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150 German Girl Names With Meaning

Look no further if you’re seeking a little bit of international inspiration, or if you want to pay homage to family heritage or a cherished piece of German culture. From historic favorites to today’s most popular songs, we have a wide range of German names.

Top German Girl Names

  1. Emilia
  2. Hannah / Hanna. Once at the top of the list of German names for girls, Hannah (or Hanna) comes from the Hebrew word for grace, beauty, or favor.
  3. Emma. A name that’s popular across Europe and beyond, as it means whole or universal.
  4. Sophia / Sofia. A beautiful name that comes straight from the Greek. It means wisdom.
  5. Mia. It could be short for Maria, a variation on Miriam, or a name meaning “my” in Italian.
  6. Lina. Carolina, Angelina, Paulina – Lina can be short for them all. Or it can be a perfect standalone name all by itself.
  7. Mila. A recent addition to the popular German names list, Mila may come from the Slavic Miloslava or Ludmila.
  8. Ella. Short for Eleanor, Elisabeth, or Isabella, Ella is an incredibly versatile German baby girl name.
  9. Lea / Leah. A biblical girl name, Leah is a name that speaks of nobility and wisdom.
  10. Klara / Clara. From Latin meaning clear, bright, or distinct, Clara is a beautiful name in any language.

What Are Typical German Names?

  1. Ida. A typical name from the north, it means hardworking or industrious.
  2. Frieda / Frida. One of the best-known old German girl names, Frida means peaceful.
  3. Charlotte. Another north German hit, Charlotte is the female equivalent of Carl, meaning free man.
  4. Anna. Most popular in South Germany – but also a winner across the world – Anna is originally a Hebrew name, meaning grace or favor.
  5. Marie. Think Mary or Maria but with a twist. Another pretty German girl name popular in the south.
  6. Lena. A common Russian girl name, Lena is popular in the German-speaking world too.
  7. Mathilda / Matilda. Matilda means battle-mighty, perfect for your brave little girl.
  8. Lia. Perhaps a form of Leah, Lia is a name typical in German-speaking Switzerland.
  9. Lara. Lara means protection. She’ll be the little guardian of the household.
  10. Laura. This name comes from the laurel tree, a symbol of victory. Laura is a popular name all around the world, including in Germany.
  11. Johanna. Think Joanne but with a European twist.
  12. Leonie. From the Latin word for lion, Leo, Leonie is a popular name in Lichtenstein, a teeny-weeny German-speaking country in the Alps.
  13. Valentina. Another popular German name for girls – this time from the name for Saint Valentine.

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Popular Arab-German Names

  1. Layla / Leyla. Of Hebrew origins, Layla means dark or night. A beautiful name for your little brunette baby.
  2. Amira. It means princess.
  3. Elif. Meaning slender
  4. Aliyah. From the Hebrew meaning ascending or rising
  5. Amina. From the Arabic meaning honest, it’s also popular in many Latin countries.
  6. Zeynep. Precious rock
  7. Meryem. A variation of the biblical Miriam
  8. Ayla. Deer or gazelle
  9. Medina. The name of the Saudi city important in Muslim culture
  10. Azra. Maiden

Traditional German Girl Names

  1. Adele
  2. Adelheid – Meaning nobility, this name could be shortened to Heidi.
  3. Agatha
  4. Amalia
  5. Anja – Pronounced “An-ya,” this name is related to “Anna” and means God has favored me.
  6. Alice
  7. Aloisia
  8. Anke
  9. Anneliese
  10. Astrid
  11. Bertha – In German, this name is pronounced “Bear-ta,” which might have a more pleasant sound on the playground than “Bur-tha.”
  12. Bertina
  13. Birgit
  14. Brigitte
  15. Carla – another variation on the regal “Charles”
  16. Carol
  17. Caroline
  18. Catrin / Katrin
  19. Christina – a classic in any language
  20. Claudia
  21. Dorothea
  22. Edeltraud – Meaning of noble attitude, this name might be as German as it gets.
  23. Edith
  24. Elisabeth
  25. Elke
  26. Elsa – Does your new baby have a big sister who loves Frozen? This name might be a hit!
  27. Eva
  28. Freya
  29. Gertrud
  30. Gisela
  31. Greta
  32. Gretel
  33. Hannelore – This name was very popular in Germany around World War II and is a combination of Hannah and Eleonore.
  34. Heidi
  35. Helga
  36. Hilda
  37. Hildegard
  38. Holle
  39. Ilse
  40. Ingeborg
  41. Ingrid
  42. Irma
  43. Isolde – The main female character in the age-old romantic tale of Tristan and Isolde.
  44. Judith
  45. Julia
  46. Jutta – Pronounced “YOU-ta,” this name is a variation on “Judith.”
  47. Karin
  48. Katharina
  49. Lieselotte
  50. Linda
  51. Lisa
  52. Lorelei
  53. Lotte – A shortened form of Charlotte and pronounced “LOT-ta,” this adorable name is ripe for a comeback.
  54. Luise
  55. Margarethe
  56. Margit
  57. Marlene – Think famous German-American actress Marlene Dietrich.
  58. Martha
  59. Maud
  60. Melanie
  61. Monika
  62. Nadine
  63. Nicole
  64. Paula
  65. Rebecca
  66. Regina
  67. Rosamund
  68. Ruta – from the Hebrew meaning friend
  69. Sabine
  70. Sabrina
  71. Sarah
  72. Sibylle
  73. Sigfrida
  74. Silke
  75. Stefanie
  76. Tamara
  77. Tanja – the German version of “Tanya”
  78. Therese
  79. Ursula

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Popular German Girl Names 

  1. Alia is German and means ‘all’ or ‘another.’

2 .Charlotte (French origin), is the feminine version of the name Karl, meaning ‘free’ and ‘proficient.’

