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300+ Best Nicknames For David

David Nickname is a character in the David and Goliath story. He was a shepherd boy who used to live with his parents, brothers, and sisters in a small village. His father had the name of David and his mother had the name of Goliath, so they called their son David Nickname.

David Nickname was very young when he saw a man come to the village on horseback. The man asked him who ruled over them. When he told him that they didn’t have any king, he said that God would be their ruler and left them. The following day, David’s older brother went out to gather sticks for their fire but didn’t return that night, so the family went to look for him but couldn’t find anything except for some blood on the ground where he had fallen from

Cute Nicknames for David

David is a nickname for David. It’s a very popular name and you can use it for either a lover, a best friend or an adorable little boy.

David is a name that is sweet and endearing. For lovers, it’s the perfect name because of its meaning of “beloved.” For best friends, it has the meaning of “friend forever.” And for boys, it means “little one who is loved by God.”

  1. Dave – Might be one of the most widely used nicknames for a David.
  2. Davie – A sweet nickname for David.
  3. Davis – Another popular variation for David.
  4. Boo’D – Pronounce it any way you want, but D stands for David.
  5. Bae-vid – For the Bae named David.
  6. My D – For your favorite D, whatever that means.
  7. Davy Dovy – For a David that you enjoy being all lovey-dovey with.
  8. Dav-olipop – For a sweetie named David.
  9. Dubba Hubba – A cute nickname for a husband.
  10. Dav-Fav – For your favorite David in the whole world.
  11. Diggles – One who has the most infectious giggles ever.
  12. David – A sweet nickname for one who’s as refreshing as the morning dew.
  13. Davie-Pie – For a yummy and delightful David.
  14. Davilicious – For an irresistible David.
  15. D-Bug – A David that you’ve got eyes only for.
  16. Dashing Davi – For a very elegant and sharp-looking David.
  17. Daa Dreads – For a David who always has his hair in dreads.
  18. Daven Haven – For a friendly David.
  19. Davidy-Bear – For the sweetest and most accommodating David, you’ve ever met.
  20. Coolio-Davio – For a David who tried too hard to be cool.
  21. Dave Patootie – For a cutie-pie named David.
  22. Taavid – A Finnish variant of David.
  23. Davi-CoCo – For a weirdo who acts “loco” all the time.
  24. Davilocks – For a blonde-headed David.
  25. DaGrin – A David with the widest grin –
  26. Davie Bun-Bun – David with the cutest buttocks.
  27. Davidde – A Hebrew variant of the name David.
  28. Davey boy – For a cute little munchkin named David.
  29. Ta-Da – For an adorable toddler that bears David.
  30. Dawid – A Polish variant of David.
  31. Davi-Jiggy – For a hyperactive David.
  32. Davidy Woobly – For a little David learning how to walk.
  33. Davy Babyface – A David with the cutest facial features.
  34. David Caramel – A dark-skinned version of David Cameron.
  35. David Dibble-Dabble – For a David, that’s all over the place.
  36. Dawidy – A Hebrew nickname for David.

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Cool Nicknames for David

David is a cool guy and you can come up with many nicknames that suit him. Here are some interesting nicknames for David.

  1. Dev – Extra points if he’s a developer.
  2. King David – From the biblical character, King David.
  3. David Haye – Reference to the famous boxer. A cool nickname for a David, who could throw hands.
  4. Dave Claws – For a tough and fierce David.
  5. D-Dang – A multitalented David that always amazes.
  6. Papi D – For a ladies man.
  7. Dei-Dei – Spelt, just like the pronunciation of David.
  8. D-man – For the man named David.
  9. Lil D – For a small but adorable David.
  10. Psychodave – The perfect game username is taken, and this one is definitely taken; however, there is no reason why it cannot be your nickname.
  11. Davin – A French variant of David.
  12. D-Fury – For a quick-tempered David.
  13. Davido – For a cool and funky David.
  14. Davon – A Hebrew variant that also means “Beloved.”
  15. StoneBwoy – Coined from the Biblical David, that killed Goliath with a sling and a stone, and perfect for a small but mighty being.
  16. Davide – A variant of David with an Italian origin.
  17. Davidu – A Slavic variation of David.
  18. Davud – A Persian variation of the name.
  19. Davyd – An unusual but interesting nickname for a David.
  20. Big D – For a huge or chubby David.
  21. DaDoomster – For a scary-looking David.
  22. Dave The Rave – He’s the life of every party.
  23. Dawud – An Arabic variant of David.
  24. Dazizzle – There’s never a dull moment around him.
  25. Davit – An Armenian variant of the name David.
  26. Dawood – A nickname with Hebrew origins that also means “beloved friend.”
  27. Becks – Inspired by English footballer David Beckham, for a David who’s talented at Football.
  28. Da-Alpha – He’s a nature Alpha male and a born leader.
  29. Davian – A nickname for David with an English origin.
  30. Zavid – A less popular nickname for a David with Hebrew and English-American origin.
  31. Davidek – A Czech variant of the name David.
  32. D-Dawg – For your home-boy named David.
  33. Daveed – A Russian variant for a David.

