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Best Hebrew Names For Girls

There are usually two reasons why someone seeks out a list of Hebrew girl names. You may be pregnant and pondering the tough task of naming your child, and you want to give your newborn daughter a Hebrew name. There are a plethora of lovely Hebrew names to pick from. Perhaps you’ve already given your kid a name but want to give her a Hebrew name as well. A B’rit Bat or a B’rit Chayim, a ritual commemorating the birth of a newborn girl and her acceptance into the Jewish people’s covenant, has become a widespread practice, much as baby boys have a bris at eight days old. Girls’ names can be given at any time, but they are most commonly given within the first few weeks of their lives.

Why Are Jewish Girls Given Hebrew Names?

Throughout a Jewish person’s life, he or she is given a Hebrew name. The Bat Mitzvah and the wedding are two of the most important occasions when a Hebrew name for a girl is used. The boy or girl is called up to the Torah for the first time by his or her Hebrew name during a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. The couple signs their Hebrew names on the Ketubah, the Jewish marriage contract, at a Jewish wedding.

How is A Hebrew Names Chosen?

A Hebrew name is frequently selected to honor a deceased family member. If you want to recognize someone in that way, it’s customary to choose the girl’s Hebrew name from a list of names that begin with the initial letter of the person you’re commemorating. That is why I have arranged these Hebrew female names alphabetically by the first letter.

A Hebrew name based on a Jewish girl’s given name is also possible. Take your English name as inspiration and choose a Hebrew name based on the first letter or sound of it.

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Hebrew Girls’ Names

  • Adi: Adi means “jewel, ornament.”
  • Adiela: Adiela means “ornament of God.” 
  • Adina: Adina means “gentle.”
  • Adira: Adira means “mighty, strong.”
  • Adiva: Adiva means “gracious, pleasant.”
  • Adiya: Adiya means “God’s treasure, God’s ornament.”
  • Adva: Adva means “small wave, ripple.”
  • Ahava: Ahava means “love.”
  • Aliza: Aliza means “joy, joyous one.”
  • Alona: Alona means “oak tree.”
  • Amit: Amit means “friendly, faithful.”
  • Anat: Anat means “to sing.”
  • Arella: Arella means “angel, messenger.”
  • Ariela: Ariela means “lioness of God.”
  • Arnona: Arnona means “roaring stream.”
  • Ashira: Ashira means “wealthy.”
  • Aviela: Aviela means “God is my father.”
  • Avital: Avital was King David’s wife. Avital means “father of dew,” which refers to God as the sustainer of life.
  • Aviya: Aviya means “God is my father.”
  • Ayala, Ayelet: Ayala, Ayelet mean “deer.”
  • Ayla: Ayla means “oak tree.”

Jewish Girl Names

You might not realize that names like Sarah, Anna, Lea, and Naomi have Hebrew roots, despite their popularity in Western culture. That isn’t to say that religious overtones should be ignored while picking Hebrew names for females.

Devorah, a nurse mentioned in Genesis 35:8, is one of many Hebrew baby girl names found in the Bible. Similarly, Chana comes when the prophet Samuel is born.

Some common Hebrew girl names have masculine connotations, such as the bond between a father and a daughter. This can be seen in names like:

