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Best Gnome Names List With Meaning

Giants have little statures, but great hearts! That’s how gnomes describe themselves.

Among the gnomes, there is a slew of distinct ethnic groups, including surface gnomes and underground gnomes. Rock genome and forest genome are two sub-races of the surface genomes. Gnomes can be found in a variety of habitats, including gardens, woodlands, and fields.

For more gnome-related topics, check out our lists of creative gnome names and cute gnome names.

Rock Gnome Names That Are Adorable

Gnomes are resourceful and inventive creatures.

Gnomes are said to be treasure keepers and gem and nature enthusiasts. Gnome names like Adan, Aiko, Bink, Carlin, and Charlene are great options. We’ve compiled a list of adorable rock gnome names that are perfect for your persona.

1 Adan, a lovely gnome name that means “earth,” is available.

  1. Adva, a gnome’s name that accurately represents the creature’s stature.

3 Aiko is a sweet name for a gnome boy.

4 It’s a cute gnome nickname: Armida.

5 Your garden gnome’s name should be Banli, which is a cute, short name.

  1. Banxi is a decent gnome name to choose from.

7 Belita, which translates as “small beauty,” is a great name for a rock gnome.

8 Little and dwarf gnomes have the sweet nickname Bellpepper.

9 Rock gnome name Bingles is one of the best.

10 Bink, your little gnome’s name, is simple and sweet.

11 Bitsy, a female gnome’s best friend, is an excellent option.

12 Your cute gnome’s name should be Bitty, which is a fun name for him.

13 Brenna is a quirky but endearing gnome name.

14 Gnomes will adore Carlin, because his name means “little champion.”

15 Celqys is a charming and endearing gnome name.

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These are some great gnome names for your stories.

Your characters should have names that are evocative of who they are and what they do. Names that immediately identify your characters to your reader before they say a word. Use the following gnome names in your next story to achieve this goal:

  • Adan
  • Adva
  • Aiko
  • Aithne
  • Amorette
  • Aripine
  • Armida
  • Belita
  • Bonita
  • Brenna
  • Brooke
  • Bingles
  • Banxi
  • Bink
  • Banli
  • Bitsy
  • Bitty
  • Bixi
  • Carlin
  • Charlene
  • Celqys
  • Carnoa
  • Darra
  • Demi
  • Dinky
  • Elfi
  • Flimp
  • Gigget
  • Gnorbitt
  • Half-pint
  • Herble
  • Helna
  • Hisxif
  • Jinky
  • Jinxie
  • Jubie
  • Jenna

Last Names Of Gnomes

A gnome’s surname might be anything from a strange-sounding term to one that is more familiar, or it can be a combination of several different words that many people find pretty hilarious.

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  • Dustseeker
  • Nuttlattle 
  • Bernfitlacks
  • Ips Ms 
  • Pelletsniffer
  • Tinker Foot 
  • Gm hair
  • Bluesocket \sSabblewloth \sMuwlebra
  • Giobibaar
  • Woh 
  • IMpleldap
  • Mirlon
  • Peedlupnon

List Of Gnome Male Nicknames

Gnomes are an amazing people group. Short and often bearded, they enjoy beer and having a good time. When it comes to creating a persona, however, what do you do?

We have compiled a list of male gnome names from the 5e D&D adventure Hook Mountain Massacre to assist you in your search.

Giving your character an interesting twist and backstory will make them even more enjoyable to play or offer them an exciting new twist and narrative.


Persian baby boy name Babak is a variant of the Arabic names “Babacar” and “Kamal.” Babak means “father” in Arabic.


The name Egan derives from the Gaelic language. Egan’s definition is “heat.” Egan’s fame in the United States is growing rapidly.


The name Malin derives from the Old English language.

It’s a fighting word. Malin was the name of an Anglo-Saxon saint as well as three early Norwegian kings, as well as several other notable figures (see below).


Gorman translates as “Boy with blue eyes.”. It has Irish roots. In most cases, it’s used as a last name, but it can also be offered as a first name. As an additional point to consider, it should be mentioned that in Ireland, this name was commonly used by families.

Despite its widespread use among Irish families, it was particularly frequent in the northwest counties of the country, where the original population was primarily Scots and Welsh.


The surname Kane has a wide range of etymological roots and spelling variants. Originally from Gaelic, the meaning of the name is “one who enjoys combat”.

In Ulster, Northern Ireland, it is carried by a number of unrelated families, and these families have since relocated to Great Britain and the United States.

Many people in Scotland spell it “Kayne,” but it’s pronounced the same way as Kane, not the French way.

Gnome Names for Female

There is a strong desire to stand out, whether it’s by inventing an entirely new cocktail or choosing an unusual pet name like Goku from the popular anime series Dragon Ball Z.

Names such as Dave, Steve, or Jolanda are frequently used in D&D since they are common to fantasy characters’ names.

When compared side by side, characters like Kylo Ren and Darth Vader seem little.

The names I’ve chosen for female gnomes in this area are likely to make your players doubt the sanity of your fantasy roleplaying games, so please enjoy!

 Belita Factor

Belita is a name given to a female in Spanish. “Charmer” is what the Germanic Belinda and Belinda names come from. The suffix “-ta” indicates “belonging to” in Spanish. Additionally, this name has the meaning “snow” in the Basque language.

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Jenna is a name given to a girl. Jenna The name is primarily Arabic in origin. Regardless matter where it comes from, others believe it has Biblical or Irish roots. Jenna

 means “child” in Arabic, which has a very different meaning from the English one.

Jenna’s male counterpart is Jihad, which means “battle” (or perhaps derived from Ijtihad).


To call someone Tawnie is to call someone who is little or who sings to the birds. English given names include names that denote insignificance or progeny. Old English and Celtic languages have influenced both their meaning and origin.


The character’s name is crucial, therefore we’ve compiled a list of suggestions for you to choose from. Hope this helps! All of the gnome’s names are derived from their appearance in the game as well as their traits. If the names don’t suit them, you can always make up your own. We sincerely hope it meets your expectations.

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