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Best Norse Names Male List

Reading a name in a record can sometimes be tricky. You can read the name other times but cannot be sure of the gender (based on the name alone). In the 1980s, Scandinavian Records Extraction: an Instructional Guide was issued by the Utah Genealogical Society, which includes 4,562 Nordic given names. Each name in the adjacent column has a female or male to identify the sex linked with it. Below you will find a copy of the list and the names added as found in the records. Since it is a large list, the Ctrl-F Find function should be used to find the portion you need rapidly.

Norse Boys Name 

Finding a good name is often easier said than done, but Norse names have had a moment in recent years, and it is easy to see why.

The name Norse sounds fresh, modern, and forceful, but also classical, with many allusions to the mythology of Norse, the Viking Age, and the gods tossed into it. They are not predictable, yet these names do not voluntarily sound exotic or fabricated.

For everyone (and even those who haven’t) who has ever sat across the whole Marvel film catalogue on Disney Plus, you undoubtedly already know names such as Thor, Loki, or Odin (and they all feature on our exhaustive list, below). But we have a lot more inspiration for parents looking for their baby’s special, unique names. Northern names are from Scandinavia, such as Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, and are often influenced by the Viking era, Northern Mythology, and gods. Animals of great strength, like spears, swords, and rocky regions are also important (think the wolf, the eagle, or the bear). Looking for a matching middle name? There are so many names that King is suited to inspire your tiny prince.

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Norse Boys Names

Arne and Arn (Scandinavian). This traditional name of Norse is called ‘eagle.’

Andor Andor (Norse). Named both ‘eagle’ (Arn) word and Thor, the renowned god.

Otherwise (Scandinavian). That is ‘brave.’

Arnkell Arnkell (Nordic). Meanings ‘from the eagle’ parts.

Ari Ari (Old Norse). Another big, robust name that signifies “eagle” as well.

Arnfinn Arnfinn (Norwegian). Means ‘eagle’ as well as ‘one from Finland.’

Asger Asger (old Norse). This comes from the name Ásgeir of Old Norse and meaning the ‘spear of the god’

Arvid Arvid (Swedish, Norwegian). We love this uncommon name, which signifies “eagle” as well as “tree.”

 Birger (old Norse). This name is also Scandinavian by the Old Norse term ‘bjarga,’ meaning ‘one who assists.’

Bjarke  (Danish) A number of beautiful Norse names are found that imply “bear,” and this one of them.

Bjorn (Swedish, Icelandic, Dutch). Another name derived from the Vikings that meaning “bear” and possibly the most famous. In Sweden, this was historically an exceptionally popular family name.

Viking Age male names

Arne: Adler Arne

Birger: guard

Bjørn: bear Bo: Erik resident: absolute governor

Frode: smart and smart

Gorm: whomever worships God

Halfdan: half the Dutch

Harald: Lord and governor

Knud: knot: knot

Kåre: curly-haired

Leif: Njal down: huge.

Roar: fame and lance

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Circle: secret.

Sten: stone: stone.

Skarde: with chin cleft

Sune: sound Sound

Svend: freeman who is serving someone else

Troels: Arrow of Thor’s

Toke: Helm and Thor

Torsten: Stone and Thor

Trygve: reliable

Ulf: wolf: wolf

Ødger: richness and spear

Åge: the man who ploughs;

Male names in Norse

Male norskin names – often with just a single syllable – are frequently short and punchy and tend to connote courage and strength, making popular options for the baby boy.

Norse boys’ names symbolise courage and strength

Norse boy names You (CC)

Here are our top five favourite names of Norse males, with their origins and meanings. And we look up some of their well-known namesakes to help you decide if your baby boy’s North name is right.


Perhaps the most popular name for Old Norse boys, particularly in Sweden, this name means “bear.” Pronounced bee-yorn, its names include the Swedish superstar tennis player Bjorn Borg and fellow Abba member, Björn Ulvaeus (who married Agnetha!!!).

Bjorn is a popular boy’s Norse name and means bear in Old Norse.

One of the most accomplished tennis players in the world, Bjorn Borg / Rob Croes (CC)


Loki is perhaps the most renowned Norse name of males from mythology, of course. Loki was the deity of deceit and misfortune, who had the power to change his form and sex.

And as anyone who saw Marvel’s superheroic films knows, he definitely liked troublemaking. So if you think you have a malicious glint in your baby-baby boy’s eye, Loki might be a wonderful name to choose from!


 Magnus derives from the name Magni of Old Norse, which meaning “might” or “strong.” Magnus was a Norse semi-god in the popular Magnus Chase series of teenage books, while Magni was the son of Thor in Norse mythology. The name has quite powerful antecedents nevertheless!


Another popular name for Old Norse, Sven is a variant of the old North word sveinn meaning “young man,” “young warrior” or “child.”

Probably the most famous Sven outside Sweden was Sven-Göran Eriksson, the soccer manager and coach who ran major teams such as Benfica, Roma, Lazio, Manchester City, and a national team from England — with different degrees of success.

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. Olive oil.

Ole was a variety derived from the ancient Norse name “Olafr,” meaning ancestor, descendants.

Like many other northern names, its popularity drops. However, it is used in binomial names rather often. One example is the former united manchester (soccer) and now manager Ole-Gunnar Solskjær


 As this page points out, a wide variety of modern Norwegian names with Norse roots exist. While many will probably get less popular as current naming trends favor more English-friendly names, they won’t be gone soon.

There is also some evidence that in Norway traditional names are returning. Moreover, a growing concern for Scandinavian history and culture has brought certain of these names to trends outside Norway.

Should any names be missing from this list? What’s your preferred name for the Viking? And you know anybody with one of these Viking names?

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