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100 Best Barbarian Names With Meaning For Character

One of the most well-known role-playing games of all time is Dungeons & Dragons.

Role-playing games can trace their roots back to this game. Players in the game have the option of naming their characters after selecting from a selection of character classes.

The barbarian class is a popular choice for game characters because of its diverse abilities. Barbarians are notorious in the game for their raw power and warrior-like prowess in battle. Their distinguishing feature is their unrestrained wrath, which they may unleash on their foes with terrible results.

People who lived outside of either the Greek or Roman empires were called ‘barbarians,’ according to history. Check out over a hundred of the most renowned barbarian names from “Dungeons And Dragons” and beyond for your fantasy heroes.

Check out these Viking last names or these Valkyrie names for some additional naming inspiration.

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Boys With The Name Barbarian

Consider these “Dungeons And Dragons” barbarian character names for your male barbarian.


one of the most notorious barbarians, Alaric the Goth, conquered Rome and ravaged the city.


For Aloysius, a “renowned warrior,” the feminine form is Aloysia (Latin origin).


Amastan means ‘protector’ in Berber.


(Origin: Central Europe) – Attila the Hun, one of history’s most dreaded barbarians, pillaged and plundered Europe during his prime.


The name means “warrior who fights with a spear” in Germanic.


Boris’s name means “to fight” in Slavic.


Originally known as Carolus Magnus (of Germanic ancestry), Charlemagne was the king of the Frankish barbarian tribes and a prolific conquistador throughout Europe.


The name means “war” in Celtic.


The name means “war man” in Celtic and Gaulish.


Donnacha translates as “brown-haired warrior” in Celtic.

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Girls With Barbarian Names

If you’re looking for a female barbarian, check out this list of possible names. There is a slew of renowned barbarian names here.


This name means “defending warrior” in Latin.


Artemisia I of Caria, a Persian ally of Xerxes I, was renowned for her cunning and ruthlessness in warfare.


Boudicca was a fearsome female warrior who governed the Iceni, a British Celtic tribe. She was of Celtic and Gaul descent.


Bathilda’s name derives from the German word for “war.”


The name is of Latin origin and means “warrior woman.”


‘s name derives from the Old Norse meaning “equipped for combat.”


The name means “renowned in war” in Germanic.


Cynane, Alexander the Great’s half-sister (of Greek/Illyrian ancestry), was a celebrated Macedonian woman warrior.


The name War means “war” in French.


Eurydice, Cynane’s daughter (of Greek/Illyrian ancestry), was every bit the warrior like her mother.

Generated “Barbarian” Names:

  • Warthe
  • Manconn
  • Neal
  • Glornath
  • Wigtarg
  • Herecrom
  • Neonwyn
  • Eahes
  • Rordrud
  • Chopcult
  • Fiva
  • Nangrand
  • Winetheon
  • Carorvo
  • Cuthceol
  • Togifu
  • Ceo’se
  • Mansig
  • Vorslaug
  • Mand

Famous Barbarian Names

The following are the famous barbarian names for you:

  • Gardgelr
  • Raesgrud
  • halrottea
  • Glieg
  • Kaertuf
  • Throdfi
  • Svisvirlo
  • Thrilse
  • Mastren

Barbarian Nicknames to Consider

A good Barbarian name can inspire dread and terror in the hearts of the enemy, but it can also inspire creativity and imagination. You can imagine the character and their life as a whole when you have a good Barbarian name.

  • Fleshmuncher, Jorik
  • Gurl Giantsbane
  • stone-shield hemlik
  • The Iron Hand of Targar
  • Korik Skinpeeler
  • Stormaxe of Hargon
  • Durg Hammerhead is the main character.
  • Half-faced Bilax,

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Name A Barbarian – A Free Online Name Generator

The name generator has come up with the following list of barbarian names:

  • Stenn
  • Shodreah
  • Walvesh
  • Mecegn
  • Threasbe
  • Golsi
  • Bignosgi
  • Gwionne

Cool Barbarian Names

  • These are the cool names for barbarian:
  • Thuveatki
  • Erronn
  • Khunlio
  • Korvul
  • Frerstas
  • Budrof
  • Grenn
  • Griesvanho
  • Duslaey
  • Chalsiedla

Who Are The Barbarian Peoples?

The barbarian is the people who are uncivilized or the people who come from the forest. According to ancient mythology, the barbarians were the cruelest of all peoples. These individuals take great pleasure in plundering and killing others.

Arminius, Boudica, Alaric, Attila the Hun, Genseric, Odoacer, Clovis, Theodoric, and a slew of other barbarians rose to power as monarchs during this period. All these kings are considered brutal in nature if you read the history of these kings.

How To Choose These Barbarian Names?

Choosing the name is an art because you have to choose the name according to nature and according to the purpose. Because of the previous discussion on the barbarian moniker, it’s clear that barbarian names are associated with derogatory terms.

Because both barbarian and demon names are used for evil, they are similar. If you want to choose the female names or any other category in the barbarian then you can easily choose them from the tables given above.

Exactly Why Would You Refuse To Make Use Of A Name Generator?

There are a plethora of online name generators available for you to choose from. The problem with these generators is that you can only get 10 to 15 names at a time, and if you want more names then you must click additional times, which increases the amount of time it will take to complete your task.

But you can see that there are lots of names in this content almost 500+ Barbarian names. So you can choose any of these names according to your choice from the given categories.


So, guys, here are some of the Barbarian tribe names in the form of tables, all beautifully written and organized by category. You can pick and choose from this list of names based on your wants and needs. There are many categories mentioned in the tables given below and that’s why you don’t need the barbarian name generator.

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