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Best List Of Ben 10 Alien Name

The series follows the adventures of Ben Tennyson, a young boy who gains the ability to transform into ten different aliens thanks to the use of a gadget known as the ‘Omnitrix.’ Although there are ten original ‘Ben 10’ aliens, more are introduced to the ‘Omnitrix’ as the series proceeds.

The ‘Ben 10’ franchise is divided into several parts: the original 2005 series, ‘Ben 10: Alien Force,’ ‘Ben 10: Ultimate Alien,’ ‘Ben 10: Omniverse,’ the 2016 ‘Ben 10’ TV series, and even the live-action Cartoon Network series. Aside from that, the ‘Ben 10’ franchise includes films and video games.

With each new installment of the series, the number of aliens grows, starting with 10 in the original ‘Ben 10’ and increasing to over 57 in ‘Ben 10: Ultimate Alien’ and ‘Ben 10: Omniverse.’

With Vilgax trapped in the Null Void, Ben 10 has a new foe in Kevin Levin. Kevin Levin has the Antitrix, a variant of the Omnitrix that allows him to access altered versions of Ben 10 aliens. Gwen Tennyson is a character in the television series “Ben 10” who portrays Ben’s wife.

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Main Aliens

Keep track of the important aliens with this list of the main ‘Ben 10’ aliens names.

  1. Alien X: A Celestialsapien from beyond the known universe.
  2. Armodrillo: A Talpaedan from Terraexcava. Armodrillo resembles an armadillo. Armodrillo was first used in ‘Hero Time’. 
  3. Benmummy: A Thep Khufan from Anur Khufos. This original ‘Ben 10’ character is based on the Mummy. 
  4. Benvicktor: A Transylian from Anur Transyl.
  5. Benwolf: A Loboan based on werewolves from mid-20th century horror movies.
  6. Big Chill: A Necrofriggian from Kylmyys. Big Chill wears hooded clothes and has a moth like appearance. Big Chill first appears in the ‘Alien Force’ episode ‘Kevin’s Big Score’. Big Chill is also seen in ‘Ultimate Alien’ and ‘Omniverse’.  
  7. Cannonbolt: An Arburian Pelarota from Arburia with a natural armor covered body.
  8. Diamondhead: A Petrosapien alien (meaning “intelligent rock”) from the planet, Petropia. Diamondhead’s body is invulnerable as it is made from durable organic crystal.
  9. Ditto: A Splixson alien from Hathor with the ability to create limitless clones. 
  10. Echo Echo: A Sonorosian from Sonorosia introduced in ‘Alien Force’. 
  11. Eyeguy: An Opticoid from Singhtra with an upper body covered in eyes.  
  12. Four Arms: A Tetramand alien from the Khoros planet with armored skin and dense muscles. In Greek, “tetra” means “four” and “mand” means “arms”, therefore, the apt name “Four Arms” to signal his four arms.  
  13. Ghostfreak: An Ectonurite from Anur Phaetos with a striped ghost tail, a single eye on a skull that’s upside down, and sharp claws.  
  14. Grey Matter: A five inches tall Galvan alien with gray skin whose intellect and calculative skills come in handy for Ben 10. 
  15. Heatblast: A Pyronite alien from Pyros who got activated by Ben 10 accidentally in the series’ pilot episode.
  16. Humungousaur: A Vaxasaurian from the Terradino planet. Humungousaur is a 12 feet humanoid alien that resembles a dinosaur. Humungousaur has thick skin and can grow up to 50 feet tall. Humungousaur appears in ‘Alien Force’, ‘Ultimate Alien’, and ‘Omniverse’ and his ultimate form is Ultimate Humungousaur.    
  17. Ripjaws: A Piscciss Volann from Piscciss, the artificial water planet.
  18. Spitter: A Spheroid from Scalpasc.  
  19. Stinkfly: A Lepidopterran alien in ‘Ben 10’ from the Lepidopterra planet that has features of different insects and can fly with great speed and mobility. This is one of the most used aliens in the original series.   
  20. Swampfire: A Methanosian from Methanos with a Swampfire Ultimate version. Ultimate Swampfire can create a massive fire blast and shoot fire bombs. Ultimate Swampfire is first used in ‘The Final Battle: Part 2’ in ‘Ben 10: Alien Force’. 
  21. Upchuck: A Gourmand alien from Peptos XI.
  22. Upgrade: A Galvanic Mechomorph that can change shape. 
  23. Water Hazard: An Orishan from the Andromeda Galaxy. Water Hazard is an alien of bivalve origin appearing in the ‘Too Hot to Handle’ episode. Water Hazard also appears in ‘Ben 10: Omniverse’. 
  24. Waybig: A To’kustar and the Omnitrix’s biggest alien at 100 feet tall. 
  25. Wildmutt: A vulpimancer with animalistic strength and speed.  
  26. Wildvine: A Florauna from the planet, Flors Verdance. A plant-based alien appears in the original as well as ‘Ben 10: Omniverse’.
  27. XLR8: A Kineceleran from the Kinet planet. This ‘Ben 10’ alien is a semi-armored velociraptor figure.

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Recurring Aliens

  1. AmpFibian: From ‘Fused’ in ‘Ultimate Alien’. 
  2. Articguana: From Ben 10: Omniverse’ episode ‘Hot Stretch’.
  3. Bloxx: From ‘The More Things Change Part 1’.
  4. Brainstorm: From Pier Pressure’.
  5. Buzzshock: From the crossover between Ben 10: Ultimate Alien’ and ‘Generator Rex’.
  6. Chromastone: From ‘All That Glitters’ in ‘Ben 10: Alien Force’. 
  7. Clockwork: Debuted in the episode ‘Ben 10,000 Returns’. 
  8. Crashhopper: From ‘It Was Them’.
  9. Eatle: FromA Knight to Remember’.
  10. Fasttrack: From ‘Basic Training’.
  11. Feedback: From ‘The More Things Change: Part 1’.
  12. Goop: First appears inThe Gauntlet’ episode. 
  13. Jetray: From ‘Everybody Talks About the Weather’ episode. 
  14. Jury Rigg: From ‘The Eggman Cometh’.
  15. Lodestar: From ‘Simple’. 
  16. Nanomech: From Ultimate Alien’ in the episode ‘Video Games’. 
  17. NRG: FromThe Forge of the Creation’.
  18. Rath: From ‘The Con of Rath’ episode.
  19. Shocksquatch: From crossover between Ben 10: Ultimate Alien’ and ‘Generator Rex’.
  20. Spider Monkey: From the What Are Little Girls Made Of?’ episode.
  21. Terraspin: From ‘Reflected Glory’.

One Off Aliens

  1. Astrodactyl: A new ‘Omniverse’ alien.
  2. Ball Weevil: From ‘Of Predators and Prey: Part 1’.
  3. ChamAlien: A Merlinisapien from ‘Ultimate Alien’.
  4. Gravattack: From ‘A Jolt from the Past’.
  5. Kickin Hawk: From ‘Outbreak’.
  6. Molestache: From ‘Outbreak’.
  7. Pesky Dust: From ‘Outbreak’.
  8. Snakepit: Mentioned by Ken Tennyson.
  9. The Worst: From ‘Outbreak’.
  10. Toepick: Mentioned by Ken Tennyson.
  11. Walkatrout: From ‘Outbreak’. 

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