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100 Famous Celtic Boys Names List

If you’re a history buff, you’ve probably thought about Celtic baby boy names for your upcoming son. The Celts were a people from Europe and Western Asia who lived in the sixth century BC, and their culture is still alive today. Celtic languages are spoken in places like Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, and even Argentina and Canada.

It’s no surprise that Celtic male names have endured. Irish boy names, in particular, and Gaelic boy names (note the distinction – ‘Gaelic’ in isolation refers to Scotland, whereas ‘Irish Gaelic’ is spoken in this region) are still popular today. So, what are some of the most popular Celtic boy names?

Celtic Baby Boy Names 

Nature, battle, and even animals are common motifs in Celtic newborn boy names. You’ll notice a number of animals in Irish male names in particular, such as:

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  1. Anndrais
  2. Aodh
  3. Aodhàn
  4. Aonghas
  5. Aonghus
  6. Arailt
  7. Beistean
  8. Benneit
  9. Caomhainn
  10. Cathal
  11. Seàrlas, Teàrlach
  12. Ciaran
  13. Cliamain
  14. Coinneach
  15. Còiseam
  16. Colla
  17. Diarmad
  18. Eairdsidh
  19. Ealar
  20. Eanraig
  21. Eanruig
  22. Gill-Eathain
  23. Gill-Eòin
  24. Gille-Aindreis
  25. Gille-Brìdhde
  26. Gille-Caluim
  27. Gille-Crìosd
  28. Gillebeart
  29. Harailt
  30. Horas
  31. Ianatan
  32. Maoilios
  33. Maol-Chaluim
  34. Maol-Iosa
  35. Maol-Moire
  36. Maoldònaich
  37. Maolmhuire
  38. Maolruibh
  39. Marc
  40. Marcas
  41. Neacal
  42. Neachdainn
  43. Niall
  44. Niallghus
  45. Oilbhreis
  46. Oisean
  47. Pàdair
  48. Pàdraig
  49. Pàdruig
  50. Pàl
  51. Rob
  52. Roibeart
  53. Sandaidh
  54. Seaghdh
  55. Seathan
  56. Seoc
  57. Seocan
  58. Seonaidh
  59. Seoras

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Irish Names For Boys

Irish names make up a significant portion of Celtic names, and they are frequently lyrical and unusual.

1.Aiden AYE-dehn – Irish Celtic for ‘little fire’. A popular alternative is Aidan.

2.Aodh EE-AY – Old Irish, meaning ‘flame’.

3.Cairbre KAHR-bra – Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘one who rides in a chariot’.

4.Cian KEE-an – An Irish Celtic name meaning ‘ancient’.

5.Colm KAWL-m – Meaning ‘a dove’.

6.Conall KON-ul – A legendary Irish name, meaning ‘powerful wolf’.

7.Connor CON-er – Irish name meaning ‘lover of wolves.

  1. Cillian KILL-ee-an – Irish Gaelic name that means ‘little church’.

9.Domnall DOE-nal – Irish Gaelic name meaning ‘ruler of the world’.

10.Donnchad DO-nu-chugh – The Scottish and Irish version of Duncan.

11.Dougal DOO-guhl – From the Irish Gaelic dubhgall, meaning ‘dark stranger’.

12.Enda EN-dah – Anglicised version of the Irish Gaelic Eanna, meaning ‘birdlike’.

13.Finnian FIN-yen – Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘white’ or ‘fair’.

14.Floinn FLOYHHN – Irish Celtic name often anglicised to Flynn, used as both a surname and first name.

15.Oisin OSH-een – Irish Celtic, meaning ‘little deer’.

16.Peadar PAD-ar – Irish Scottish variant of Peter.

17.Quinn KWIN – Unisex Irish name meaning ‘wise’.

18.Rian RIE-en – Celtic Irish version of Ryan, ‘little ruler’.

19.Seaghán SHAWN – Of Irish Celtic origin, meaning ‘God is gracious’. Seón is another similar Celtic option.

20.Seamas SHAY-mus– Irish form of the English name James, this Celtic name means ‘supplanter’. Can be spelled Seumas.  

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