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Funny Nicknames for David

David is a funny guy. He makes us laugh and smile. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of some of the funniest nicknames for David that we could find.

  1. Dayum – Like the reference, which means “Damn.”
  2. Dave Chappelle – A reference to the famous comedian, Dave Chappelle, which makes it a funny nickname for a guy named David.
  3. Dave the Barbarian – A reference to the famous Disney character.
  4. Daffyd – A David that reminds you of cartoon character Daffy the Duck.
  5. Diva – A funny, feminine twist on David.
  6. Doofy Ball – A clumsy and goofy David.
  7. Davina – A Scottish variant of David for an effeminate person.
  8. Da-Bling – For a flashy, attention-lover.
  9. Gangsta Da-Da – For a David that tries too hard to look and act tough.
  10. Davy Dufus – A doofus named David.
  11. Da-Voodoo – For a magician that bears David.
  12. Freaky Dave – The biggest flirt ever.
  13. Dumble Dave – A nickname coined from Harry Potter, for a wise and mature David.
  14. Davy Doozy – For a David, that’s always tired or sleepy.

Clever Nicknames for David

David is a handsome, charming guy with a beautiful face and an even more beautiful smile. He’s also an amazing person who has done so much for the world.

Here are some clever nicknames for David that you can think of:

  1. Davidas – For an Adidas lover named David.
  2. Davida Hulk – For a tall and muscular David.
  3. Da-mazing – For a spectacular David.
  4. Davy-Jazzy – For an exotic or sophisticated David.
  5. Dav-Dopamine – For a Dave, that’s always in high spirits.
  6. Dave-Devour – For a glutton named David.
  7. Ghandav – A David with a striking physical or personality resemblance with the late Mahatma Gandhi.
  8. Dandy David – For a very stylish and fashionable David.
  9. Day Day – For a David as light in complexion as the day.
  10. Dav-Downer – This David is always a party pooper.
  11. Daunty-Dave – For a very intimidating David.
  12. D-Jiggles – He’s got the silliest dance moves you’d ever see.
  13. Davie Wonder – Culled from the Legendary Stevie Wonder, for a talented singer named David.
  14. Gay-Vid – This could be offensive, so only use if your Gayvid is cool.
  15. Door-Vid – For a tall and sturdy David.
  16. Dav-Vinci – For a David, whose biggest inspiration is the renowned artist Leonardo da Vinci.
  17. Da-pper – For a very “dapper,” David.
  18. Davida Lavida – A David that knows how to live life to the fullest.
  19. Davidoc – For a Medical practitioner named David.

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Sweet Nicknames For David

Some of these nicknames will make you laugh, while others will make you cry.

David is a sweet and caring little boy who is always there for his parents when they need him. He’s the perfect son, nephew, and grandson.

Some of David’s sweet nicknames include:

  1. Davidew
  2. Doughnut
  3. Bud-D
  4. Davie
  5. Dawberry
  6. Fav Dav
  7. Dumpling
  8. Darlin’ D
  9. Becks
  10. Lil D
  11. Dreamy D
  12. Daffy
  13. Dee
  14. D’amour
  15. Double Chocolate
  16. Kid Vid
  17. Bae-vid
  18. Cupid
  19. Dollipop
  20. Baby D
  21. Duffy
  22. Daisy

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