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100 Nordic Baby Girl Names With Meanings

If you’re naming your little daughter, think beyond the box.

Instead, how about something understated and delicate? The Nordic culture offers a wide variety of sweet, bold, and unique baby names.

To do something truly daring, look no farther than the Vikings for inspiration. Vikings were well-known for their bravery and military prowess in the ancient world. These female Viking names range from Estrid to Inga, and we’ve compiled them all here for you to check out.

Or how about drawing inspiration from the fabled Valkyries, the warrior maidens who served Odin, the god of war, and who appear frequently in Old Norse literature? Female warriors from Odin’s ‘hall of slain warriors’ purportedly swooped over battles picking out the bravest dead soldiers to transport to the hall. Their names are fantastic choices for parents searching for dynamic and powerful girl names because they have become legendary symbols of feminine strength and tenacity. There are plenty to pick from, such as Radgrid, Mist, Gondul, and Hildr.

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Names For Nordic Girls 

These female names are common in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland, making them popular in the Nordic countries.

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1) Aada – the name Aada means ‘noble character’ in Finnish.

2) Aino is a Finnish baby name that means ‘the only one.

3  Alma This Swedish girls’ name, means ‘lovely’ in English.

4) Annika means ‘grace’ or ‘favor. ‘.

5) “Ansa” It’s pronounced in Finnish, and it means “virtue” in English.

 6)  Asa“Goddess” is the meaning (pronounced aw-SUE).

7) Norwegian origin and means ‘protection of the spirits’ in English.

8) Birgit has the connotation of being strong or powerful.

9) German, Birgitta means “strong” (pronounced beer-jee-tah).

10) Swedish girls’ name that meaning ‘queen of riches.

11) Eevi – ‘alive’ is the Finnish translation of the British ‘Evie.

12) Elea was the most popular girl’s name in Finland in 2019; it means strange.’

13) Elin, which is perfect for your baby girl.

14) Elsa, which means ‘noble’ in Swedish.

15) Filippa is a nickname for someone who is a “horse lover/friend.”

16) “Inger” means “hero’s daughter” in Swedish.

17) Karin, which means “pure”.

18) Kerstin means ‘Christian woman,’ and it is pronounced key-ear-stin.

19) Linnea means ‘twinflower,’ and is pronounced lin-nay-ah.

20) Maja translates as ‘pearl.’

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Nordic Baby Girl Names That Are Adorable

These sweet Nordic baby girl names are perfect for your upcoming bundle of joy.

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  • Agneta – Agneta means ‘pure’ or sacred,’ depending on how you pronounce it.
  • In the Scandinavian language, the name Agnetha means “pure” or “holy”.
  • Anja means’merciful’ or ‘gracious,’ and is pronounced an-yah.
  • Annalina means ‘graceful light,’ and is a charming Swedish baby girl name.
  • Atalie derives from Greek and means “pure.”
  • Carin means ‘pure’ in French.
  • Carita, but they all mean “love” or “affair.”
  • ‘Carola’ is the name of a free woman.
  • Cilla means “blind” or “old” (pronounced sill-uh).
  • Eira means merciful,’ and is pronounced eh-ee-rah.
  • Elise (pronounced eh-lee-se).
  • Another meaning is “other.”

A-List Of Some Of The Most Beautiful Nordic girl’s Names Ever, Compiled By Almeta


Despite the fact that the Latin meaning of this name is ‘ambitious one,’ the Danish connotation is rather different.. “Pearl” is what the name means. This name has a calming effect on young women. People who are curious about the world and want to understand it well make excellent instructors and philosophers. They tend to be quiet and reserved by nature, and others may mistake them for being distant. Almeta, on the other hand, has a graceful and endearing demeanor by nature. Almeta’s ultimate goal is perfection.

100 years ago, this was a fairly common baby name; today, it ranks 10,059 on the list of most popular baby names.

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This name, pronounced ‘Ka-ya,’ is common in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. It’s also known as Katarina’s abbreviated form. It’s a lovely name that has diverse connotations around the world. In Old Nordic, it means “chicken,” therefore don’t name your child after it. It has two meanings in Estonian and German: “echo” in Estonian and “a free man” in German.

In addition to the Welsh “Cadi,” the Russian “Katia,” and the Estonian “Kasia,” this name has many international variations.


The names Lauren and Laura are highly popular, but Laurina is a chic substitute for them. Laurina, a popular Jewish girl’s name in the Nordic nations, means “bay tree” in Hebrew. This charming and feminine name conceals a strong and self-assured individual beneath its surface. With Laurina, you don’t mess around. Laurina has a tendency to be conceited and cruel in her pursuit of achievement. Laurina is a natural extrovert who relishes the thrill of the chase.


Savea is an excellent choice for a Nordic girl’s name. As a result, if you’re Swedish or just a fan of the country in general, this would be a fitting tribute for you. This sweet name is now among the top 12,162 baby names on the US list, making it a rare find. To those around her, Savea is a source of inspiration who consistently brings out the best in those around her. She’s fearless, fervent, and idealistic all at the same time.


Because popular girls’ names like Elsa and Ava are overused right now, Alva stands out as a more original alternative for your daughter. The name Alva, which means ‘brightness’ or ‘exalted,’ was Edison’s middle name. It is both stylish and attractive. The name Alvah appears in the Bible as ‘Alvah’, a Hebrew name. It’s a feminine variant of ‘Alf,’ which means ‘elf,’ in Swedish and Norwegian. Also, it’s an English translation of the Irish name Ailbhe, which means ‘white or dazzling.’


No evidence exists for actual shieldmaidens, but all these women, whether fighters or monarchs, exemplified the Viking ideal of independence and personal strength, despite the fact that they were, essentially, idealized women. According to Judith Jesch, Charlotte Hedenstierna-interpretation Jonson’s of the Birka, Sweden warrior’s burial as belonging to a woman warrior is indicative of a broader interest in female Viking fighters in the 21st century CE.

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