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50+Best Jhin Quotes Of Legends

League of Legends’ Jhin is a beloved and well-known character.

Jhin is a cold-blooded killer who takes great care in every detail. Jhin is a fictional serial killer and assassin for the Cabal in the game.

As a creative person, Jhin views his rifle as a paintbrush and his victims as a blank canvas on which he can paint. He had previously been a prisoner in Ionia, but the shadow forces managed to free him. If you like this well-known figure, make sure to read some of his well-known quotes.

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Good Jhin Quotes

  1. “Masks are worn by all. I just went ahead and made one for myself.”
  2. A compulsion to create art. “I can’t help myself.
  3. In other words, perfection isn’t a sufficient standard.
  4. Every mask has a mirror below it, and that mirror is another mask.
  5. “I have no choice but to do this.”
  6. “No one has ever been harmed by me. It’s the execution that does the damage.”
  7. “I won’t stop until they do.”
  8. “I’m a singer in a band with no instruments. Without legs, it’s impossible to dance.
  9. “I only present my actual face to the audience.”
  10. There is a small piece of my soul in every bullet. “Each picture is a little piece of me,” he says.
  11. “Each time I perform, I swear it’s my last, but I’m lying.”
  12. “This obsession has made me a slave.”
  13. “My work is a series of questions with no answers,” the artist said.
  14. “Which of these statements is false?” Would you rather see my face or the mask?”
  15. When it comes to icons, they don’t have to justify themselves.

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Jhin Quotes & Sayings

League of Legends has hundreds of Jhin Quotes to choose from, and each one will warm your heart a little more. It doesn’t matter if his Pick or Ban Quotes are your favorites or not; they will all have an impact.

Quotes from Jhin are unique among champions because they speak to the heart. Aside from the fact that he says it with such sincerity, the phrase “Smiles everyone, Smiles” leaves you smiling.

Other famous quotes from him include, “The world is cruel. It doesn’t have to be ugly.” It will make you think and see the wider picture, even if you don’t like it. It’s not about the artwork so much as it is about the artist’s interpretation of it.

ten of the funniest jhin quotes ever

The Following List Includes 10 Of The Most Memorable Jhin Quotes And Sayings.

 We all need to put on a happy face!

1 “The show will never come to a close!

2 In other words, perfection isn’t a sufficient standard.

3 “I am the singer who has lost his or her ability to sing. Without legs, it’s impossible to dance.

4 There is a small piece of my soul in every bullet. “Each picture is a little piece of me,” he says.

5 “I’m compelled by this… passion.”

6 In the midst of the devastation, I blossom like a flower in the early morning hours.

7 “Art is worth the suffering,” as the saying goes.

8 It’s only when you’re about to die that you discover the truth.

9 “We live in a terrible world. It doesn’t have to be obnoxious in appearance.”

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Dark Cosmic Jhin Quotes

Jhin the Dark Cosmic Poems and Verse

With the debut of Dark Cosmic Jhin Skin, a legendary skin, Dark Cosmic Jhin gets his own unique interactions and statements.

Each and every one of his quotes and sayings have been recreated to match this renowned skin. This skin is even more desirable due to the large number of unique Dark Cosmic Jhin Quotes that come with it. There are roughly 50 more statements that are exclusive to this skin, making it a must-have for every Jhin Main who is looking for one.

The following are some noteworthy words and quotations from the pen of Dark Cosmic Jhin.

  1. “What is a God if we have no words to express our awe of him?”
  2. “Perfection is required by the black star.”
  3. “These endless astral workings, I can see them all.”
  4. To feel everything, and then nothing is what I’m looking for.
  5. To blind the stars, you must do it piecemeal.
  6. In contrast to the common understanding, “destroying galaxies is a pedestrian interpretation, I create on an eternal canvas.”
  7. “What’s really going on here? I was supposed to make it, and so was the cosmos.

Do You Have A Favourite Line Or Two From Jhin’s Poetry?

  1. a chorus of “smiles, smiles, smiles!”
  2. “The show will never come to a close!
  3. “It’s not good enough to be perfect.”
  4. “I am the singer who has lost his or her ability to sing. Without legs, it’s impossible to dance.
  5. A bit of my soul is in every bullet. “Each picture is a little piece of me,” says the photographer.
  6. In other words, “I’m driven by this… passion…”
  7. “Something within of me has been reawakened by your presence.”
  8. “In the midst of chaos, I blossom like a morning flower.”

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