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Best List of crystals

Crystals are often thought to have potent and therapeutic abilities, and this belief extends throughout the world. Although there is no scientific evidence that crystals are effective, we say go for it if they make you feel better!

It is critical to do a thorough search for the ideal crystal for yourself or a loved one. You should be mindful of powerful crystals, and you should only purchase one for yourself after learning about the benefits it can provide you.

With so many lovely crystals to choose from, it might be tough to decide which ones to purchase and which ones to pass on. The therapeutic qualities of some gemstones and their stunning look are said to be among their many benefits. While some are intended to improve mental stability, others are intended to increase physical strength. To reap the benefits, it is critical to comprehend the many types of crystals, whether they are emerald, ruby, quartz, beryl, or jasper. Eventually, you will distinguish crystals by their shape, color, and cutting after some practice. The most effective method of locating the appropriate one is to visit your local crystal shop. We’ve compiled a list of crystal names to assist you in your hunt for the perfect stone for you. Each title is also further subdivided into categories based on its advantages. Let’s start with a short rundown of the various types of healing crystals and their respective names.

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The fact that this is one of the most popular crystals is not by chance. The purple-hued crystal’s properties are said to range from relieving anxiety to ensuring a restful night’s sleep. It is both beautiful and adaptable in its use. Because amethyst serves to balance the crown chakra (which is positioned at the very top of your head and is associated with the mind), the crystal can help you achieve a sense of physical and emotional tranquility and peace. Its special medicinal properties include alleviating headaches and migraines, assistance with pain relief, and the strengthening of intuition. It is often believed that keeping an amethyst geode next to your bed would help to relax your mind and provide you with nice dreams at night.

Black Tourmaline

It is a type of tourmaline that is black. The absorbent crystal is supposed to be capable of absorbing all of the bad energies that come your way, hence removing toxins from your environment. Black tourmaline is associated with the root chakra, and its proponents claim that it can help you feel more grounded when life becomes stressful.


We could all use a little more luck in our lives, which is why jade is so popular: it brings good fortune. It’s a lucky charm that can be carried around with you. Jade brings abundance and success in the material world (think dollar signs) and the social sphere (consider friends and family). It is believed that wearing jade on your left hand or wrist will assist you in attracting blessings from the universe. Jade rings, on the other hand, can be pretty lovely as well.

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Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a crystal gemstone that is found in abundance.

When it comes to creating love and new connections, this pinkish stone is a fantastic choice. For those already caught up in an emotional rollercoaster, rose quartz can help to bring them back to reality by encouraging reconciliation and understanding. Another advantage is that it is free. Whatever your relationship situation may be, it brings about a deep sense of inner serenity.


A brilliant yellow form of quartz known as citrine is beneficial for persons who are stuck in their lives. I recommend laying citrine on your belly or solar plexus chakra while you are resting to give you a quick boost of confidence. According to legend, the crystal will untangle the tangled energy within and bring back pleasant vibes.


Do you have a constant feeling of exhaustion? It may be time for an aura cleansing (in addition to another cup of coffee and some serious self-care). Selenite is the most effective crystal for recharging our auric field and bringing it back to life. The crystal is said to wipe away the bad feelings accumulated over the day and immerse you in a more serene flow of energy. As you move your selenite throughout your body, it will assist you in dissolving any energetic impediments that are standing in the way of your obtaining inner serenity. Keep in mind that selenite dissolves in water, so store the geode in a dry environment.

Lapis Lazuli

It is a blue gemstone. The lapis lazuli is unquestionably the greatest crystal to have on your desk at work. The blue crystal promotes a free exchange of ideas amongst coworkers and allows them to flourish. Clarity and directness are also encouraged by this remedy, which is particularly beneficial during Mercury retrograde. This astrological transit occurs three times a year and is known for generating communication breakdowns.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz, a versatile crystal that is a must-have for any crystal collection, can help you “reboot” your life. Clear quartz, sometimes known as a “master” crystal, is excellent for reducing inner noise and clarifying your objectives. The popular geode is said to have therapeutic properties that can be used for anything. Place your new clear quartz near a window so that it may absorb solar energy, which will then be transferred to you and possibly reflect away from any negative energy.


Because it works with all of the chakras simultaneously, chrysocolla becomes an “all-in-one” crystal.  Chrysocolla does so by supporting the body in connecting to its psychic senses. Who knows, maybe you see a peek of the future. Use chrysocolla on the chakras of your choice, or energy points in your body, during meditation (or just lounging about) to activate them and assist their optimal functioning in your daily activities.


What is the best way to mend a wounded heart? Of course, with the help of these scientifically proven strategies. However, many who believe in crystal healing claim that rhodochrosite is the stone that was practically created to help people recover from a breakup. While meditating, wear rhodochrosite, which stimulates the heart chakra to help you feel more self-love and self-assurance. By instilling an optimistic mindset, the pink gemstone may simply be the catalyst for your next romantic journey.

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Uses Of Crystals

  1. Use crystals to meditate with; position them in strategic locations throughout your home; tuck them under your pillow; or slide them into your pocket for on-the-go healing and protection.
  2. You can, however, be more imaginative. Take a “moon bath” with your crystals. This is my favorite way to use my crystals. Except for selenite, which is water-soluble, all of the crystals described above can be utilised in the bath. Placing one or more crystals in your bath under a full moon will help you realize your desires—dream big and think big!
  3. To create a powerful drink, combine amethyst crystals, rose quartz, and clear quartz in a pitcher of water and drink up the healing powers. You can also purchase a water bottle that contains a crystal as an alternative.
  4. Finally, but certainly not least, you can accessorize with vibrant crystals.

Remember To Take Good Care Of Your Stones As Well.

However, there is a catch: once you start using crystals, you must cleanse them regularly. Without it, the energy that the crystal took can be returned to you, similar to a game of catch gone wrong. The procedures outlined below can be used to restore the life and power of crystals.

According to some accounts, selenite, a powerful aura cleaner, can also purify crystals. Swing the selenite wand around your crystal collection.

Give them a salt water bath. To get the greatest results, soak your collection for 48 hours in a bowl of Himalayan salt water to flush out the energy built up in them.

Finally, unique routines are required for certain crystals. Place a black tourmaline in a brown rice bowl to draw out the stone’s negative energy accumulated through time.

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