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Famous Female Viking Names List

We’re prepared to wager that if we asked a group of individuals to draw a Viking from memory, most of them would depict a stocky, middle-aged man with red or blond hair and a long beard to match. He’d most certainly be wearing a metal helmet, possibly with horns, and surrounded by fellas on a longboat chanting fish songs while one keeps the beat with his fishing spear. Okay, maybe not precisely, but it’s close.

Women were Vikings as well, unlike what we see in popular culture. Not only that, but they also had some fantastic names. (You’ve undoubtedly heard at least a few of these in Rose’s St. Olaf stories if you’ve ever watched an episode of The Golden Girls.) Let’s talk about Vikings before we get into those.

The first thing to remember is that “Vikings” refers to the seafaring Norse people who lived in what is now modern-day Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. The term “Scandinavian” eventually replaced “Norse,” giving you a better notion of the section of the world we’re talking about. However, because of their proclivity for sea travel and discovery, Vikings found themselves on a variety of voyages throughout Europe, Northern Africa, the Middle East, the Arctic, and even North America (particularly, regions of Canada that they termed “Vinland”).

So, what do we know about the names of Viking girls? To begin with, the Vikings took baby-naming very seriously, but they lacked access to online listicles for ideas and inspiration. Instead, they gave children names that were linked with the traits they desired (strength, resilience, elegance, and so on), or animals or Norse gods who exhibited these qualities. It was not uncommon for specific Viking girl names to become popular in a royal family and be carried down through the centuries, just as it was in other cultures.

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The Best Female Viking Dog Names

  • Erica 
  • Helle
  • Dale
  • Yuliya 
  • Elin 
  • Gunhild 
  • Solvi
  • Dusty 
  • Tove 
  • Gala
  • Liv
  • Freya 
  • Iona 
  • Kelda
  • Eda
  • Hakan 
  • Vivi
  • Magna
  • Oili 
  • Ingrid 
  • Helka 
  • Gerda
  • Inge 
  • Nanna
  • Mista
  • Thora 

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The Best Male Viking Dog Names

  • Rune 
  • Torsten 
  • Bodmod
  • Viking 
  • Magnus
  • Arne 
  • True 
  • Torin
  • Birger 
  • Tusya
  • Kort
  • Elof
  • Modi
  • Ulmer
  • Fiske
  • Harald 
  • Norse
  • Geir
  • Kare 
  • Svend 
  • Endre 
  • Odin
  • Thorne
  • Calder 
  • Warrior 
  • Crosby 
  • Sindri 
  • Quimby
  • Bjorn 
  • Mar

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Popular Viking Names For Girls

Vikings are Scandinavian seafarers who are known for their battle cries, raids, and powerful, warrior women. For new parents, giving their child a popular Viking name is a fantastic option.

Popular Viking female names are Norse-inspired, with European symbols and distinct sounds. Viking names usually follow one of three naming conventions: naming after an ancestor, naming after a sibling, or naming after a God. There are many lovely and popular Viking names to pick from, so here’s a comprehensive list of female names to get you started when naming your baby girl.

  1. Agda (Scandinavian origin), this Viking name means ‘good’.
  2. Aina (Scandinavian origin), meaning ‘eternal’.
  3. Astrid (Scandinavian origin), this Norse name means ‘stunning goddess’.
  4. Berthe (German origin), this name means ‘famous’.
  5. Brenn (Scandinavian origin), meaning ‘raven’.
  6. Brendette (Scandinavian origin), meaning ‘sword’.
  7. Brimlad (Anglo Saxon origin), this name means ‘seaway’.
  8. Brita (Scandinavian origin), meaning ‘dignified’ or ‘noble’, is generally used to signify someone of a higher rank.  
  9. Chara (Latin origin), meaning ‘free’.
  10. Dagmar (Scandinavian origin), meaning ‘glorious’.
  11. Dagny (Scandinavian origin), this name is used to indicate a fresh, new day.
  12. Ebbe (Scandinavian origin), meaning ‘courageous’.
  13. Edlen (English origin), this popular name translates to a ‘noble waterfall’.
  14. Erlene (English origin), meaning ‘princess’.
  15. Garda (Scandinavian origin), meaning ‘shelter’.
  16. Gerde (Scandinavian origin), meaning ‘protected’.
  17. Hedda (German origin), meaning ‘conflict’.
  18. Helga (Scandinavian origin), meaning ‘a revered woman’.
  19. Hertha (English origin), this Norse inspired name translates to ‘Earth’.
  20. Kindra (Scandinavian origin), this name carries the meaning ‘the greatest champion’.
  21. Svana (Scandinavian origin), meaning ‘like a swan’.
  22. Ulka (German origin), this name means ‘the home’s authority’.

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