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Best 250+ Futuristic Baby Names For Boys And Girls With Meanings

Every parent dreams of giving their child a name that stands out from the crowd. They also desire a name that reflects the times for their unborn kid. This post is a list of unique baby names that sound like they came straight out of the future. Picking an eye-catching and long-lasting brand name is essential. We’ve compiled a list of cool, futuristic baby boy and girl names, along with their meanings, for you to peruse. Take your selection from the options below.

Futuristic Girl Names

The following are the best futuristic girl names for your baby girl.

  • Adlai – Of Hebrew origin, it means God is just
  • Annora – Of Latin origin, it means honor
  • Astra – Meaning star, this name is of Latin origin
  • Auryn – A name of Welsh origin meaning gold
  • Crescentia – A name of French origin meaning increasing or growing
  • Cersei – A name is well known from Game of Thrones
  • Falynn – An English name meaning beautiful fairy
  • Idryssa – An Arabic name meaning interpreter
  • Jada – Of Hebrew origin, this name means good and beautiful woman
  • Luna – An Italian and Spanish name meaning moon, and also a Harry Potter-inspired name
  • Lyra – A Greek name meaning lyre and a character name in the His Dark Materials trilogy
  • Mina – A German name meaning love
  • Mircea – A Romanian name meaning peace
  • Nova – A star that suddenly releases a huge burst of energy
  • Novelia – Of Latin origin, it means a new one
  • Padme – A Persian name meaning lotus and a Star Wars-inspired name
  • Radia – An Arabic name meaning happy and bright
  • Rey – A Spanish name meaning kings, and also a Star Wars-inspired name
  • Satine – A French name meaning smooth and shiny
  • Shaylae – A Star Wars-inspired name
  • Sola – A Spanish name meaning she who is alone
  • Trinity – Of English origin, this name relates to the Holy Trinity
  • Ursa – A Latin name meaning bear
  • Vega – Of Spanish origin, it means dweller in a meadow
  • Zosia – A name meaning wisdom of Greek origin
  • Satine – “shiny”
  • Sola – “who is alone”
  • Trinity – “the Holy Trinity”
  • Ursa – “bear”
  • Vega – “meadow”
  • Zosia – “wisdom”
  • Gender- “Neutral”
  • Drake – “dragon”
  • Eclipse – “strength”
  • Emric – “ruler of the home”

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Gender-Neutral, Unisex, and Non-Binary Futuristic Names

Many futuristic names are gender-neutral and can be used by anyone.

The list is below for these names.

  • Drake – An English name meaning dragon
  • Eclipse – A Native American name meaning daughter or son of the moon and strength
  • Emric – An Old High German name meaning ruler of the home
  • Everton – An Old English name that means boar settlement
  • Fenn – An English name meaning wetland or marsh
  • Findall – A derivative name of Finn
  • Fio – A Latin name meaning blossom
  • Galaxy – An American name meaning large system of stars
  • Jax – An English name meaning God has been gracious
  • Juno – A Latin name meaning queen of heaven or protector of women
  • Klay – An English name meaning spiritual warrior
  • Marz – A name inspired by the planet Mars
  • Nym – A Shakesperean inspired name
  • Orion – A constellation inspired name with three conspicuous stars
  • Pascal – A scientist inspired the name
  • Pax – A Latin name meaning peace
  • Penn – An Old English name meaning hill
  • Ren – A Japanese name meaning water lily
  • Rune – An Old Norse name meaning secret
  • Sagan – A Slavic name meaning wise one and a scientist inspired the name
  • Thales – A Greek name meaning to blossom and a mathematician inspired name
  • Tove – A Swedish name meaning beautiful
  • Wynn – An Old English name meaning friend
  • Zephyr – A Greek name meaning west wind
  • Zev – A Hebrew name meaning wolf
  • Everton – “boar settlement”
  • Fenn – “marsh”
  • Find all – “Finn”
  • Fio – “blossom”
  • Galaxy – “large system of stars”
  • Jax – “gracious”
  • Juno – “of women”
  • Klay – “warrior”
  • Marz – “Mars”

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Futuristic Girl Names

There are many futuristic girl names to choose from. If you want your daughter to have a name that is unique and different, then you should consider these few cool and catchy futuristic girl names.

In this article, we will discuss the futuristic girl names which are popular in today’s world. There are many futuristic girl names to choose from. If you want your daughter to have a name that is unique and different, then you should consider these few cool and catchy futuristic girl names.