  1. Clara (Latin Origin) is a name that means ‘famous,’ ‘bright’ and ‘clear.’
  2. Eléa (Swiss Origin) is a name which means ‘foreign’ and ‘strange’ in German, ‘compassion’ in Greek and ‘God is my light’ in Arabic.
  3. Eliana (Greek and Hebrew Origin) is a name that means ‘bright,’ ‘torch,’ ‘beautiful,’ ‘shining’ and ‘light.’
  4. Ella (Multiple Origins) is short for girl names ending in ‘Ella’ or beginning with ‘El’ and is a variant of the German baby name ‘Alia.’

7 .Emilian (Latin Origin) comes from the Latin name Aemilius and translates into the word ‘rival.’

  1. Emily (Latin Origin) comes from the Latin name Aemilius and is a popular german girl name which means ‘rival.’
  2. Emma is short for any Germanic names beginning with ‘Em’ or ‘Im’ and means ‘whole’ or ‘universal.’
  3. Freya (Nordic Origin) is a name derived from the Goddess of love, beauty, war, and death; it means ‘lady’ or ‘mistress.’
  4. Frida is one of the common German names, which means the ‘princess of peace.’
  5. Hannah (Hebrew Origin), also spelt as Hanna, is a common German baby girl name which means ‘favor’ and ‘grace.’
  6. Leni (Latin Origin) is a name which means ‘light’, ‘sublime’, ‘torch’, ‘bright’ and ‘beautiful’.
  7. Lia (Multiple Origins) is a name that means ‘lioness,’ ‘mistress,’ ‘rival,’ and ‘my God in abundance.’
  8. Lilly (British Origin) also spelt as Lily, Lillie, Lili, and Lilli is a popular Germanic name, which means ‘my God is my oath’ and ‘my God is abundance.’
  9. Malia (Swahili Origin) is a name that means ‘beloved,’ ‘a child that has been wished for,’ ‘rebellious,’ ‘brave,’ ‘soft,’ ‘diligent,’ and ‘queen.’
  10. Mathilda is a name that refers to ‘the strength that one gains in the battle.’
  11. Maya (Turkish Origin) is a name which means the ‘star of the sea,’ ‘exalted one,’ ‘beloved,’ ‘rebellious,’ and refers to ‘the child that has been wished for.’
  12. Mia (Italian Origin) is a name that means ‘mine’ and ‘darling.’
  13. Sophia (Greek Origin) is a name that means ‘wisdom.’
  14. Sophie (Greek Origin) is an alternative name for Sophia, meaning ‘wisdom.’

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Famous German Girl Names

  1. Angela (Latin Origin) is one of the more famous German girl names, which means ‘Angel’ and ‘God’s messenger.’
  2. Anne ( Latin Origin) is a great name for a German baby girl and means ‘grace’ and ‘the favored one.’
  3. Brittany (French Origin) is one of the more common German baby girl names due to the singer Britney Spears.
  4. Diane (Indo-European Origin) is a common choice for a girl and means ‘divine’.
  5. Edda is a great name for a girl and refers to someone whose ‘achievement-oriented.’
  6. Eva (Latin Origin) is a popular German baby name that means ‘life.’
  7. Heidi (German/Swiss Origin) is a popular German name that refers to ‘someone who was born into a noble family.’
  8. Irma is an old German name that means ‘universal’ or ‘whole.’
  9. Juliane (Latin Origin) is a popular Germanic name that is made famous through various popular personalities.
  10. Kirsten (German/ Scandinavian Origin) refers to ‘someone who follows Christ.’
  11. Kim (Korean Origin) is one of the trending baby names and means ‘gold’.
  12. Magda (Polish Origin) is a popular German name for a girl and means ‘woman’.
  13. Marlene (Italian Origin) is one of the more common alternative German names for Mia and means ‘mine’.
  14. Nastazja (Greek and Latin Origins) is a popular German name for a girl and means ‘resurrection’.
  15. Nicole (Greek Origin) is one of the more common girl names and means ‘the people’s victory.’
  16. Pia (Latin Origin) is one of the names used for German girls meaning ‘devout’ or ‘holy.’
  17. Roza (Italian Origin) is a popular Germanic version of Saint Rose, an Italian Saint who lived in the 13th-century.
  18. Ruth (Hebrew Origin) is one of the names used for German girls and means ‘friend’.
  19. Steffi is one of the popular German baby names and ‘crown.’
  20. Zazie (Hebrew Origin) is one of the common names for German girls and means ‘movement’.

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