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Best Mexican Boy Names List

As colorful and fascinating as Mexico’s diverse culture, Mexican names are a delight to behold.

Mexicans, also known as Mexicanos in Spanish, have a remarkably diverse range of cultural and historical traditions. Mexican culture is a combination of European Mexicans, Afro-Mexicans, Asian Mexicans, Arab Mexicans, and others who have migrated.

Mexico is a Catholic country, and religion has an important role in Mexican culture, including people who live in Mexico. As the Spanish language is the official national language of Mexico, the names are mainly in Spanish or are derived from the Spanish language. Mexican baby names reflect the country’s culture and customs, and they reflect the rich heritage of this enchanting land. Mexico has been the target of numerous invasions throughout history; the Mexican Revolution liberated the country from its invaders. Mexico is a multicultural society in which people of many different ethnic backgrounds coexist together. As a result, the origins of the majority of Mexican names are diverse. In addition, we have compiled a list of the top 100 finest Mexican boy names for you to consider for your child.

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Mexican Baby Boy Names That Are Popular

Mexican names are a mash-up of various cultures, traditions, and religious beliefs from around the world. Furthermore, the deep meanings of the Mexican boy names make them popular choices. Here’s a look at some of the most popular Mexican boy names.

  1. Alejandro is a Spanish name that means “defender of mankind.” Alexander the Great is one of the best Spanish names for boys, and it is drawn from one of the greatest military minds the world has ever known.
  2. Beltran is a Spanish word that means “bright raven.”
  3. David is a name of Hebrew origin that means “beloved.” A great name that is related to the well-known Mexican actor David Zepeda.
  4. Fernando is a name of Spanish origin that means “daring.” This is a well-known name associated with the Spanish conquistador who liberated Mexico from the Aztecs in Mexican history.
  5. Guillermo is a name of Spanish origin that means “will or desire.” Guillermo Del Toro is a prominent Mexican horror and fantasy film director who has lent his name to several successful films.
  6. Huitzilopochtli is an Aztec word that translates as “Southern Hummingbird.” It’s one of the most unusual kid names because it’s derived from the same-named Aztec God of War.
  7. Joseph is a Hebrew name that means “He Will Include.” Joseph’s title is taken from Saint Joseph, who was married to Mary, Jesus’ mother, and is a common choice for boys.
  8. Rico is a name of Spanish origin that means “cute.” Rico Love, an American singer-songwriter, is associated with this given name.

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Mexican Boy Names That Are Adorable

The fact that you have a name that has great meaning, possibly named after prominent Mexicans, is nothing short of a compliment. According to popular belief, a person’s name appears to define their identity. In this case, giving your baby boy a proper name will be a great compliment to him. Listed below is a list of some excellent and endearing Mexican baby boy names.

  1. Benedicto is a name of Spanish origin that means “blessed.” Benedicto Caldarella is a well-known Argentine motorcycle road racer, and his name is one of the most common Spanish baby boy names.
  2. Donatello is a name of Spanish origin that means “God’s gift.” This is one of the most common boy names in Spanish associated with one of the main characters from the well-known Hollywood film, ‘The Ninja Turtles.’
  3. Fidel is a name of Spanish origin that means “loyal.” Fidel Castro is a well-known revolutionary who, for a brief period, established a base in Mexico.
  4. Juan is a name of Spanish origin that means “being grateful.”

Mexican Baby Names That Aren’t Common.

The majority of Mexican given names are well-known all over the world and are regularly used by everyone. Giving your baby boy a distinctive character, on the other hand, is a completely different experience. Here are some unusual Mexican newborn boy names to consider.

  1. Basilio is a name of Spanish origin that means “king, sovereign.”
  2. Danilo is a name of Spanish origin that means “God is my judgment.”
  3. The name Fabio is of Latin origin and means “noble.” Fabio Morábito is a Mexican author who lives in the United States.
  4. Felix is a Spanish and Latin name that means “fortunate.” Felix Alexander, a well-known Mexican-American writer, inspired the creation of this lovely Mexican-given name.
  5. Patricio is a name of Spanish origin that means “noble.” This Mexican given name can be traced down to Patricio Aylwin, the first president of Chile.

Mexican Boy Names That Are Cool

Your baby boy is deserving of a lovely name, which you should bestow upon him.

The name you have might also be a great way to demonstrate your laid-back attitude. Consider this collection of cool Mexican boy names if you are looking for new ideas for your son.

  • Alfonso is a name of German and Spanish origin that means “enthusiastic.” Mexico’s Alfonso Cuarón is a well-known film director.
  • Cesáreo is a Latin name that means “heaven” and is derived from the name Caesar. Cesáreo Quezadas was a child actor in his earlier years.
  • Felipe is a name of Spanish origin that means “friend of the horses.” Felipe Esparza, a Mexican comedian, is known by one of the coolest Spanish given names: Felipe Esparza.

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Mexican Boy Names That Are Different

Giving your children some distinctive names can help them stand out in a large group of people. Furthermore, there are hundreds of original Mexican baby names that are fashionable and hip. The following is a list of the most unusual Mexican baby names we could find.

  • Gerardo is a name of Spanish origin that means “brave spear.” Gerardo Torrado is a former Mexican football professional who played in the league for several years.
  • Josias is a name of Spanish origin that means “Jehovah has cured.”
  • Ricardo is a Portuguese name of Spanish origin that means “brave ruler.” Ricardo Flores Magón was a well-known politician in his home. 

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