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Film Quiz Easy Movie Trivia: Questions And Answers

Films are indeed the best way to entertain, especially if you’re with your family because it’s pleasant to talk about films and have a debate with our friends and family. A film often educates us about the various sorts of individuals throughout the world, their links, their love, their families, their friends, etc.

As you watch a film, we become die-hard fans of characters and other characters that we love to despise. So here we have some basic questions and answers on the films! From questions about family trivia and classic movies to questions about entertainment and much more, you can even incorporate these trivia questions and answers as one of the games in your night in your family games. Check out our Halloween movie trivia and Christmas movie trivia for more fun quizzes.

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If you are searching for a quick and easy method to entertain the entire family, the best solution is an emoji film test!

Whether text or social media, most of us are used to communicating using emoticons. Now you may make full use of these communications skills by decoding the titles of popular films.

How To Play? How To Play?

The emoji film contest rules are straightforward. Every emoji is another word in the title of the film – it could be clear or you may have to think outside the box. Sometimes the emojis which occur in the title afterwards may be easier to sort out thus in some circumstances it could be good to work backwards.

We have listed the number of words in the title next to each emoticon to offer you further guidance. You can either play alone, challenge your family to see who gets the most answers or compete with friends to see who can reply the fastest.

Simply capture it on your phone once you’ve built your list and share it to your family and friends.

You may also make games for music, TV series, novels or even countries, as well as emoji movie quizzes.

You could also check at our other online activities for children and adults if you enjoyed this activity. And don’t forget to continue checking when we introduce additional emoji tests for the whole family.

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Fun Movie Quiz Trivia

Can someone ever talk or discuss a film without words or subjects? We certainly can’t! The idea of trivia is so funny, so we will now talk about some simple questions and answers concerning trivia films and trivia, suitable for the whole family! Are you ready to answer these questions on the movie trivia?

  1. Question: What was the first film’s name in the Harry Potter series?

Response: ‘Harry Potter And The Stone of the Philosopher.’

  1. Question: Which picture has won an Oscar, even if the makeup budget is merely $250?

Response: ‘Dallas Buyers Club’

  1. Question: In which film did Keanu Reeves learn to use judo, Jiu-Jitsu, the Brazilian, and conduct around 95% of the scenes in combat?

Response: ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’

  1. Question: What film was initially a refrigerator for the famed DeLorean timemaker?

Response: ‘Back to the Future.’

  1. Question: If inflation is corrected, which is the highest film of all time?

Response: ‘Gone With The Wind’

  1. Question: What movie was so realistic about the D-Day battle scenes that it triggered post-traumatic stress disorder when veterans watched it?

Response: ‘Saving Ryan Private.’

  1. Question: In each scene in the film, which movie features a Starbucks Cup?

Response: ‘Fight Club’

  1. Question: What’s the first US film for a toilet flushing feature?

Response: ‘Psycho’

  1. Question: After which movies did pet rats sell quickly?

Response:’ Ratatouille’.

  1. Question: in what movie the sound of a Russian toilet flushing train was employed to open the doors automatically?

Response: ‘Star Trek’

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Quiz Film 

  1. Hugh Grant

2  Mjölnir 

  1. Russia With Love Russia
  2. Leviosa Wingardium
  3. Wind gone 5.
  4. Chocolate box
  5. Cameron James
  6. Lulu Lulu 8.
  7. Heughan Sam
  8. The Land
  9. Western Wing
  10. Renton Mark (Rent Boy)
  11. List of Schindler
  12. 2010 2010.
  13. 15 Joker
  14. Look at the positive side of life forever
  15. Bancroft 17.
  16. Eighteenth Bong Joon-ho
  17. The Rings Lord
  18. Tennant David
  19. The Seven Dwarfs and the Snow White
  20. Lulu
  21. “The Rosebud”
  22. Redness.
  23. Although nominated six times, he won for The Revenant only once in 2016.
  24. Nakatomi Square
  25. Starr Ringo.
  26. Chocolate Chocolate
  27. Baldike
  28. Batman


  1. What is Robert De Niro famously saying in what 1976 thriller “You talk to me?”
  2. What was Steven Spielberg’s first Best Director Oscar for?
  3. Which thriller is known by Alfred Hitchcock for his frightening “shower scene”?

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  1. What show was made in a film with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John about Danny and Sandy?
  2. Which singer was the star of The Bodyguard?
  3. What is Fight Club’s first rule?
  4. Who was Jack playing in Titanic?
  5. What is Robert Downey Jr’s 2020 film about a physicist who can talk to animals?
  6. Which movie celebrity is killed in Scream’s first scene?
  7. Directed by Guy Ritchie, who is playing Genie in Aladdin’s 2019 adaptation?


  1. Taxi Driver
  2. List of Schindler
  3. Psycho
  4. 3. Psycho
  5. Grazing
  6. Huston Whitney
  7. Don’t ever discuss Fight Club
  8. DiCaprio. Leonardo
  9. Dolittle
  10. Dolittle
  11. Barrymore Drew
  12. Smith’s Will


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