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Most Famous French Names Boys In 2022

Considering how beautiful and inspiring the country of France is, it should go without saying that France has a plethora of terrific baby names for boys.

Among the most famous French boys’ names are represented here, a few that are less common in the United States. In France, boys’ names tend to be associated with notable historical figures, such as kings and queens.

To assist you in coming up with the perfect baby name, we’ve put up a list of some ideas that we hope will guide you in making the correct decision for your child. What if you like the sound of these charming French boys’ names in their more traditional form? Why not give your kids a middle name as the French do? The meanings of French boy’s names are often profound, making them a popular choice for new parents. The popularity of the names of countless notable Frenchmen throughout history is a tribute to their accomplishments.

This list includes several well-known names in the UK, yet their spelling and pronunciation in French may have a completely different connotation. Having a character that is well known around the world can help your child develop a strong sense of cultural sensitivity and a love of learning new languages. The current craze for French baby names is an excellent opportunity to give your child’s name a unique twist while honoring family tradition.

When looking for French baby names, you may be looking for a more “traditionally” French name, or you may be looking for a word that has a special meaning to you.

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Baby Boy Names for a French Accent

Charles, Dennis, and Louis are just a few of the most common French given names over the past few centuries. Andre, Remy, Blaise, Josue, and Dion are just a handful of the well-known names in the official United States Top 1,000 list.

Dio and Quincy are two other French boy’s names that distinguish out among the rest.

Do you have any suggestions for a lovely French baby name?

Do you require additional motivation? What are some other French names for males that you know of?

Do you have any suggestions for any unique and unusual French baby names for boys and girls?

If you’re curious about what the rarest French male given name will be in 2021, here’s what you should know:

Do you have any suggestions for a lovely French baby name?

The titles of boys influenced by France can range from the well-known to the unknown, from the traditional to the cutting-edge in style. According to the French Baby Names Survey, the names Gabriel, Arthur, Leo, and Raphael were the most popular for baby boys in France in 2020. They’ve been there for a great many years and are still in operation!

Among other French-speaking countries, the most popular boy’s names include a mixture of French and non-French options. In Belgium’s Top 10 names for boys, the only French names are Louis and Jules, followed by the Irish Liam, the Biblical Hebrew Adam, and the Celtic Arthur. Louis and Jules are the only French names on the list.

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Gabriel is the most popular boy’s name among French-speaking Swiss parents, with Louis being the only other French-sounding boy’s name in the top 10. And in French Quebec, the most famous French male names are Olivier and Antoine, both French surnames.

Here is where you can find our comprehensive selection of French boys’ names. The top names listed below are among the current Top 1000 Baby Names in the United States, and they are listed in descending order of popularity. Unique names are ranked below the top 1000 and are listed alphabetically in the next section.

If you’re looking for names for girls, you might want to check out the list of French girl names or the complete list of French baby names.

  1. Alexandre: Defender of the people
  2. Andre: Strong and manly
  3. Beau: Beautiful or handsome
  4. Bellamy: Good friend
  5. Benard: Bold as a bear
  6. Chandler: Candlemaker
  7. Charles: Freeman
  8. Chase: To hunt
  9. Daniell/Danon: God is my judge
  10. Darrell: Open
  11. Diggory: Lost one
  12. Elroy: The king
  13. Ethan: Fort or firm
  14. Forest: Woodsman
  15. Gage: Oath or pledge
  16. Henri: Ruler of the house
  17. Hugo: Intellect
  18. Jacques: Supplanter
  19. Landry: Ruler
  20. Léo: Lion
  21. Olivier: Olive tree
  22. Philippe: Lover of horses
  23. Ranger: Forest guardian
  24. Raphaël: Healed by God
  25. Sabastien/Sébastien: Venerable
  26. Thayer: French variation of Taylor meaning tailor

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