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20+ Best Japanese Names for Boys in 2022

Are you trying to come up with adorable Japanese boy names for your new one? Take a look at these tremendous and distinctive Japanese titles for boys that are still contemporary in sound.

Choosing a title for your infant son is a difficult decision that should not be taken lightly. Great names reflect positively not only on the child but also on the parents.

Names From The Land Of The Rising Sun

If you’re looking for some name insight, you should consider the land of the rising sun. Japanese names are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. One thing to keep in mind is that Japanese words can have a variety of meanings due to the variety of character structures (kanji) used in the language.

Japanese is written in different scripts, referred to as kanji, hiragana, and katakana, respectively. Symbols for words, including a verb, noun, or the core of an adjective, are represented by kanji characters. Hiragana means new second language words, while katakana is used to represent syllables in Japanese.

Writing The Japanese Names

As a result, many Japanese names can be presented in various ways, each with a distinct meaning while still sounding the same. This is worth noting because patterns in Japanese names frequently spin around with a particular kanji instead of a single name, as evidenced by our lineup of Japanese boy names, which includes both male and female names.

Most Japanese baby names have ties to the natural world and convey frequently connected messages to the family and society. You can usually tell what a Japanese baby name means just by looking at or hearing it because Japanese baby names for girls and boys are generally very strongly linked with their word meanings.

Popular Names

Stylish, modern, and easily pronounced Japanese boy names such as Rio and Hiro have become popular in recent years. Japanese athletes have also boosted the prominence of familiar names such as Ichiro and Hideaki, which have become increasingly popular. Choosing a Japanese word for your newborn boy or girl is a beautiful decision! Most baby-naming suggestions originating in Japan have a melodic ring, are rich in meaning, and pay homage to a marvelous and ancient cultural tradition.

List of Some Adorable Names From Japan

Look at a list of adorable Japanese names for boys and girls, as well as only a few unisex Japanese baby name suggestions, whether you want to pay homage to your Japanese ancestors or celebrate the Land of the Rising Sun.


Akira is a Japanese word that translates as “wisdom.”


This Japanese given name translates as “bright prince.”

According to the fictional Marvel Comics universe, Akihiko was a Yakuza boss who managed to avoid being exterminated by Thanos after activating the infinity gauntlet and the ensuing nuclear war.


Enmei  is a Japanese name that means “bright circle” or “life-sustaining Fuji Beautiful.” This title is also offered to boys to respect the majestic mountain.


Kaji is a Japanese word that means “conflagration.” It is a fire that can damage property of any kind, be it the land of architecture.


Even though it is a boy’s name, this popular Japanese name means “peony.”


Arata is a Japanese given name that translates as “fresh” or “new” in English.

Arata is a popular and endearing baby boy’s name in Japan, but it is also a pretty common surname in the country of Italy. Arata is an Italian word that means plow.


Goku’s meaning is “aware of one’s own emptiness.”


A traditional Japanese given name that translates as “generous.”


Shimizu is Japanese for “pure water.” It is more often used as the last name in Japan.


The name of this Japanese boy translates as “tree.”


Ayumu is a Japanese name that translates as “walking dream.”

The Primate Research Institute at Kyoto University is researching excellent ape cognition, and the chimpanzee Ayumu has been a member of the project since she was a young child. You can put your cognitive abilities to the test against Ayumu.


Kai is a generous and broad character.

According to the Maori and Navajo Indian dialects, this name denotes both food and the willow tree.


Ankoku is a Japanese word that means “darkness, shadow, opaque, or blackness.”


The name of this Japanese boy translates as “harbor.”


Earth is referred to as Daichi in Japanese.

The Daichi satellite, also known as the Advanced Land Observation Satellite, is a four-ton satellite launched in 2006. The satellite was intended to use for cartography. However, the photos were far too hazy to be of any use in that regard.


Kento translates as “cure for sadness” or “happiness.


Nobu refers to having confidence in something or maintaining a relationship.


It is an alternative name of Raijin, who is known as the god of lightning and thunder.


The name of this baby boy translates as “land” in Japanese.


Fumihito is a Japanese word that means composing and compassion.

We believe that the interpretation of the Japanese boys’ name Fumihito makes it an excellent choice for a household of writers or for people who work in the caring professions, such as a physician, nurses, or counselors, among others.


It means a child of the surfer who loves sailing on the waves.

Closing Words

These are some adorable, modern, and one-of-a-kind Japanese names – talk about them with your companion and choose the best one for your child. You can also experiment with different names before settling on one. If you’re a child or are planning to have a child, we understand you must have dozens of names floating around in your head right now. For those looking for something different for their child, the names on the above lists are undoubtedly worth considering. Browse through our collection of Japanese baby boy names and choose something truly unique for your little one!

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