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Best Scandinavian Boy Names

Finding a fantastic boy name is tougher said than done, but Norse names have been increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s simple to see why.

Norse names sound fresh, current, and powerful, but they’re also classical, with lots of references to Norse mythology, the Viking Age, and the Gods. These names aren’t predictable, but they’re also not purposefully strange or made-up sounding.

Anyone who has ever watched the whole Marvel movie library on Disney Plus (and even those who haven’t) is likely familiar with characters like Thor, Loki, and Odin (and they all feature on our exhaustive list, below). However, we have a lot more ideas for parents looking for exceptional, one-of-a-kind names for their baby boy. Norse names are derived from Scandinavian countries like Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, and are usually inspired by the Viking Age, Norse Mythology, and the Gods. Spears, swords, and rough terrain are also important, as are animals with a lot of strength (think wolf, eagle, or bear). 

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Norse Names For Boys

  • Arne or Arn (Scandinavian). This traditional Norse name translates as ‘eagle’.
  • Andor (Norse). Named from both the word for ‘eagle’ (Arn), and after the famous god Thor.
  • Anders (Scandinavian). This means ‘brave’.
  • Arnkell (Nordic). Meanings ‘from the parts of an eagle’.
  • Ari (Old Norse). Another great, strong name that also means ‘eagle’.
  • Arnfinn (Norwegian). Means both ‘eagle’, and ‘one from Finland’.
  • Asger (old Norse). This is derived from the Old Norse name  Ásgeir, and it means ‘spear of god’
  • Arvid (Swedish, Norwegian). We love this unusual name that means both ‘eagle’ and ‘tree’.
  • Birger (old Norse). Another one from Scandinavian, this name comes from the Old Norse word ‘bjarga’, which means ‘one who helps out’.
  • Bjarke (Danish) You’ll find quite a few brilliant Norse names that mean ‘bear’, and this one of them.
  • Bjorn (Swedish, Icelandic, Dutch). Another  Viking-derived name that means ‘bear’, and probably the best-known of the much. Historically, this has been an extremely popular family name in Sweden.
  • Bo (Swedish/Danish/Old Norse). Short and sweet, Bo is derived from the word ‘bua’, which means ‘to live’. Perfect for baby boys.
  • Brandt (Old Norse). This strong name translates as ‘sword’.
  • Calder (Both Old Norse and Gaelic in origin). It translates as ‘cold, rough waters’.
  • Canute  (Old Norse) King Canute was a famous Viking warrior, and ruler of the English and Danish peoples. The name  also means ‘knot, rope or string’.
  • Carr (Old Norse) This comes from the old word ‘kjarrone’, meaning a ‘swamp’, or ‘one who is from the marshlands’.
  • Colborn (Norse). This name literally means ‘burning coals’ or ‘burning charcoal’.
  • Colby (Scandinavian). Translates as ‘town of darkness’.
  • Crosby (Norse). Translates as ‘cross farm’, or one who lives close to a  farm.
  • Dag  (Norway/Sweden). This baby boy name comes from the word ‘dagr’, which means ‘day’.
  • Darby (Old Norse). This name means ‘deer park, ‘ or ‘settlement where the does roam’.
  • Dustin This is a more Anglicised derivative of the Norse name Thurston, which translates as ‘Thor’s stone’ (Thor was the great God of Thunder), and makes a cute boy baby name. If you watched Stranger Things, you’ll also be familiar with the name Dustin.

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  • Einar (Old Norse). ‘One who fights on his own, ‘lone warrior’.
  • Eluf (Scandinavian). Meaning the ‘only heir’ or ‘sole heir’.
  • Erik (Old Norse). Erik the Red was a Viking ruler. This translates as ‘one who is king forever’. A subtle spin on Eric, for your baby son.
  • Erland (Old Norse). Means ‘outsider’.
  • Fell (Norse). From the word ‘fjall’, this means one who is from the high ground, or a rocky place (mountains).
  • Fiske (Old Scandinavian). This is derived from the old name for ‘fishseller’ or ‘fisherman.’
  • Freyre (Norse). Named for the god of weather.
  • Frode (Danish, Norwegian and Swedish). Means ‘clever’ or ‘wise’. Also think Frodo (as in Frodo Baggins).
  • Garth (Old Norse). This means ‘enclosed yard’, ‘quadrangle’ or ‘cloister’.
  • Geir (Norwegian and Icelandic). Means ‘spear’.
  • Gorm (Danish name). Meaning ‘attentive’.
  • Gudbrand (Old Norse) Translates as ‘divine sword’
  • Gudmund (Norse). Means ‘chieftain’, or ‘great ruler’.
  • Gunnar (Old Norse). Means ‘soldier’ or ‘fighter’, ‘brave and bold’.
  • Gustaf (Old Norse). Meaning ‘staff of the Gods’.
  • Hafdan (Old Norse). This Viking name, traditionally for males, could be perfect for your son. It means half-Danish. Halfdan legendary was the king of the Scyldings in the famous medieval poem, Beowulf, and also appears in Norse mythology.
  • Hagen (Danish). Meaning ‘protected place’.
  • Haldor (Old Norse). Meaning ‘the rock of Thor’.
  • Harald (Icelandic, or Old norse). The Scandi version of Harold, means ‘army’ and ‘ruler’.
  • Halstein (Old Norse). Means ‘rock’ or ‘stone’, so this could be a great, strong name for your baby son.

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  • Halvar (Norwegian). Meaning ‘flat stone’ or ‘guardian.’
  • Hemming (Nordic). Means ‘shape shifter’, or ‘skin on the hind legs of an animal.
  • Herleif (Nordic). Meaning ‘descendant of a warrior’.
  • Hjalmar (Swedish, Norwegian). Means ‘one who battles in a helmet’.
  • Holger (Nordic). Meaning a blend of ‘island’ and ‘spear’.
  • Holmes (Nordic). Meaning ‘island’, or low-lying place’.

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