Girls Names From The Middle Ages In English

Names for girls in mediaeval Old English tended to be short and strong. These easy-to-spell and easy-to-pronounce baby girl names are a great alternative to other Old English names.

  • For Aldith, it was an ancient conflict.
  • Noble strength is what Aldreda embodies.
  • Amice: a close associate.
  • Diot: a Zeus of Nysa descendant
  • Dye: from Nysa of Zeus
  • Eda: Conflict over material wealth
  • Etheldred: a person of high moral character.
  • To swear allegiance to God is to swear allegiance to me.
  • Iseut: a nickname for Isolde; a word with no clear definition.
  • Jocosa is a shortened form of Joyce.
  • Prince of Wales’s Royal Fortifications at Kinborough
  • Malle is a misspelling of Mary with no clear meaning.
  • Matti: a feminine form of Martha; the lady.
  • The pearl Meggy is a shortened form of Margaret.
  • Molle is a nickname for Mary that has no clear meaning.
  • The Rohese is a rose-like variety that is famous.
  • Rose is a variety of the fabled Royse.

Names Of English Origin For Boy Babies

Most of the time, boy names with Old English roots serve as the basis for girl names. Double-consonant names with a manly ring are not uncommon among baby boy names.

Cool And Witty Boy Names From The Middle Ages

If you’re thinking of mediaeval baby names, you might picture long girls’ names. However, there were lots of short boys’ names too. For those who enjoy using nicknames as their given names, these choices are ideal.

  • Addy is a nickname for men.
  • ami: a close companion or ally
  • Bate: a short form of Bartholomew, the name of Talmai’s son.
  • Col: People’s Victory; Nickname for Nicholas
  • The name Daw is a short form of David.
  • I believe in one God, and that is Yahweh. Elis:
  • Hamo means “at home.”
  • Yahweh is merciful, says Hann.
  • Short for Robert, Hob is a term of endearment.
  • The Lord is gracious, says Jan flow in the opposite direction
  • the Latin word for law is Laurentum; a shortened version of Laurence
  • Mack: excellent; a shortened version of Magnus
  • Noll (elf army): a shortened version of Oliver
  • Aphorism: money is a curse.

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Old English Baby Names For Boys And Girls That Are Popular

The popularity of these names, despite their Old English origins, hasn’t waned. Despite their unisex nature, most of today’s fashion items have a gendered counterpart.

Ainsley (AYNZ-lee) is a top 400 U.S. baby girl name for 2018.

HaydynFor males only in the United Kingdom,, which means “hay valley,” is in the top 300 boy and girl names in the United States for 2018.

Harley is more popular as a girl’s name in the United States than as a boy’s name in the United Kingdom.

Harlow is among the top 400 girls names in the United Kingdom and the United States.

In the United States and the United Kingdom, Peyton is more prevalent as a girl’s name than a boy’s name, yet it ranks in the top 400 boys’ names in the country.

Presley is a boy’s name that has become more common in the United States in recent decades.

Riley is more prevalent in the United Kingdom as a boy’s name, but in the United States as a girl’s name.

Whitney is more popular as a girl’s name in the United Kingdom and the United States.

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Stylish Boy’s Nicknames (With Modern Nicknames)

In order to avoid having an old-fashioned name come across as stuffy, try using a modern nickname with it. A clever nickname, on the other hand, might make a long name seem more approachable to a young person. As an illustration, consider the following situations:

  • Bert, Bertie, and Albert are all variations of the same name.
  • Alistair: Al, Alec, and Alis all refer to Alistair.
  • the archaic name for Archibald
  • Artie, for short, is Arthur.
  • For Atticus, Beauregard is spelled with an s.
  • There are two names for Chester: Chet and Clifford
  • To call someone by their first name is to call them Ebenezer
  • The name Edward is pronounced as Eddie.
  • Evander is a combination of the names Evan and Van.
  • In other words, Ezekiel
  • The name Gilbert goes like this: Gil
  • Gordon, pronounced “Gordy,” is the name of the character.
  • Jonathan (Joe), Jonathan (Joe), Jonathan (Joe), Jonathan (Joe), Jonathan
  • Percival, spelled backwards

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