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Best Anime Girl Names List

Anime is a term used to describe Japanese animated films that use either hand-drawn or computer-generated animation. It includes animated television shows, short films, and feature films that give viewers an inside look at Japanese culture and life. The term anime is derived from the English word ‘animation,’ which refers to any animated work, regardless of style or origin. This highly fascinating art form portrays an interesting tale, rapid action, compelling characters, magnificent imagery, and human emotions supporting the concepts of love and community, regardless of ethnicity, traditional background, social level, or even age.

Anime genres typically involve a diverse range of genres such as magic, adventure, romance, supernatural elements, scientific, fantasy, comedy, and action that offer an easy escape from the harsh realities of mundane life through a rare combination of graphic art, characterization, cinematography, and other creative methods. Whether attractive, clever, or plain intimidating, powerful female characters are just as enthralling as anime men. The names of female anime characters are strong, cute, or unusually fashionable, representing the vicious nature of the attractive vampires or adorable damsels in distress. 

Character names for anime girls are just as fantastic as the leading ladies of anime who inspire us and challenge our perceptions of women in animation. These frequent anime lady names, which appear in action-packed portions or creative pieces, are gaining popularity worldwide because they are full of sass.

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The Meanings Of 100 Famous Anime Girl Names

To choose an interesting anime baby name that connects a person’s identity with originality, you don’t need to watch an anime series or play an anime video game. Choose a name for your little angel from the list of charming anime baby girl names with pleasant sounds and spiritual meanings.


This word in Japanese means “dark crimson.” In the manga series Pani Poni, Akane Serizawa is a minor character.


Ryichi Asami is a character in the anime series Finder. His name is of Japanese origin and means “hemp” or “future.”


Balalaika is a Russian stringed instrument that appears in the anime Black Lagoon.


As (chi) signifies “knowledge, intellect,” this Japanese name means “thousand.” She appears in Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, a manga series.


The meaning of this Japanese name is “extremely noble and great.” This is a character from the Kuroko no Basket anime series.

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“Blessed kid” is the meaning of this Japanese name. Emiko Miyamoto is a minor character in the Chubby Utahime anime.


Fujiko is a character from Lupin III who means “child of wisteria” in Japanese.


“Extraordinary child” is the meaning of this Japanese name.


In Japanese folklore, she is a jealous female monster. Hannya is a variant version of Hania or Hanna in Hebrew and Arabic, meaning “a place of relaxation; to be pleased.”


This vibrant Japanese name is derived from ‘bud.’ In the anime Prison School, she plays a supporting role.


Isamu’s Japanese name means “Extremely brave.”


In Japanese, Kaede means “maple tree.” She appears in the anime Elfin Lied as a character.


This Japanese name comes from the anime Date a Life and means “walnut.”

In Japanese, Kaede means “maple tree.” She appears in the anime Elfin Lied as a character.

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This Japanese word means “flower” or “music,” and it’s also the name of a five-girl Japanese visual novel, manga, and anime series called Kanon.


Lina Inverse is a character in the manga series Slayers who is a fictional character. Lina is an Arabic word that means “palm tree that has not grown much,” and “tender,”


The word “beautiful” comes to mind when you hear this Romanized spelling of a Chinese surname.


The word “beautiful bloom” in Japanese means “beautiful blossom.” Misaki Ayuzawa is the protagonist of the Maid Sama manga.


The name Mizuki  in Japanese means “enchanting moon.”


This Japanese name refers to a character from Kamisama Kiss and means “seven seas.”


Nami refers to the ‘Red apple,’ and ‘Wave,.’


Nori is a character in the anime Mother’s Rosario who plays a supporting role. This is a Japanese name that means “doctrine or seaweed.”

These distinctive anime girl names are highly memorable and an easy choice for naming your newborn baby girl because they express the anime characters’ humor, strength, and intelligence.

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