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50+ Best Mysterious, Baby Names

If you want your child’s name to stand out, choose a legendary or mystical name. The rich world of mythology is full of lovely mystical names that parents will adore. The greatest legendary, mystical, and mysterious baby names can be found here at Kidadl, whether you wish to honour a valiant old Greek hero, honour your favorite ancient goddess, or simply add some mystery to your kid’s name.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a name for your child, look no further than this magical list of names drawn from folklore. The names below represent anything from ancient prophetesses to magnificent folk heroes – a wide variety of gorgeous and intriguing mystical and enigmatic names.

Names For Mystical Girls Meaning

These mysterious baby girl names are perfect for parents looking for something different and interesting to call their little daughter. Take a look at this lovely collection of feminine baby girl names.

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 Gizem means “mystery, secret” in a mysterious way.

Hulda means “secret” in Old Norse.

Leto (Greek: ) is a goddess in ancient Greek mythology who is known as the “hidden” or “woman” figure.


I’m a secret (Hebrew origin)

 Maya means “mother,” “illusion,” or “eye” in Greek, Sanskrit, and Ethiopian.

 Greek/English and means “unknown.”

Najwa means “whisper, secret” in Arabic.

“secret” from the Welsh name Rhinedd, which means “hidden.”

Sybil is a Greek name that means “prophete, oracle”.

whisper” comes from the English word whisper.

Names Of Boys Who Have No Idea What They Do

A cheerful baby in a striped cap lies on a soft rug.

Choose one of these enigmatic and elegant baby boy names for an enigmatic and elegant moniker?

Elam (a Hebrew name)

Names With Mysterious Meanings

When you hear names with magical connotations, you’re reminded of mythical and legendary characters from history. The ethereal names were chosen for this list come from a wide variety of cultures and legends. Lilith and Phoenix are two names that have a lot of mythological associations. While Jason and Maya aren’t mythological names, many may not be aware of them.

Bodhi, Cassandra, Daphne, Finn, Gabriel, Maya — all of these names appear in the US Top 1000 along with Jason — as does Maya — as do the names Thalia — and Veda. Hero, Rune, Saga, and Serendipity are all mythology-inspired baby names.

Here’s a look at some ethereal baby names you might like. Check out our listings of Mythology Boy Options and Mythology Girl Names for even more entrancing names.


Ireland is the source of the term, which means “fair or white.”

According to Irish legend, Finn MacCool (aka Fionn mac Cuumhaill) was an intrepid warrior with magical supernatural powers who was also known for his wisdom and generosity. His name, Finn, has an incredible amount of energy and charm to it.


The word “laurel” comes from Greek and means “bay tree.”

Daphne was the river god Peneus’ nymph daughter in Greek mythology. Peneus transformed Daphne into a laurel tree in order to protect her from Apollo’s lustful attentions. The plant genus daphne, which includes the laurel species, takes its name from this tale.


Arizona is where it all began.

“dark red” is both the name and the Greek meaning of this creature.

There are several fashionable trends rolled into the name Phoenix: it’s a bird name and a location name, ends in the super-hip letter x, and represents immortality as the mythical bird that resurrected from ashes. Additionally, it comes from a famous family with members like Joaquin Phoenix and River Phoenix, as well as being the offspring of a former Spice Girl.

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  • Noun: A ghost or nocturnal monster.
  • Origin Lilith came to be. Because of her disobedience, she became a night de Jewish Description  She is Adam’s first rejected bride. Except for the Latvian name Lilita, 

When it comes to the history of Orion, it comes from Greek mythology.

There are legendary and cosmic implications to Orion’s rise as a rising star.

Baby Girl Names That Are Both Mysterious And Magical


 Alisa denotes “elf victory.” It’s a terrific Ashley or Ella substitute.

‘Dream’ is the meaning of the Irish name Aislinn. Because Aislinn is a traditional Irish name, it has been spelled several different ways over the years.


Calliope. She was a muse in Greek mythology, guardian of epic poetry and eloquence.

Laurel or bay tree is known as Daphne in Greek. She was a river nymph and Peneus’s daughter. According to myth, Peneus transformed her into a laurel tree after saving her from Apollo’s wrath.


Delilah is a Hebrew baby name that means’ pleasure’ or ‘to flirt,’ depending on your perspective. Because of her role in Samson’s seduction, Delilah has a reputation as a seductress.


E Eira is of Welsh ancestry and means “snow” in English. This is a lovely choice for a winter baby girl.

Elysia is a Latin name meaning ‘from Elysium.’ Elysia Elysium is the afterlife home of the blessed, and it is a paradise in Greek mythology.

‘beloved, regarded, or emerald,’ is the meaning of the name Esme, which has French and Persian roots. Esme Cullen has gained prominence in recent years as a result of her appearance in the Twilight Saga.

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Rare And Unusual Baby Names You’ve Probably Never Considered Before

Giving your daughter a dark but lovely name increases her chances of becoming unique. Many of the names on this list are not commonly used. Amaya is one choice, but you can also choose from Crimson or Zelda. Here are a few examples:

  • Amaya translates to “night rain” in Basque.
  • Adrienne carries the evocative meaning of “black woman from the sea,” making it an excellent choice for a Gothic-inspired baby girl.
  • Amaris is a lovely name for a baby born on the full moon, as it means “child of the moon”.
  • Annabel – Refers to the character Annabel Lee from Edgar Allan Poe’s classic poem The Raven.
  • Branwen means “beautiful raven” in Gaelic.
  • In witchcraft, belladonna is a well-known toxic plant.
  • A Brenna name meaning “raven” or “black-haired” comes from the Irish.
  • Celestria is a name with heavenly meanings, meaning “heavenly one.”
  • Carey is a Gaelic name meaning “black” that his Irish roots.

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