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100 Popular Old English Names For Men

Old English baby names are ideal for parents looking for a unique name for their child. The closer the baby name is to the original spelling, the more uncommon it will be. Keep in mind that this implies there will be more opportunities for misspellings and mispronunciations.

Popular Old English Unisex Names

  • Haydyn: hay valley; spelled Hayden in top 300 names for both boys and girls in U.S. 2018, boys only in U.K.
  • Harley: hare clearing; in top 100 names for boys in U.K. and top 200 for girls, more popular as a girl name in U.S.
  • Harlow: rock army hill; in top 400 girls names for both U.K. and U.S.
  • Kendall: valley on the river Kent; more popular for girls than boys in the U.S.
  • Kim: bold royal; equally popular as a boy or girl name in the U.S. in the 1990s
  • Lee/Leigh: clearing; more popular as a boy name in the U.K. and U.S.
  • Peyton/Payton: Pæga’s town; more popular as a girl name in both U.S. and U.K., but in top 400 boy names in the U.S.
  • Presley: priest clearing; more popular as a girl name in the modern U.S.
  • Riley: rye clearing; more popular as a boy name in U.K. and as a girl name in U.S.
  • Whitney: white island; more popular as a girl name in the U.K. and U.S.

Cool And Short Medieval Names For Boys

  • Addy: man; variant of Adam
  • Amis: friend
  • Bate: son of Talmai; variant of Bartholomew
  • Col: the victory of the people; short for Nicholas
  • Daw: beloved; variant of David
  • Elis: my God is Yahweh
  • Hamo: home
  • Hann: Yahweh is gracious
  • Hob: bright fame; short for Robert
  • Jan: Yahweh is gracious
  • Judd: flow down
  • Law: from Laurentum; variant of Laurence
  • Mack: great; short for Magnus
  • Noll: elf army; variant of Oliver
  • Ode: wealth
  • Pate: nobleman; variant of Patrick
  • Roul: fame wolf
  • Wyot: battle brave

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Long and Powerful Medieval Names For Boys

  • Dicun: brave power; variant of Dick
  • Elric: elf rule or noble rule
  • Firmin: firm
  • Hamon: home
  • Hankin: Yahweh is gracious
  • Herry: home ruler; variant of Henry
  • Hopkin: bright fame
  • Hudde: heart/spirit; variant of Hugh
  • Jackin: Yahweh is gracious
  • Jankin: Yahweh is gracious
  • Larkin: from Laurentum; variant of Laurence
  • Morris: dark-skinned; variant of Maurice
  • Nicol: victory of the people; variant of Nicholas
  • Randel: rim of a shield
  • Tenney: of Zeus from Nysa
  • Wilkin: desire protection; variant of William
  • Wilky: desire protection; variant of William
  • Wybert: battle bright
  • Wymond: battle protector
  1. Ackerley – Meaning “from the clearing of oak trees”.
  2. Acton – Meaning “town in the oak trees”.
  3. Addison – Meaning “Adam’s son”.
  4. Adney – Meaning “from the island of the nobleman”.
  5. Alcott – Meaning “from the oak cottage”.
  6. Alden – Meaning “wise protector”.
  7. Alder – Meaning “from the alder tree”.
  8. Aldis – Meaning “from the old house”.
  9. Aldred – Meaning “wise counsellor”.
  10. Aldwin – Meaning “wise counsellor”.
  11. Alford – Meaning “from the old ford”.
  12. Alfred – Meaning “wise counsellor”.
  13. Almer – Meaning “noble”.
  14. Alvin – Meaning “noble friend”.
  15. Alston – Meaning “from the noble’s town”.
  16. Alton – Meaning “from the old town”.
  17. Ashley – Meaning “ash tree”.
  18. Aubrey – Meaning “elf counsel”.
  19. Audrey – Meaning “noble strength”.
  20. Averill – Meaning “boar warrior”.

These Old English baby names for boys beginning with ‘B’ add a regal element to what to choose to name your baby.

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  1. Baldwin – Meaning “bold friend”.
  2. Bancroft – Meaning “bean field”.
  3. Barclay – Meaning “birth meadow”.
  4. Barden – Meaning “from the valley of barley”.
  5. Baxter – Meaning “baker”.
  6. Benedict – Meaning “brave friend”.
  7. Bentley – Meaning “from the clearing overgrown with bent grass”.
  8. Blade – Meaning “glory”.
  9. Blake – Meaning “fair-haired”.
  10. Bob – Meaning “bright, famous”.
  11. Booth – Meaning “hut”.
  12. Bond – Meaning “tiller of the soil”.
  13. Bradley – Meaning “broad meadow”.
  14. Brandon – Meaning “beacon hill”.
  15. Brian – Meaning “one who is from a high and noble birth”.
  16. Bronson Meaning “son of Brown”.
  17. Bud – Meaning “herald”.
  18. Byron – Meaning “cattle shed”.
  19. Calvert – Meaning “one who is a cowboy or shepherd”.

2.Cameron – Meaning “bent nose”.

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  1. Carling – Meaning “from the hill where old women gather”.
  2. Carter – Meaning “cart driver”.
  3. Chad – Meaning “warlike”.
  4. Chance – Meaning “blessed by fortune”.
  5. Channing – Meaning “knowing”.
  6. Charles – Meaning “free man”.
  7. Charlton – Meaning “form the farm of free peasants”.
  8. Christopher – Meaning “one who is a Christ-bearer”.
  9. Clifford – Meaning “the steep edge of a ford”.
  10. Clinton – Meaning “a town near a hill”.
  11. Cuthbert – Meaning “bright and famous”.

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