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Cute Girls And Boys Italian Names List

There are numerous options for Italian names for a baby boy or girl, whether you have Italian ancestors or simply enjoy the way Italian names sound on the tongue. Italian baby names, like those of the other Romance languages, may have originated in Latin or be Latinized versions of names from other languages.

Traditionally, Italian parents name their children after a grandparent, beginning with names from the father’s side of the family and progressing to names from the mother’s side.

Some Italians have also chosen to name their child after a patron saint. You can keep this tradition alive even if one side of your family isn’t Italian if you know the Italian version of a name. You could also choose a name with ancient Roman roots.

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Cute Italian Names For Girls

  • Alessa: Defender or helper of mankind
  • Abriana: Feminine form of Abraham.
  • Bella: Beautiful or pretty.
  • Bria: Liveliness, animated, or vigorous
  • Bianca: White or pure
  • Carina: Little beloved one
  • Chiara: Clear, light
  • Eleonora: Shining light
  • Elisa: God is my oath.
  • Emma: Universal
  • Gia: Short for Gianna or Giovanna. It means “God’s gracious gift.”
  • Giada: Jade
  • Ilina: My god is Yahweh
  • Ilaria: Meaning “cheerful.” It is the Italian form of Hilary.
  • Mia: Mine or wished-for-child
  • Mirabella: Wondrous beauty
  • Noemi: Pleasantness
  • Sienna: It means orange-red. It is the name of an Italian city.
  • Valentina: Healthy and strong
  • Viola: Violet
  • Zeta: Born last

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Popular Italian Girl Names

These are the most popular girls’ names in Italy, according to recent birth records.

  • Alessandra: Defender and helper
  • Alessia: Defending warrior
  • Alicia: Noble one
  • Angelica: Angelic
  • Anna: Beautiful grace
  • Arianna: Chaste or holy
  • Asia: Sunrise or east
  • Aurora: Dawn
  • Beatrice: She who makes merriment
  • Benedetta: Blessed
  • Bianca: White
  • Camilla: Free-born, noble
  • Carlotta: Free person
  • Caterina: Pure
  • Chiara: Light, clear
  • Elena: Shining light
  • Eleonora: Shining light
  • Elisa: God is my oath
  • Emma: Whole or universal
  • Francesca: Free one
  • Gabriella: God is my strength
  • Gaia: Earth
  • Giada: Jade
  • Ginevra: Fair one; it is the Italian form of Jennifer.
  • Gioia: Jewel or precious object
  • Giorgia: farmer
  • Giulia: Youthful
  • Greta: Pearl
  • Ilaria: Cheerful and happy
  • Irene: Peace
  • Laura: Bay laurel plant
  • Margherita: Daisy
  • Maria: Sea of sorrow
  • Marta: The lady
  • Martina: Mars
  • Melissa: Bee
  • Mia: Mine or chosen one
  • Miriam: Sea of bitterness
  • Nicole: Victory of the people
  • Noemi: Pleasantness
  • Rebecca: Join or tie together
  • Sara: Princess
  • Serena: Tranquil, serene
  • Sofia: Wisdom and skill
  • Valentina: Healthy and strong
  • Viola: Violet
  • Vittoria: Victory

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Italian Female Baby

Adriana – Dark.

Aldabella – Most beautiful

Allegra– To be joyous

Alisa – The wise counselor, or the truthful one

Alma – Soul and spirit

Amadora – The gift of love

Angelina – God’s messenger

Annata – Grace

Aria – Air, melody

Ariana – The holiest one

Belinda – Beautiful

Bella – Beautiful, shortened version

Bellissa – Lovely, fair

Benedetta – Blesses

Bianca – Fair-haired, or of a fair complexion

Cameo – An engraved gemstone

Carlina– A free person

Carmelina – Vineyard – feminine version

Caterina – Entirely pure

Cella – Free one

Cipriana – From Cyprus

Daria – Owner of goodness

Delanna – Soft as wool

Donata – Gift – feminine version

Donna – Respectful woman

Elda – A battle maiden

Emilia – Competitor

Felice – Fortunate or happy

Fiorenza – Flower

Gemma– Jewel

Giorgetta – A girl from the farm

Giovanna– Gracious gift from God

Isabella – A form of Elizabeth

Lucia – Light – feminine version

Madonna – My lady

Mia – Belonging to me

Mimi– My, my! Also a pet name

Nora – Honor

Olivia – Olive

Oriana – Golden

Phebe – Radiant and bright

Pia – Pious

Renata – Reborn

Rosalia– Melody

Rufina – Woman with red hair

Serafina – Angel

Serena – Calm

Siena – A city in Tuscany

Susanna – A lily flower

Teresa – Harvester

Tessa – Countess

Vanni – Grace

Venetia – From the city of Venice

Vita – Full of life

Viviana – Lovely

Zita – The name of a 13th-century Tuscan saint

Zola – Ball of earth

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