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Best King Quotes List

Throughout history, a king has served as the nation’s chief executive, making all the most important and wisest choices for the country’s prosperity.

Most kings come to power through their royal pedigree and status as part of the royal family. Kings such as Ashoka, Henry VIII of England, Cyrus The Great, and other popular royal personalities have made their mark on world history over the centuries.

There Is A King In Every Man. 

It is often necessary to remind a powerful, fearless, and born leader of exactly how magnificent he truly is in his own eyes.

Although men make significant sacrifices to maintain their physical and emotional well-being, we take them for granted since we believe it is their responsibility. It is a pastime for us to treat all people with the decency and courtesy that a king deserves. They need to play a range of purposes in our daily routines.

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The Royal Highness In You

If you’re a guy, you naturally possess a sense of royal highness; allow these king quotes to motivate you to maintain your head held grand and command the attention of others. Allow these phrases to serve as a constant reminder of the pivotal contribution in creating the world.

Honoring The Strong 

While it is true that “Behind every successful man, there is a woman,” we cannot ignore the reality that a strong woman can maintain her strength because of the presence of a woman or woman in her life. Strong guys nurture our ambitions and aspirations. They are our primary creators and the driving forces behind our life.

To assist you in honoring the incredible men in your life, we’ve compiled a collection of inspirational, gorgeous, and magnificent king quotes, royal sayings, and king proverbs that we’ve gathered from a variety of sources throughout the years to share with you.

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Quotes For The Kings In You 

Also, look at our collection of motivational quotations for men to get you pumped up and motivated to achieve your goals. The following are some inspirational king quotes, some smart king quotes, and some fascinating king sayings.

This collection of motivational king quotes can assist you in remembering and honoring your dad, brothers, spouse, or sons in life.

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The Collection 

  1. “Everybody must be managed. Queens must be managed. Kings must be managed, for men want to manage almost as much as women, and that’s saying a good deal.” -Thomas Hardy.
  2. “Those candle flames were like the lives of men. So fragile. So deadly. Left alone, they lit and warmed. Let run rampant, they would destroy the very things they were meant to illuminate. Embryonic bonfires, each bearing a seed of destruction so potent it could tumble cities and dash kings to their knees.” ― Brandon Sanderson, The Way of Kings
  3. “A king may be a tool, a thing of straw; but if he serves to frighten our enemies, and secure our property, it is well enough; a scarecrow is a thing of straw, but it protects the corn.”-Alexander Pope.
  4. “The least we each ought to do for someone who treats us like a king or a queen is to treat them like a prince or a princess.”-Mokokoma Mokhonoana.
  5. “Most of the mess that is called history comes about because kings and presidents cannot be satisfied with a nice chicken and a good loaf of bread.”― Jennifer Donnelly.
  6. “A king that would not feel his crown too heavy for him, must wear it every day, but if he thinks it too light, he knoweth not what metal it is made of.” -John Locke.
  7. “Take care of brothers and sisters who are weaker… the elderly, the sick, the hungry, the homeless and strangers, because we will be judged on this.” -Pope Francis.
  8. “My Crown is in my heart, not on my head:

Not deck’d with Diamonds, and Indian stones:

Nor to be seen: my Crown is call’d Content,

A Crown it is, that seldom Kings enjoy.”― William Shakespeare

  1. “Kings are never without flatterers to seduce them, ambition to deprive them, and desires to corrupt them.”-Plato
  2. “You have only to see what became of my father’s will immediately after his death, and the wills of so many other kings. I know it well; but nevertheless, they have wished for it; they gave me no rest or repose, no calm until it was done.” – King Louis XIV.
  3. “There is darkness in you. In all of us, probably. Beasts we keep chained. Ordinary men have to keep the chains strong, for if we let the beast loose then society will turn upon us with fiery vengeance. Kings though…well, who Is there to turn upon them? So the chains are made of straw. It is the curse of kings, Helikaon, that they can become monsters. And they invariably do.”― David Gemmell.
  4. “Knavery seems to be so much a striking feature of its inhabitants that it may not in the end be an evil that they will become aliens to this kingdom.” – King George III.
  5. “Several of them were discussing this in low tones as they waited for Halt to arrive – until they realized that he was already among them. They weren’t used to this. Kings were supposed to sweep into a room majestically – not suddenly appear without anyone seeing their arrival.” ― John Flanagan.
  6. “He is a king who fears nothing, he is a king who desires nothing!”-Seneca The Younger.
  7. “Oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever. The yearning for freedom eventually manifests itself.” -Martin Luther King.
  8. “Pitiful and pitied by no one, why have I come to the ignominy of this detestable old age, who was ruler of two kingdoms, mother of two kings? My guts are torn from me, my family is carried off and removed from me. The young king [crown prince Henry, †1183] and the count of Brittany [prince Geoffrey, †1186] sleep in dust, and their most unhappy mother is compelled to be irremediably tormented by the memory of the dead. Two sons remain to my solace, who today survive to punish me, miserable and condemned. King Richard [the Lionheart] is held in chains [in captivity with Emperor Henry VI of Germany]. His brother, John, depletes his kingdom with iron [the sword] and lays it waste with fire. In all things the Lord has turned cruel to me and attacked me with the harshness of his hand. Truly his wrath battles against me: my sons fight amongst themselves, if it is a fight where one is restrained in chains, the other, adding sorrow to sorrow, undertakes to usurp the kingdom of the exile by cruel tyranny. Good Jesus, who will grant that you protect me in hell and hide me until your fury passes, until the arrows which are in me cease, by which my whole spirit is sucked out?” -Eleanor of Aquitaine
  9. “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.” -Henry Ford.
  10. Wise kings generally have wise counselors, and he must be a wise man who can distinguish one.-Diogenes
  11. “Whatever your life’s work is, do it well. A man should do his job so well that the living, the dead, and the unborn could do it no better.” –Martin Luther King, Jr.
  12. “Yes, man is mortal, but that would be only half the trouble. The worst of it is that he’s sometimes unexpectedly mortal—there’s the trick!” -Mikhail Bulgakov.

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