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50 Best Demon Names List

Since the beginning of time on this planet, theologian scholars have attempted to categorize Christian demons to understand their biblical and mythological contexts better. Christian demonology, traditional occultism and mythology, and Renaissance magic have been studied by theologians who have written dissertations on these supernatural beings and their influence on demons. Studying demonology has been used for centuries as a way to understand morality and behavior; it’s also been used as a way to tell stories about how they tempt people, and it may even include angels or saints who were thought to have been their opponents; this is based on a Biblical battle mentioned in the Biblical text (12:7-9)  in heaven between the Antichrist and Archangel Michael. It explains the war in heaven that resulted in Satan being defeated. Some of these fallen angels’ classifications are also determined by their behaviors that led them to drop from paradise, physical appearances or methods of torment, ailment, or emotional response. They either believed in infernal spirits or authored a metaphysical way to understand better an ancient perspective on folk stories and religious themes about behavior and morality in folklore.

The Supernatural Fascination

Because of our long-standing fascination with the paranormal, we’ve given various supernatural beings many descriptive names.

Various demonologies have influenced the names given to demons, demonesses, fallen angels, and evil spirits. Demonology means the study of demons, or the belief in demons, by people.

Evil characters have a long and rich history, which can be found all over the world. Whether or not demons have souls is a common question. The response is that demons are souls that have been twisted to the point where they are beyond comprehension. Although demons are illustrated as having no souls in some literature, this is not always the case. Remember that not all demons are evil, even though many demons are depicted as such. What role will your demon characters play in your story is entirely up to you!

There are several demon lords in the role-playing game ‘Dungeons and Dragons,’ including Demogorgon, Orcus, Baphomet, Graz’zt, Yeenoghu, Fraz-Urb’luu, Kostchtchie, and Eltab.

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The Collection Of Demon Names 

Names of demons and other supernatural beings from around the world will be included in this article, as well as some of their meanings. Both female and male demon names will be available. For your character, you’ll also find a list of demon names with black connotations.

The Demon Names For Boys 


Abchanchu’s origins are unknown.

In Bolivian folklore, a vampire known as Abchanchu can change his appearance at will. As a weakened traveler, he assumes an elderly persona. Abchanchu then attacks and eats the blood of anyone who tries to intervene.


Adbeel is the Hebrew name for the one who is in grief due to God. 

Eli’s soul was grieving over the death of his family when the Hebrew verb adab was used in the Bible.


Known as the “Author of Discord” by the Dictionary of Demons, Andras was a demon with an angelic body and a raven head. There were reports of him being seen on the rear end of an enormous black wolf.


In Hebrew, the word “belial” refers to something worthless.

After being used as an adjective, the word “Belial” was later used as a synonym for the devil. Following Jesus’ command to show Hell to the disciples of Christ, Michael was shown Balial and 666 fallen angels.


Is there a significance to the name Boruta?

A mythical creature in Slavic folklore called the Boruta protected forest fauna and flora. The Boruta was considered demonic by Christians, even though they were said to tickle the dead when they killed people lost in the forest. So it’s not all that sinister.

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Charon is a Greek name that translates to “savage brightness.”

As a ferryman, Charon transported the deceased to Hell by crossing the River Styx. Because of this, the Greeks would put their dead to rest with coins in their mouths so that they could be reimbursed for their travels.


To tame or subdue, Damien is a Greek word that has been translated into English.

People who grew up in the 1970s still have a fear of the name Damien. This name refers to a kid who is the Antichrist in the Omen film series. In 2006, a remake of the series was released.


An unknown French name, Gresill, was given to this person.

According to Sebastien Michaelis, the evil spirit Berith tried to tell him about devilish hierarchies during an enchantment on a nun. Gresill was among the devils who enticed men to sin by offering them a taste of their own medicine.


The Hebrew word for “twisted in folds” is Leviathan.

Because of its association with the Hellmouth in pre – Christian symbolism, Leviathan came to represent Satan. His name is also said to have been associated with Envy, including some of the Seven Princes of Hell. Levi would be quite a mouthful for a baby, but he could be referred to as “Levi” instead.


The source of this title is a mystery.

As a demonologist, Zagan served Lucifer as a fallen angel. If you’re looking for a unique name, look no further than this one. It was the 17,334th most popular baby name for boys in 2019.

The Demon Names For Girls


Alabasandria’s name translates to “like Bast.”

Coptic Egyptian mythology describes Alabasandria as a demonic creature that preys on women and children, sucking their blood and milk.


Batibat means nightmare in Ilocano.

The Batibat, a tree-dwelling demon in Ilocano folklore, is rumored to exist. A batibat may keep moving into the house built with the tree she lived in and terrorize the occupants.


Unlike Carmen, the origin of the word Carman is not clear.

Carman was an Athens-based witch in Irish folklore. They were all given the name Dub, Dother, and Dian after their mother’s ancestors, which means “black,” “evil,” and “violence” in Arabic. They tried to conquer Ireland and, as a result, wreaked havoc on the nation.


The Hungarian witch Elizabeth Báthory, who survived between 1560 and 1614, was rumored to have showered in blood and eaten the flesh of young women. Thus, she has become a true female monster, although the stories are questionable.


With Proto-Slavic roots, “hala” refers to the elemental wrath.

Hala is a climate demon in Serbian folklore, responsible for hurling hail and gale-force gusts of wind into fields of crops to devour them. Because of her insatiable appetite, she consumed the sun and moon, resulting in a solar eclipse.

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Keres is a Greek name that translates to “death annihilation.”

Greek mythology had a group of female demons known as Keres. When people died, they waited for their flesh to be devoured by these creatures. On the battlefields, you could often find this living embodiment of violent death.


When the Krasue disconnects from her body in the dark, her head and internal organs follow behind. This is depicted in Thai folklore. An animal’s head must be returned to its body before dawn to catch its prey.


In Ancient Greek, nocnitsa was translated as “of the night,” and the word was derived from that.

In Slavic folklore, Nocnitsa is a demon. Sitting on their chests while they are asleep, she draws their life force from them.


Rusalka is derived from the Latin Roslia, which means “day of the roses.”

Russian folklore has it that Rusalka used her beauty and voice to attract young men to the water. Rusalka would then use her long red hair to pull the victim to his death.


Dawn is the meaning of the Hindu name Usha.

Usha is a devil princess in the Hindu mythology of the country of India. She is the girl of the gods, and the night is her sister. As a result, she is the dawn, the time in between day and night.

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