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Best Irish Girl Names List With Beautiful Meaning

A formal name in Irish comprises a name and a surname. Irish surnames are often etymologically patronymic, albeit they are no longer literal, as are most Icelandic names. The shape of a surname depends on whether the husband is male or female and, in the case of a wife, whether she selects the surname of her husband.

An alternative convention of traditional naming consists of a first name followed by a two-name name, usually with the names of the father and grandparents. This agreement has no official use, is widespread in Gaeltachtaí or in the Irish-speaking regions, and also survives in some rural non-Gaeltacht regions. Sometimes the mother or grandmother’s name can be used rather than the father or grandfather’s name.

These Are The Most Popular Baby Names Of Irish Origin In The United States.

These are the most prevalent Irish female names, presented in the order of their popularity, according to the SSA. This is drawn on the latest available data from 2020.

  1. Harper
  2. Nora
  3. Riley 
  4. Kennedy
  5. Hailey 
  6. Quinn
  7. Rylee 
  8. Reagan 
  9. Ryleigh
  10. Maeve 
  11. Molly

These Names Of Irish Girls Get Sexier.

The SSA also tracks the more popular names, so that the Harpers and the Noras could be overcome by such names. The name Haisley jumped from 2019 to 2020 to 382 places and Murphy also climbed impressively 327 places, maybe because of the tendency to use first names of surname names.

  1. Haisley
  2. Murphy
  3. Shay
  4. Cara 
  5. Fallon
  6. Keily
  7. Lennon 
  8. Kayleigh
  9. Gael 
  10. Rowan

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What Are The Top Ten Names Of Irish Girls?

Again, the Irish names celebrate beauty and nature, and the following are the top ten with their historical meanings:

  • Isolation (meaning ‘imagination,’ Ash-lin said).
  • Aoife (meaning ‘charming,’ Ee-fah said)
  • Brianna (‘noble’ meaning)
  • Kayleigh (meaning ‘lovely figure’).
  • Kiara (meaning ‘female with lovely black hair’).
  • Maeve (‘happiness’). Maeve
  • Niamh (meaning ‘luminous,’ Neev spoken)
  • Roisin (meaning “rose,” Ro-sheen pronunciation.)
  • Sitting (meaning ‘independence,’ seer-sha pronunciation).
  • Shannon (‘mystical river’) Shannon
  • Many of these names are now worldwide popular. Now, let’s look at another unique name.


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Significance: Slim, delicate

Aideen Signification: Jealousy


Significance: Bright, bright light


Significance: Brightness, Glory.


Significance: Dream, Vision

Alva Significance: White


Significance: Loving Aoife

Significance: Lovely, radiant.


Significance: Pledge


Significance: Dream

Beatha Significance: Life


Significance: Strength or Highness


Significance: White Lady, Fair Lady


Significance: Fairy Place


Significance: Strong;


Significance: Strength or Highness


Significance: Pure Cara

Significance: Lord, Friend, Face

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Irish Girl Names And Meanings

 Adara: The literal translation from Irish is: “The ford at the oak tree,” which is mythological. The name of this gorgeous Irish lady beautifully spelt and suits every little princess.

Ailey: A modern Aileen variation, meaning a “bright, bright light.” This Irish baby name sounds like the more popular Hailey but is a nice choice for girls.

Bidelia: It’s founded in the fable Bridget, it means “exalted one.” This popular Irish girl name (alternative orthodoxy: Bedelia) has a number of pleasant surnames, such as Biddie or Didi.

Catlee: The twist on classic Catherine signifies “pure,” with a feeling akin to Callie. It has a distinct quality and is easy to express for everyone who meets your lovely girl.

Eilish: Irish girls’ birth name that means “godly promised.” This one (which sounds a little like “eyelash!”) is the surname of American anti-pop artist Billie Eilish, a role model for females all over the world. It is worth mentioning.

Fia: If you considered Sofia more popular, think about it. Fia is an Irish baby girl name that meaning “wild” or “weaver” and in three short letters it’s fairy-like.

Izett: It’s actually rather French, but the name of this Irish lady signifies the fair and will surely make your little one stand out on the playground. Izett:

Kera: Whether she is “dimmer-haired” or grows into the name’s second meaning (“holy cloves,”) your little battling spirit will be a gift to the family and everything she meets

Irish Girl Names: Complete List

Irish girl names are among the most common names for girls in the United States and other English-speaking nations. That may be because the Irish traveled extensively and sought jobs and opportunities in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Baby names in Irish was banned under British control but were resurrected a century ago after the Irish war for independence. Irish names anglicized in past generations were again used in their initial form: Siobhan rather than Joan, Aine rather than Anne.

Today, the top Irish names of baby girls are substantially different from a century ago. Irish surnames are popular among American baby girls, including Riley, Kennedy, and Quinn. Other Irish names in the U.S. Top 1000 are Nora, Reagan, Rowan, Finley, Cassidy, Sloane and Teagan as well as Riley. </br></br> Nora is also the classic name of the Irish girls in nations as different as Sweden and Norway,

  • Nora:
  • Origin of Irish, diminutive of Honora, or Greek: “bright”
  • Description: 

As a derivation of Honora and Eleanor, Nora has two distinct origin myths. The Irish and Anglo-Norman variant comes from the Latin word honor version of Honora. The Hungarians created Nora as an abbreviated version of Eleonora, Eleanor’s variant.

Origin: English, Irish Meaning: rye clearing; courageous”

Description: Riley was born both in English and in Irish. The former came from British place names which received their names from the terms “rye clearing” in Old English. Irish Riley is Reilly’s variant, a surname drawn from Raghailleach.

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  • Kennedy
  • Origin: Irish Signification: “misshapen head”
  • Description

This beautiful surname still conveys the charisma of Kennedy’s family. While it was not widely used until long after the death of President John F. or Senator Robert Kennedy from Martyred Heroes, Kennedy is now one of the girls’ most popular unisex names, as is the top girl name from K. This is a name that may sound both contemporary and classic.

  • Quinn Origin:
  •  Irish meaning: ‘descendant of Conn’ KENNEDY CONTINUED
  • Description: The Anglican version of the patronymic Irish surname Ó Cuinn, which means “descendant of Conn.” Conn has two possible derivatives — the Old Irish Cond, which means “intellect” or “chef.” One of the most notable Quinn clans came from Northern Ireland’s County Tyrone.

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