  1. Abi/Abigail/Avigail – ‘my father’s delight’
  2. Abijah – ‘God is my father’
  3. Bathsheba – ‘daughter of the vow.’
  4. Aneta – variant of Anita meaning ‘gracious, merciful’
  5. Devorah – variant form of Deborah meaning ‘from a bee swarm’
  6. Juana – also seen in Christian cultures such as the Spanish form of Juan, this is a variant of Joanna and means ‘God is merciful’
  7. Lisbet – similar to ‘Elisabeth’, this means ‘promise of God.’
  8. Adah
  9. Adina
  10. Adira
  11. Aiya
  12. Alina
  13. Ana
  14. Anya
  15. Aoife
  16. Ariel
  17. Aziza
  18. Bari
  19. Belia
  20. Bell
  21. Bella
  22. Belle
  23. Coris
  24. Corys
  25. Devi
  26. Edna
  27. Ella
  28. Faria
  29. Fiona
  30. Haifa
  31. Hali
  32. Hanit
  33. Hawa
  34. Hiba
  35. Hita
  36. Ilani
  37. Ilona
  38. Jaffa
  39. Jaffe
  40. Jafit
  41. Jami
  42. Jincy
  43. Kala
  44. Kiva
  45. Kyla
  46. Liba
  47. Liya
  48. Lola
  49. Mika
  50. Mily
  51. Naava
  52. Naomi
  53. Nelly
  54. Nina
  55. Noemi
  56. Nomi
  57. Noya
  58. Ora
  59. Orina
  60. Ramya
  61. Risha
  62. Rut
  63. Ruta
  64. Rute
  65. Salma
  66. Sami
  67. Sary
  68. Shai
  69. Shana
  70. Shif
  71. Warda
  72. Zara
  73. Zari
  74. Zena

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What is The Hebrew Name for Princess?

You can definitely think of a number of Jewish actresses whose surnames are derived from the Hebrew word for “princess.” Sarah Michelle Gellar is an example, with Sarah denoting a princess and Sarai denoting a princess.

Sarika, on the other hand, implies ‘princess’ or ‘ladylike.’ Sarah is the Westernized variant of the word ‘princess,’ which is perhaps why Sarah Silverman’s character Vanellope is referred to as a ‘Jewish Disney princess!’

  1. Abilene
  2. Adi
  3. Adiela
  4. Adiva
  5. Adriel
  6. Adva
  7. Alona
  8. Amit
  9. Anita
  10. Anna
  11. Ariela
  12. Arnona
  13. Avala
  14. Bat
  15. Behira
  16. Bina
  17. Bracha
  18. Chaya
  19. Dafna
  20. Dalit
  21. Dana
  22. Danita
  23. Danya
  24. Delilah
  25. Dena
  26. Derora
  27. Devira
  28. Dorit
  29. Dror
  30. Eden
  31. Edya
  32. Eila
  33. Eliraz
  34. Emuna
  35. Gal
  36. Ganit
  37. Gayora
  38. Gefen
  39. Geula
  40. Gil
  41. Gila
  42. Gilada
  43. Gili
  44. Ginat
  45. Giva
  46. Hadas
  47. Hannah
  48. Hila
  49. Idit
  50. Ilana
  51. Irit
  52. Kalanit
  53. Kaspit
  54. Kefira
  55. Kerem
  56. Keren
  57. Keshet
  58. Kochava
  59. Leah
  60. Leor
  61. Levana
  62. Liora
  63. Liraz
  64. Liron
  65. Maayan
  66. Marnie
  67. Matana
  68. Maytal
  69. Michal
  70. Miriam
  71. Name
  72. Natania
  73. Nessa
  74. Neta
  75. Nitzana
  76. Noa
  77. Noah
  78. Nurit
  79. Ofra
  80. Orit
  81. Orna
  82. Pazit
  83. Penina
  84. Peri
  85. Puah
  86. Rachel
  87. Rani
  88. Ranit
  89. Renana
  90. Reut
  91. Reviv
  92. Rimon
  93. Rina
  94. Riva
  95. Roma
  96. Sapir
  97. Sara
  98. Shalva
  99. Shamira
  100. Shani
  101. Shirel
  102. Shlomit
  103. Shoshana
  104. Tal
  105. Talma
  106. Tamar
  107. Tehila
  108. Temima
  109. Teshura
  110. Tikva
  111. Tirza
  112. Tiva
  113. Yaffa
  114. Yafit
  115. Yam
  116. Yardena
  117. Yarona
  118. Yedida
  119. Yeira

Girl Names That Mean Gift From God

Consider a name that means “God’s gift” for your baby girl. Here are some lovely Hebrew names that imply “God’s gift.”

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