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Best Chinese Girl Names List

It is an auspicious tradition for any family to name their child, and this is a memorable occasion for the parents who participate in it.

Chinese people take great pleasure in the culture and traditions, which are reflected in their names. The majority of such names are associated with the wonders of nature, which demonstrates their reverence for Mother Earth.

The Chinese name tradition uses up to three elements in the baby’s given name, rather than more. The first names represent the surname, the last names represent the given name, and the middle names, if present, represent the root generation. Generally, the middle initials are derived from the surname of the oldest family member. The astrological aspects that influence the selection of baby names are considered in Asia, including Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore, and mainland China. It contains information such as the day and birth date, the equilibrium of all five elements, and so much more besides.

Beautiful Chinese names are frequently associated with elegance, power, wisdom, morality, manners, customs, and, most importantly, individuality and individuality, and personality.

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China’s Most Popular Girls’ Names

A beautiful little girl is a gift to every parent. Thus her name has to be distinctive. Among the names in the following list are some of China’s most well-known and well-loved celebrities and other prominent figures.

  • Bao, which means “treasure,” is pronounced similarly to bow.
  • Hui is known to be intelligent, clever, or wise.  She’s a well-known actress.
  • The name Jun means “Obedient” or “truthful” Jun. June newborns will enjoy this name.
  • A gorgeous person is called Mei.  Due to its popularity in China, it’s now the most common girl’s name in China.
  • Innocent, noble, precious, and many other synonyms for Zhen. Empress Whenzhao was bestowed upon Lady Zhen following her son Cao Rui’s ascent to Wei’s throne.

Chinese Girl Names With A Twist

You can’t go wrong with a Chinese name for your new baby daughter.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of some of the most unique and beautiful baby names for girls. These creative baby names will be a blessing to you and your family.

  • The name Genji means as precious as gold Genji. One of Japan’s oldest novels, ‘Tale of Genji’ is also one of the world’s oldest.
  • As in “beautiful,” “amazing,” and “pretty” in the same sentence.
  • Qinyang means “sunshine in my heart,” in Mandarin. During the Qin dynasty, the city of Qinyang in Henan province was known as Yewang.
  • A “wenling” is a “slight tingling of the jade.”
  • Yanay translates as “woman who loves” (in the pidgin language).

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19th-Century Chinese Girls’ Names

It’s common for Chinese parents to give their children names that were popular in the 1800s. In the following list, you can find numerous lovely and admirable names from China’s 19th century.

  • “virtuous” and “fragrant” are synonyms for “fang.” Fang Junying was a revolutionary of the 19th century who fought against the establishment.
  • “Bridge,” “mast,” “Liang.” Chinese Empress Liang Na was a member of the Han Dynasty.
  • Tai means “to the limit.” The very first Chinese woman to practice medicine in Hawaii was Kong Tai Heong.
  • Wei, which means “power,” “exceptional,” or “height,” is used here. Wei was the empress of the Tang Dynasty of China.
  • Angelica and polleir are known as Zhi Rou in Chinese. A well-known character in Jin Yong’s novel ‘The Heaven Sword’ bears the name Zhi Rou. Additionally, the ancient Chinese favored herb-based baby names.

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Names In Chinese That Mean “Beautiful” For Girls

These gorgeous Chinese names are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a name that reflects your beauty. There is a slew of well-known Chinese authors, actors, and singers who share these lovely surnames.

  • “lovely pear blossom” is the translation of the beautiful Chinese name Lì húa.
  • A gorgeous and graceful person is called Lijuan.
  • Li Mei is translated as “lovely plum bloom.” A Japanese actress by the stage name Li Mei Chang goes by the Chinese name of Li Mei Chang.
  • In Chinese, Mei Zhen means “lovely pearl.” It was believed that Luo Meizhen was the oldest person in the world. As a name for a newborn, this one has a long-lasting quality to it.

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