  • Dael – “valley”
  • Dalla – “Dahl”s flower”
  • Dawnelle – “the first appearance of daylight”
  • Delya – “individual born on the island of Delos”
  • Drea – “one who is courageous”
  • Eila – “tree”
  • Elenyi – “shining bright light”
  • Eliette – “my God has answered”
  • Elowen – “elm”
  • Elya – “The Lord Is My God”
  • Fantasia – “imagination”
  • Harper – “one who plays the harp”
  • Ivara – “yew tree”
  • Jada – “jade”
  • Karis – “grace”
  • Mazarine – “deep blue color”
  • Thyra – “Goddess of thunder”
  • Alura – “godlike advisor”
  • Anastasia – “resurrection”
  • Bastian – “from Sebaste
  • Bernard – “bear”
  • Emmett – “truth”
  • Fox – “quirky”
  • Gaius – “I am glad”
  • Iris – “rainbow”
  • Dael – “The valley”
  • Elenyi – “A shining light”
  • Caia – “To rejoice”
  • Amaia – “The high place”
  • Astoria – “Is a hawk”
  • Tove – “Beautiful”
  • Zafira – “One who succeeds”
  • Vanina – “The bringer of good news”
  • Lilium – “The lily”
  • Kael – “slender”
  • Luna – “moon”
  • Leta – “glad, joyful”
  • Malcolm – “devotee of Saint Columba”
  • Orion – “son of fire”
  • Perseus – “avenger or destroyer”
  • Quinn – “wisdom and intelligence”
  • Rufus – “redhead”
  • Sirius – “the brightest star in the night sky”
  • Westley – “western meadow”

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 Catchy Futuristic Girl Names

Every parent is on the lookout for the ideal name for their child. 
However, many people choose names that aren’t popular for any reason. 
However, because you can’t change the name later, this is an expensive mistake.
We’ve all heard of parents naming their child something that the child later comes to despise. 
What can you do to avoid it? 
To obtain better idea, do some research and look out for some popular futuristic female names.

1. Adlai (Hebrew origin) means “God is just”. It’s a unique and futuristic name for a boy.

2. Alaric (Old German origin) means “all-powerful king or ruler”. In the Roman era, he was also a ruler who once conquered Rome.

3. Anakin (American origin) means “warrior”. Famous name bearer Anakin Skywalker from the ‘Star Wars’ film series.

4. Arsenio (Spanish origin) means “strong and virile”. It is also the name of a Roman emperor.

5. Auryn (Welsh and Celtic origin) means “gold”.

6. Azriel (Hebrew origin) means “God is my help”.

7. Cael (Irish-Gaelic origin) means “slender”. One of the cool cyberpunk boy names for your little one.

8. Calihan Irish origin) means “one who loves churches”.

9. Carrew (Welsh origin) means “fort situated close to a slope”.

10. Cashel (Irish origin) means “stone castle”.

11. Caspian (Toponymic origin) means the “Caspian Sea”. Famous name bearer Prince Caspian, a character by C.S. Lewis’s ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ series.

12. Cedro (Spanish origin) means “strong gift” or a “special gift”.

13. Cian (Irish origin) means “ancient”.

14. Cillian (Irish origin) means “church”. Famous name bearer Hollywood actor Cillian Murphy.

15. Crispin  (Latin origin) means “one who is curly-haired”.

16. Drake (Latin origin) means “male duck”. The name is derived from the Old Norse word “Drake”, which is also a beautiful nickname.  Famous name bearer rapper Drake.

17. Derry  (Irish origin) means “like an oak”.

18. Edsel (English origin) means “a wealthy man’s estate” or “noble and bright”.

19. Elwyn  (English origin) means “noble friend”.

20. Esai (Spanish origin) means “God is my salvation”. In Hebrew, the name is also written and Isaiah.

21. Espen (Scandinavian origin) means “God bear”.

22. Evander (Scottish origin) means “bow warrior”.

23. Everard (Old English origin) means “hardy”.

24. Eythor (Old German origin) means “thunder”.

25. Finian (Irish origin) means “fair”. The name originates from the Irish name “Finian”, who also happened to be a 3rd-century legendary Irish hero.

26. Fio (Italian origin) means “flowering”. It’s one of the futuristic names for boys.