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Top 50 Korean Baby Boy Names

It’s worth noting that Korean boy names tend to be unique. They’re loaded with significance and steeped in history. These names continue to evolve, however, according to modern trends and ethnic settings (for example, Korean-American communities), giving new and expecting parents a wide range of options 

Names for a boy in Korea

In other words, if you’re seeking baby names that pay homage to your Korean ancestry or just to Korean culture in general, we’ve got you covered. 99 to be exact.

A-List Of Korean Baby Boy Names And Their Respective Meanings

From this list of the top 25 Korean names, you may make the right option.

Bae can be used as a stand-alone name or as part of a lengthier moniker.

Baek-Hyun can signify “intelligent” or “white” depending on how the name is pronounced.

Bitgaram, a name that means “shining river,” has a vivacity and purpose to it.

Bon-Hwa means “glorious,” and it’s an awe-inspiring name.

For some reason, Chan-Yeol conjures up images of “bright” and “fiery.” This is a dynamic duo.

Chin-Mae means “truth” in Chinese, and it’s a lovely name for a girl.

Chung-Hee (literally, “righteous”) is a strong name option.

Dae-Hyun: If your name means “huge show-off,” you’re in for a challenge!

 Dal because it means “moon,” this is a sweet and brief name. Actually, the moon in Korea is seen as a symbol of fortune and wealth.

Gi   is a Japanese word that means “courageous.” Gi is a strong boy’s name, fitting for a brave youngster.

the meanings of Korean baby boy names

Whether you want something traditional, something modern, something bold, or something Korean American, these Korean boy names will work for you.

To be specific, baek indicates white while hyun denotes anything from intelligent to shine to thread.


 group, Byun Baek-hyun is also a member of the Exo-K and Exo-CBX groups, as well as the frontman of the South Korean supergroup SuperM. Baekhyun, who goes by the moniker The Genius Idol, is also a 3rd Dan hapkido blackbelt..


 is the name of one of South Korea’s newest “Innovation Cities.”. Seoul has long been the economic hub of South Korea. It’s the goal of the country’s 10 most innovative cities to spur economic growth elsewhere (2).

Luminous, brilliant, and wide are all words that describe Byung-ho.

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plays first base as a designated hitter for the Kiwoom Heroes. In 2015, Park agreed to a four-year deal with the Minnesota Twins of the Major League Baseball.

It also implies vehement, ardent, and flaming in Korean. Chan-yeol signifies bright, vivid, illuminating, and blazing in Korean.

Chan yeol 

is Park Chan-stage yeol’s name. He is a member of the boy band EXO, as well as the groups EXO-K and EXO-SC. Chanyeol, a well-known K-pop star, also attends Inha University, where she studies Business Administration and Interior Design at the Culture and Arts Department of Business Administration.


can mean enormous, excellent, shine, glitter, or show off in Korean.

As a part of the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporting teams on the NSA and the Virginia Tech massacre, American Korean journalist David Dae-Hyun Cho has covered both agencies extensively.

Popular Korean Boy’s Names

There isn’t much information available, however, these are the most popular Korean boy’s names in 2015 and 2017. This is a typical translation of traditional Korean names written in the Hanja or Hangul alphabet

  • the Do-yun trail and permit expressions
  • Ha-jun is a wonderful and gifted young man.
  • Ha-yoon – excellent; please proceed.
  • Wisdom and greatness are symbolised by the name Ji-ho.
  • Wise and later – Ji-hu
  • Jimin, a wise and wealthy man
  • Innocent bystander turned saviour, Joon-woo
  • Jun-seo is a dashing young man with good fortune.
  • Ju-won – length, width, and age
  • Min-jun is a charming young man who moves quickly and gently.
  • Inspiring and charming, Seo-jun
  • Sleek and auspicious, that’s Seo-yun.
  • Begin with Si-woo and pray for heavenly assistance.
  • Ye-jun, a gifted young man who also happens to be a gorgeous young man
  • Yu-jun – a kind friend and a brave man.

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Here Are A Few Of Our Favourite Meaningful Picks:

Baek Hyeon 

The meaning of this Korean male first name is a good brother.

For instance, the term “younger brother” refers to Baek, whereas the term “worthy and virtue” refers to Hyeon.

Beom Seop

As a result of the combination Beom and Seok, this Korean baby boy’s name signifies the “pattern of a rock”.


Byung or Byeong means “grip or holds or authority or bundle” in Sino-Korean, while Hee or hui means “bright or magnificent or wonderful” in Sino-Korean.


Chang-Min means “strong light” in Korean, and it means “bright, lengthy, and clear day” in English.


This is an uncommon Korean baby boy name, denoting a sincere and thoughtful character.

Chin-Hae means “truth or the ocean’s depth” in Korean.


Chin-Hwa is a great boy’s name that any parent would be proud to use on their child. The meaning of this name is “the most fortunate and wealthiest individual”.

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Names Of Popular Korean Boys

We’re all familiar with and enamored with the world’s famous people. These creatures have captivated us for a long time and continue to do so. Some people are so enamored with their favorite celebrities that they would give their children their names in honor of them. If that describes you, this list of popular Korean boy names can help you narrow your search.

Jin-A member of the boy band BTS.

BTS’s Suga is a prominent figure in the industry.

BTS’s Jimin is one of the members.

Moon – South Korea’s President.

Psy is the stage name of South Korean musician and rapper Park Jae-sang, better known as Psy.

Yesung is a singer-songwriter-actor-radio personality from South Korea who has achieved international success.


Cute infant at home playing with a variety of brightly colored toys

According to the list above, Korean male names can be incredibly complicated, but each one carries a tremendous amount of weight in terms of their symbolic meaning.

Each name is intricately woven and has a pleasant melody to it.

There are a slew of Korean baby boy names that you should keep an eye out for while brainstorming boy name ideas

A bonus is that the baby’s name can be written in traditional Korean character, Hanja, on the baby shower invites, leaving your guests wondering as to what his name will be

If you’re looking for more names from around the world for your son, I propose French baby names and Cuban baby names.

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